They need your help. | The Village

The COVID-19 crisis is adversely impacting the lives of children and adults who depend on us for critical mental and behavioral health services. Your help can immediately make a difference. 

Please make a gift today.

Choose how your gift will make an immediate impact:

One of our clients is a 25-year-old mom with two children. She’s facing severe hours reduction at two part-time jobs and her children’s schools were forced to close. Her depression—and her daughter’s anxiety—that are being treated are growing far more acute. Your donation provides equipment that allows our clinicians to visit with them virtually while providing video and audio therapy.

This is only one example among thousands of clients who need continued or increased support during this unprecedented time. The COVID-19 crisis is forcing our clients to lose income and needed structure. Let’s ensure that they don’t lose contact with their vital support network that The Village provides in this time of greater need.

This was not in our plans, nor that of anyone. Together, we can weather this storm to make a difference in the lives of many that need us.

Please help if you are able. Your gift provides immediate relief and security.

The stimulus bill that just passed includes new or restored charitable giving incentives. This makes your gift tax-deductible.