Center for Children’s Advocacy Names Tammy Sneed and Hector Glynn 2013 Champion of Children Award Recipients

Monday, December 30, 2013


April 2013

The Center for Children’s Advocacy, a Connecticut nonprofit that protects the legal rights of abused and neglected children, announced the recipients of 2013 Champion of Children awards.

Award recipients are recognized for their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of the state’s most vulnerable children and youth. This year’s recipients are Tammy Sneed, director of girls’ services for the Department of Children and Families; and Hector Glynn, vice president of outpatient and behavioral services for The Village.

“The supports our partners provide to children and youth are critical,” said Martha Stone, executive director of the Center for
Children’s Advocacy. “We partner with organizations throughout the state to serve children in the poorest communities, those whose problems are overwhelming. Together, we help those who are suffering from abuse or neglect, from lack of support and without a safe place to live. The Center’s Champion of Children Award recipients have worked tirelessly to give children and youth the opportunity they deserve to be safe, be healthy, and look forward to a secure future.”

Throughout her career, Tammy Sneed has been at the forefront of emerging issues for girls’ services. She is the critical voice for those most powerless – the girls in state care who are such a small population. Her work on gender-specific programming has made an enormous difference for girls whose lives are complicated by overwhelming issues of abuse, neglect, violence, mental health challenges.

Tammy Sneed’s powerful voice and dedication are instrumental in statewide and national efforts to curtail child sex trafficking. She speaks out for children who are invisible to most of us, fighting to provide the services that protect them, support them and help stabilize their lives.

Hector Glynn has consistently had the courage and determination to advocate for children who are in crisis. His extensive experience with the state’s juvenile justice system and the crises in the lives of urban youth has led the way for major reforms in the Connecticut juvenile justice system’s policies and procedures. Hector Glynn is a dedicated voice for the most disadvantaged youth in Connecticut’s poorest communities.

About the Center for Children’s Advocacy: Established in 1997, the Center for Children’s Advocacy fights for the legal rights of Connecticut’s most vulnerable children and youth. Center attorneys provide unparalleled individual legal representation for abused and neglected children and for those who suffer from inadequate educational support, a lack of access to healthcare or mental health care, or juvenile justice involvement. Unique relationships with state policy makers and administrative leaders enable the Center to effect systemic change that improves the lives of thousands of children each year.