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Using data to fulfill our promise

Individuals and entities invest in The Village to empower families and create social change because they believe in our ability to do so. So, how do we stay true to our mission and create the impact? My responsibility at The Village is to ensure that the impact we make on people’s lives is measured.

To create this, we have adopted the Results Based Accountability model. This model provides the structure to think about data collection by keeping the end goals in mind. The Village also has a dedicated department of eight people who solely work on designing, processing, analyzing and managing data. This has enabled us to create data driven practices and sustain a continuous learning culture.

One such example is about how we interact with our new clients. We did a detailed workflow mapping of our clients’ first experience with us to make improvements. We learned that on average, new clients spent 45 minutes with us on the phone explaining the symptoms, problems and issues that concern their children and families. After that, an intake/assessment appointment was scheduled with the clinician. Due to the volume, that first appointment would be somewhere within 2 weeks. As with any other health care concerns, sometimes these concerns would temporarily go away, families would get busy, or seek help elsewhere. As a result 50% of the clients who were scheduled to come in would not show up.

As you can imagine, this led to multiple issues concerning customer service and staff’s productivity. In addition, we had wasted 300 hours per year with clients on the phone who did not actually come in for services.

To improve clients’ experience, we changed our system significantly so that the client can have almost immediate access to us. They can now walk-in the same day for services if they desire. Now, when a client calls us, we are on the call with them for less than 5 minutes. Clients find this very beneficial as they can connect with a clinician much faster and their treatment starts much sooner.

It is no surprise to us that 94% of our clients are extremely satisfied with us. To learn more about our outcomes, see our annual report.

One of the prime reasons that we are able to collect and utilize data to create the impact on our mission is due to investment of people at all levels (from our Board to our staff who directly work with clients). In the midst of the changing healthcare landscape, this has become a vital investment. As a result, we have learned new things, adapted our practices, and continue to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

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