What We Do

ACT (Aspire, Connect, Thrive) Academy

ACT (Aspire Connect Thrive) Academy is an innovative program of academic and social enrichment for children. The ACT Academy helps students build strength and resilience to overcome life’s challenges, improve academic performance, learn healthy eating habits, and maintain a positive attitude in school and at home. Parents are also given education and guidance on how best to support their children socially, emotionally and academically.

The ACT Academy will build protective factors that allow children to leverage resilience to overcome adversity. Over a five-year period a combination of culturally and linguistically appropriate activities will target:

  • Students’ coping skills
  • School climate
  • Classroom practices
  • Family relationships
  • Positive relationships

The ACT Academy will achieve impact at three levels: school climate, student cohort and family/home. At the school-level, the project will focus on three levers for change: staff development, developing positive relationships, and providing student supports.

Teachers will receive training in Trauma-informed practice, helping them to incorporate specific strategies that support the learning needs of students who have experienced trauma.

Access Services

The ACT Academy group will consist of 100 children in grades K through 4 at Rawson Elementary School, recruited in the first year of the project and who will continue to be engaged until the last year, when students will be in grades 4 through 8.

For more information, contact Trisila Tirado, 860-924-8868, ttirado@thevillage.org.


Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School, Hartford