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Two Teams, One Village

After children complete their care at Eagle House—The Village’s psychiatric residential treatment facility—many transition to foster care. During a surging mental health crisis, amid the pandemic, this transition was harder than ever. Backed by an extensive network of dedicated foster parents, and as the state’s largest foster care provider—covering Hartford, Manchester and New Britain—The Village foster care team works hard in tandem with clinical staff at Eagle House to ensure children are placed in homes that meet their individual needs and provide them with safety and stability so they can grow and thrive.

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Former actress helps girls achieve their dreams

Former Actress Helps Girls Achieve Their Dreams

Linda Carlson had worked as an actress in theater, film and television from 1970 to 2003 when she left Los Angeles for Connecticut. She has written four plays, and had essays published in the New York Times.But to several young...

Before Problems Escalate

Selenia, 27, and her husband were at their wits end. Their two-year-old, Christian, was biting and hitting other children at preschool and often needed to be picked up immediately. Read more about MLDA and Selenia’s story in...

Enriching Lives Through Volunteering

Enriching Lives Through Volunteering

Today, a group of students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Hartford are learning about Hawaii, but they don’t know it yet. Their instructor, Carrie Firestone of Avon, leads them through a rousing game of word BINGO that...

Improving School Attendance

Improving School Attendance

Allen was one of the 60 students who participated in The Village’s truancy court prevention project last year. As a sixth-grader, he had missed over 40 days of school, tried to commit suicide and was diagnosed with depression. Cautious of...

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Connecticut in Color: The Village’s Fatherhood Program Helps Dads Thrive

The Village’s Fatherhood Engagement Services program is helping dads in Connecticut thrive and become more engaged in their children’s lives. NBC Connecticut spoke with fathers Norman Sparrow and Devon Kempson and Village staff about the positive impact the program is having on their families through workshops, support groups and individualized coaching.