Early Childhood Rapid Response Program | The Village

The Early Childhood Rapid Response Program is a short term in-home service for young children and their families who have experienced or witnessed a crime in the past 30 days.  A licensed mental health professional will provide in-home:

  • crisis intervention and stabilization
  • brief assessment of child trauma symptoms
  • work with parent/caregiver to increase their capacity to respond to child’s needs following victimization
  • referral to other clinical and non-clinical services
  • supports and resources
  • advocacy

Services are provided in English or Spanish.

This program is designed to reduce the impact of trauma on young children at the earliest possible time, before there is a significant compromise to the developing brain, by responding to the emotional and physical needs of children and their families.

Access Services

The Early Childhood Rapid Response Program is available for children under age 6 residing in Hartford and surrounding towns. Access is through referral only, typically from doctors, hospitals, state agencies, preschools and daycares, mental health providers and others.

Referrals can be made by calling 860-297-0576.


Clinical services are provided in client’s home.
This program is funded by the Office of Victim Services.