The Village has grown and evolved over the last few years to better serve the needs of our community. We have taken a larger presence and role in the healthcare arena, adding adult mental health and substance abuse services and partnering with CT Children’s Medical Center to form integrated pediatric clinics.

As the scope and scale of our works evolves, so too must our brand. Our mission and logo are not changing but our tagline is.

Our new tagline is Where Real Change Happens. This illustrates that everything we do is all about helping children, families and adults achieve real and meaningful change in their lives.

To raise the level of awareness of The Village, all that we do and the impact we are having in the community, we are embarking on a comprehensive, innovative advertising campaign.

The campaign is designed to show how the people we serve can be anyone – a mom, a dad, a sister or son – and that the issues that bring them to us range from being overwhelmed to suicidal. But through the help of our dedicated, professional staff, we work with them on a journey to achieve ‘real change’ in their lives.

Please enjoy this preview of the television and billboard ads.