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Support during tough times

Like many of you, I have been following the stream of heartbreaking news stories and photos coming out of Puerto Rico and Mexico, as well as many of the US Virgin Islands, after the series of natural disasters that struck recently.

Many of us at The Village, as well as many of the families we serve, have family members and friends living in these impacted areas. It struck us as well. They’ve suffered the uncertainty of not hearing from their loved ones for hours and sometimes days after the hurricane and earthquake. With the continuing widespread power outages in Puerto Rico and the lack of basic necessities, the level of concern about the health and safety of those who are living there is rising.

At the same time, I am heartened by the many people who are mobilizing to help, especially here in our Capitol City and state – including members of our state’s National Guard who have been deployed in a cargo plane to assist with the relief efforts, dropping off supplies in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.

In Hartford, our Latino legislators are sponsoring a fundraiser this Saturday to raise money for humanitarian relief for residents of Puerto Rico. It will be held on Park Street, in front of El Mercado, from 10 am – 8pm. I’m sure many of us have donated directly to the nonprofit agencies who will be providing emergency support to the island.

The needs are great, and I encourage you to give if you can, and to raise your voice in support of those who continue to need help – until the crisis is over.

I want everyone who works at The Village, or is a member of our client family, or a member of this community we serve – to know that if you have a loved one affected by one of these natural disasters, The Village is with you, to support and share your concern. What affects one of us affects us all.

And I know that, while the island communities will not be rebuilt quickly because of the extent of the damage, the people are strong and resilient. They will rebuild their neighborhoods and businesses. And they will greatly appreciate our thoughts and prayers and advocacy on their behalf, and any help we can provide.

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