Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make problems disappear with the wave of a wand? Or address everyone’s challenges with one simple service?

But life’s stressors come in infinite combinations, and solutions are not one-size-fits-all.

At The Village, we meet children, adults and families from all walks of life whose unique sets of challenges are best assessed, treated and supported through a holistic, individualized approach.

Sometimes, we reach children and families before serious issues arise. That’s ideal. We can help strengthen their coping skills and offer tools to face life’s challenges.

Other times, young children, adolescents and adults come to us having suffered debilitating trauma, their entire family in crisis. Often, they have sought help many other places and are frustrated and afraid that they’ll never find a solution. They feel hopeless.

The Village welcomes clients into our family. We do whatever it takes to help them unlock their inner strength, grow healthy and stable, and develop the ability to overcome all that life throws at them.

We believe in our clients, even when they don’t believe in themselves. Our success comes from our unwavering commitment to help children, adults and families achieve real and meaningful change.

In order to accomplish this, we hire the best qualified, most experienced staff and support creativity and innovation so that we can come up with solutions that work.

We are about lasting, sustainable change for individuals and families today, and communities tomorrow.

That means we share our ideas and expertise with city and state agency leaders, policy-makers, advocates for children and families, and community leaders to improve the system of services for children, adults and families.