Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Site Coordinator | The Village

The Site Coordinator coordinates the tax site making sure that the site runs smoothly. He or she solves any problems as professionally as possible keeping in mind that the clients are the top priority. The Site Coordinator also assures that all services rendered to the clients are done so in an atmosphere of respect as our mission dictates.

Duties include:

  • Supervising opening and closing of site, ensuring all necessary materials and supplies are available
  • Ensuring all volunteer tax preparers working at the site have been IRS-trained and certified
  • Coordinating work of tax preparers and other volunteers, making sure that every detail is completed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.
  • E-Filing all returns at the end of the day in preparation for DCN report to check the next day, acknowledging that all returns were received. For rejected returns, correcting the incorrect information to resubmit.
  • Filing and maintaining paperwork, including intake forms, and providing for secure storage of documents per IRS regulations
  • Reporting intake and filing data to project evaluator via e-mail at the end of each shift
  • Preparing taxes and tax forms when necessary to accommodate customers if there are open computers
  • Being available to answer and respond to tax questions from clients and tax preparers. If the volunteer suspects any fraud, the site coordinator will assist in asking questions that may draw out the correct information.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of all records at their site
  • Completing tasks necessary to maintaining a safe working environment for volunteers and clients. Acting as mediator if there is a disagreement, with the authority to act in the best interests of safety in all situations including calling law officials if necessary as a last resort.
  • Observing behavior of volunteers and managing any behavior that is not in the best interests of the program as specified in the VITA Program Handbook
  • Using the 2-1-1 scheduling system, if applicable, managing unscheduled site closings, etc.
  • Facilitating calling in volunteers to work in times of need.
  • Providing quality control for all aspects of operation including filing accuracy and effective customer service
  • Delegating any job that is necessary for smooth operation at the site.


  • Certified as a preparer by the IRS, preferably at the advanced level. Free training is provided.
  • Previous tax/accounting background/education preferred
  • Strong computer skills
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage volunteers and interact with VITA clients
  • Well organized, capable of managing operations of a site

This is a volunteer position. A stipend may be provided; the availability of stipends varies by site.

If interested, please submit your resume to Laura O’Keefe at lokeefe@thevillage.org.


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