Danielle Martin
Danielle Martin
Senior Help Desk Technician

Behind the scenes at The Village, we have a phenomenal Information Technology team that helps us keep our servers and computers online, allowing us to store records and communicate across our campuses.

Danielle Martin is a dedicated member of this team, working as The Village’s senior help desk technician. In addition to making sure all of our IT systems are running smoothly, she also troubleshoots problems as they arise and helps staff understand all of the technology we have to offer in order to help them better assist the children, families and adults that we serve.

Prior to joining The Village, Danielle received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Technology from the University of Connecticut and worked at the Help Desk of Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT. She currently serves on The Village’s health and safety committee.

What quote best captures your personal philosophy?
The golden rule, of course! “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.”

What is your mission at The Village?
I choose to work here over other organizations because I believe in our mission. While I don’t work directly with clients, I hope to make a difference by helping staff.

What do you most want clients of The Village to know about you?Although I am behind the scenes, I care about their positive outcomes!