New Resources for New and Expectant Parents in Bloomfield

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

September 2013

Welcoming a new child into a young family can be overwhelming. New and expecting mothers and fathers in Bloomfield, as well as in Hartford, have new ways to find support, guidance and education to help them succeed as parents.

The Nurturing Families Network helps parents manage their family’s needs and understand each parent’s roles and responsibilities, whether they are together or separated.

“Being a new parent is exciting but also a little frightening – there’s a lot to learn and so much at stake,” said Dr. Sandy Kyriakopoulos, director of maternal and child health with The Village, which offers the program in partnership with The Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children.

“New parents want to help their children grow up healthy in all ways – emotionally, physically, mentally,” said Ann McAdams, MSW, clinical supervisor with the Nurturing Families Network. “This program helps them do that.”

Through home visits by specially trained professionals, new parents learn how to care for and build strong relationships with their baby, and cope with the demands of parenting.

Parenting groups bring new parents together in a supportive environment to share experiences and work together to become the best parents they can be. Parents and expecting parents also learn about other resources and services that could help them.

Expectant mothers and moms with young children as well as expectant fathers and dads with young children are welcome.

To learn more about the Nurturing Families Network, contact Ann McAdams at (860) 707-4688 or

Another home visiting program, called Child First, is also available to Bloomfield parents whose young children, up to age six, are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges or have significant delays. Expectant parents who have multiple stressors that impede their ability to support and nurture their children are also eligible for services. These include an assessment of the child and family needs by a mental health/child  development clinician and guidance in responding to problems identified by the parent. A plan of comprehensive services is developed by a case manager to help the family support their child’s healthy development. To learn more about Child First, or to refer a family, contact Dr. Sandy Kyriakopoulos at 860-236-4511 x3747 or

For over 200 years, The Village for Families & Children has worked to build a community of strong, healthy families who protect and nurture children by providing a full range of children’s behavioral health treatment, foster care and adoption, and community support services for children and their families in the Greater Hartford region., 860-236-4511.

The Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children is a committed group of parents, early childhood professionals and community members dedicated to ensuring that all of Bloomfield’s children birth-8 are healthy, nurtured, educated and surrounded by opportunities.