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When Students Bring Trauma to School along with their Backpack

In addition to carrying backpacks and an enthusiasm for learning, students at Rawson elementary school in Hartford often bring unresolved issues related to traumatic experiences or constant stress. The ACT Academy aims to address trauma effectively on a school-wide level.


I’m different now because I have hope

Following a domestic violence incident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury and devastated her family, Davine struggled to keep herself and her children stable. When she heard about The Village’s Family Financial Stability Initiative, “It sang to me. I was struggling financially and knew I needed to get back on track.”


Stay in School. It’s a Big Deal.

Between 5 and 7.5 million students - as much as 14 percent - are chronically absent in the United States each year. For low-income and minority students, the rate is often higher – up to 60 percent.