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No matter the perspective – donor, client, volunteer, employee – The Village is rich with success stories that inspire. Share the stories that touch you the most!

He Made it Easy to Love Him

When Dave learned about the great need for foster parents and decided to go all in. For Danny, whose mother could no longer care for him due to her struggle with addition, the timing was perfect.

A Passion for Cars and Helping Kids

After raising a million dollars for KIDSAFE CT, an affiliate of The Village, through the KARS for KIDS program, Jerry Bundy is now “on his second million.”

I’m The One Bringing Change Now

Genesis Martinez has known little stability growing up. When she found a safe place to land at The Village's Alison Gill Lodge, she was able to begin her journey of hope and healing.

Building a Community of Support for Student Success

When Jasan, a third-grader at Sarah J. Rawson school in Hartford, lost his father, he stared displaying troubling behaviors in school. Concerned, but unsure of what to do, Jasan's mother turned to the ACT Academy for help.

I was willing to change as a parent

When Shanthal got a call from the Department of Children and Families, she knew she needed help. She wanted to change as a parent, to deepen her connection with her children and create a more nurturing home environment. She found the help she needed at KIDSAFE CT.

Paying it Forward

At the encouragement of her VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) tax preparer, Deborah finally becomes a homeowner, then pays it forward by becoming a VITA volunteer.

I Know I Matter

By the time Alana Farnsworth was 12, her behavior issues were so severe that she spent time in the hospital and eventually ended up in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Finally, she found a place to land at The Village’s Alison Gill Lodge, where she began her journey of hope and healing.