Wendy Carberg

Vice President Group & Worksite Markets, Guardian Life Insurance Company

Wendy Carberg is currently Vice President, Group & Worksite Markets, with Guardian Life Insurance Company in Enfield, CT. Prior to joining Guardian, she was the Vice President, Global Employer Segment, with Cigna, where she held a variety of leadership roles for over 15 years. This included with Cigna’s Service Operations and Global Health Benefits business where she focused on strategic planning to differentiate Cigna’s approach with multinational enterprises worldwide as well as driving prioritizing for the organization through program and project management rigor.

Previously, Wendy led training and policy development at Foxwood’s Resort & Casino, taught an intensive study skills program at numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States, and was a freelance writer. Wendy earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Connecticut.

Wendy is actively engaged in numerous community based nonprofit organizations. She is an avid runner and non-fiction writer. She lives in rural eastern Connecticut with her husband, Brian.