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Rachael Hyman
Rachael Hyman
Youth Counselor, Alison Gill Lodge

At Alison Gill Lodge, The Village’s therapeutic group home, we help girls ages 13-19 work through emotional and behavioral challenges. Many of these young women have previously been hospitalized or received residential treatment, and Alison Gill Lodge helps them adjust to a smaller, community-based, home-like setting before returning to a family setting, lower-level care group home or supervised apartment.

Rachael Hyman is a part of a team of youth counselors who provide guidance and supervision to those staying at Alison Gill Lodge. She works to support the emotional and social growth of residents by encouraging healthy relationships, accountability and a sense of community.

“I hope I can make a positive difference in the life of each teen who comes to Alison Gill Lodge,” Rachael says. In her role, she provides trauma-informed and strength-based care to work on the individual behavior goals of each resident.

Prior to joining The Village, Rachael served as a teacher (in the United States and internationally) and Probation Aftercare Officer. She earned her Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and her Bachelor’s degree in theology, and has a teacher certification.

Outside of work, Rachael serves on the School Readiness Council for the Town of Manchester and as a co-facilitator for various programs on race and equality.

What quote best captures your personal philosophy?
“If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living would not be in vain.”

What would you most want the clients of The Village to know about you?
I would want clients to know that I am here to advocate for them. I want them to be equipped with all of the tools they need to lead successful lives.