What We Do

Nurturing Families Network

The Nurturing Families Network provides pregnant women and first-time mothers with assistance and support to help promote positive parenting skills and reduce the incidences of child abuse and neglect.

Program staff engages and supports parents before the birth of their child through weekly home visits, parent education and guidance, and social support to promote maternal and child health and foster child development during the crucial early years of life. Staff also work closely with fathers as they transition into parenthood and their new role with the baby.

Opportunities for peer interactions are provided through monthly support groups for the families. These groups are individualized to meet the needs of the enrolled families.

Access Services
Nurturing Families Network is free and open to pregnant women living in Hartford, before the end of their 3rd trimester. The program enrolls both first-time and non-first-time mothers. The program is voluntary and includes weekly home visits.

Clients can be referred to the program or can access services directly by contacting:

Lynn Webber, (860) 236-4511 x3438, lwebber@thevillage.org


Weekly home visits are conducted in clients’ homes and group meetings take place at various community locations. Services may also be provided at:

The Village’s Center for Family Life
105 Spring Street
Hartford, CT 06105