Family Resource Centers at Hartford Public Schools | The Village

Family Resource Centers, located in schools, provide a variety of early childhood and family support services which foster the healthy development of children and families.

The centers embody the concept that healthy development and good education begin with access to quality child care and support services from birth, and take advantage of the physical accessibility of the public school.

In collaboration with various community resources, Family Resource Centers provide:

  • full-day, year-round preschool
  • quality school-age child care services
  • support and training for family day care providers
  • family support and training for parents in early childhood development, including developmental assessments for children
  • workshops and classes to help parents build parenting skills, support their children’s education, gain financial and computer literacy, learn about nutrition, build job search and readiness skills and more
  • positive youth development/teen pregnancy prevention services
  • resource and referral services
  • food pantries and referrals for other basic needs

Services are provided to pregnant women, children ages 0-12 and their families, and adults within the community.

Access Services
The Village partners with several Hartford Public Schools to provide Family Resource Centers that are easily accessible to the community. Contact the center in your community to learn about and access specific services.

Contacts & Locations

Burns Latino Studies Academy
Room 115
195 Putnam Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Maribel Bermudez, 860-695-2994,

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
25 Ridgefield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Timothy Green, 860-695-4013, 
MLK Food Pantry: 860-695-4007

Dr. Michael D. Fox Elementary School
Room G06
470 Maple Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
Lynda Hunter-Williams,860-695-7800,

SAND Elementary School
1750 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Jatna Nova Tapia , 860-695-5061,