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Early Childhood Learning Center

Dear friends,

If you know The Village, you know that we are always looking to the future — to do better, to do more, to embrace best practices and innovation...to help even more people in need.

We strive to achieve more because we know that, even in times of economic growth, families still struggle. We know that a full-time minimum-wage job isn’t enough to pay rent, let alone support a family, and that toxic stress can interfere with a family’s ability to support their children’s social, emotional and academic development. We also know that mental illness can affect anyone at any time.

Our growth is rooted in the needs of our community. Our adult services clinic receives so many referrals that we’ve outgrown our space, and our new medication assisted treatment program is helping address the growing opioid epidemic. Our Aspire, Connect, Thrive (ACT) Academy at Rawson school in Hartford is demonstrating new ways to support students who have experienced trauma and help them be successful in school. This year, we are expanding our psychiatric residential treatment program for children, following the closing of a similar facility and addressing a critical need as emergency room visits are increasing in hospitals across the state.

Even as The Village grows and innovates, one thread weaves through all we do: helping children, adults and families make real and meaningful change.

Because the issues facing our clients are complex, our response is multi-faceted. We provide the service needed in the right place at the right time.

Of course, we can’t do it alone. Our partners, volunteers, donors and our amazing staff are the driving force behind our success. We are grateful for their — and your — support as we continue this life-changing work.

Andrew G. Baldassarre and Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH


When kids act out in school, it affects their ability to learn, and that of their classmates. Addressing the root cause of the behavior is far more effective than punishing bad behavior. Trauma — from depression or addiction in the home, neighborhood violence, or the constant stress of poverty — can limit a child’s ability to engage in school. The ACT (Aspire, Connect, Thrive) Academy at Rawson STEAM School in Hartford is helping to address trauma school-wide. ACT provides trauma screening and treatment, play therapy and after school programming for students. Parents learn how to support their children socially, emotionally and academically. And teachers and administrative staff receive support to build a trauma-informed school environment. The goal is to improve students’ resilience, academic performance, healthy behaviors and positive attitude in school and at home.

“When a student’s world is in chaos, learning is not that student’s priority. It is in our best interest as a community to remove those barriers to student success. What I’ve seen The Village do with the ACT Academy at Rawson school demonstrates that we can create trauma-informed school systems and environments that allow each student to pursue their highest potential.”

Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools, Hartford Public Schools

When Jasan lost his father, it kind of troubled him in school. The ACT Academy helped me to find answers and resources to help him with his behavior at home and school. ACT helped me become a stronger, more patient parent. It helped Jasan change his behavior — he's more respectful now to the teachers and students. If Jasan wasn't a part of ACT, I really wouldn't know what option I would have out there.

Brianna Burnam
Parent of Jasan Begley, ACT Academy participant


There’s no doubt, overcoming addiction is hard. Sometimes, behavioral therapy alone isn’t enough. With opioid and heroin addiction on the rise across the country, behavioral health organizations are turning to medication assisted treatment (MAT) to improve outcomes for clients and patients facing drug and alcohol addiction. The Village has added a MAT program to its list of services for adults. The program includes prescriptions for medications that reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, individual and group therapy, ongoing drug screening, and recovery and employment coaches. The services work in combination to help recovering adults build the resilience they need to overcome addiction and maintain sobriety in the future.

“The Village is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive MAT services for families given its service continuum across the lifespan. The Village has proactively connected with many other providers and stakeholders in the greater Hartford community to facilitate referrals and work collaboratively to treat people in need.”

Nancy Navarretta, MA, LPC, NCC
Deputy Commissioner, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services


It’s been said that parenting is the hardest job in the world. As fulfilling as it is, it’s also stressful. When kids misbehave, refuse to listen to their parents, or have angry outbursts, parents can feel at a loss. One way to support parents is to help them better understand the meaning behind their children’s behaviors so they can respond with empathy and positive interventions. Parenting Support Services, a weekly in-home program of KIDSAFE CT, an affiliate of The Village in Vernon, does just that. Staff provide parents with strategies to manage problem behaviors, enhance parent-child relationships, and create a safe and nurturing environment where their children can thrive. Parents gain the skills they need to address future challenges and help their children grow stronger and more independent.

KIDSAFE is our partner in strengthening parents and family relationships. This directly and positively impacts the wellbeing of children in our community, which is critical to the success and sustainability of our Town.”

Daniel A. Champagne
Mayor, Town of Vernon


19,959 total served

(VITA) Volunteer Income Tax Assistance


(Statistics do not include VITA clients.)


(Statistics do not include VITA clients.)


(Statistics do not include VITA clients.)

Our programs address all levels of need — from prevention to crisis intervention and everything in between. Here are just a few of the outcomes achieved by the children, families and adults we serve.

91% of the youth attending our enrichment after-school programs attended school 90% or more of the time.

84% of the families served by our Words Count program, which uses innovative tools and data to increase parent-child bonds and literacy development, demonstrated improved parenting skills.

Participants in our Financial Center, which helps individuals and families achieve financial stability, decreased their debt by an average of

99% of the children attending our Extended Day Treatment therapeutic after school programs did not require further hospitalization, intensive treatment or out-of-home placement while in the program.

75% of children receiving services from our outpatient Enhanced Care Clinic demonstrated decreased problem severity.

Of the clients successfully completing substance abuse treatment,
were competitively employed.

82% of the children served by our Eagle House psychiatric residential treatment program went to a less restrictive environment upon leaving the program.

83% of the children in our foster care programs remained stable in just one foster home over 12 months.

88% of the youth receiving intensive psychiatric services, which help children and youth stabilize at home and decrease time spent in hospitals, did not require psychiatric hospitalization while in the program.

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback and input is key to our ability to continue to provide quality, effective services. While we’re always looking for ways to improve, we are pleased with the results of this year’s surveys.

Program Overall SatisfactionAccess to Services Cultural CompetencyEngaged in Treatment Planning Improved Social Support
Extended Day Treatment 95%98%98%91%95%
Enhanced Care Clinic99%95%99%99%97%
Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) 93%96%98%97%95%
Multidimensional Family Therapy Program (MDFT) 100%100%100%100%100%
Child First 100%100%100%93%86%
Reunification and Therapeutic Family Time 96%95%95%95%96%
Community Support for Families100%99%100%100%NA

The Village helps bring the family
together in support of the child.

They care. They listen to us.
They help with all the things we need.

Clients in our intensive psychiatric services program, which helps children and youth stabilize at home and decrease the amount of time spent in hospitals

Financial Report

Program Funding

Fiscal Year 2018 ($ in thousands)   % of total
Program Fees and Contracts
Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
Other Grants and Contributions
Grants — Federal Funds
Authorized Endowment Contribution
United Way
Total $31,595 100.0%


Fiscal Year 2018 ($ in thousands)   % of total
Residential Services and Extended Day Treatment Programs
Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
Community Services
General & Administrative
Total $31,156100.0%

If you have any questions about our financials, please feel free to contact Martin Morrissey, Chief Financial Officer, at [email protected].

A Passion for Cars and Helping Kids

On a rainy Monday morning, Jerry Bundy stopped by his office at Bundy Motors in Tolland before heading out to pick up a car from a longtime friend and customer. Jerry doesn’t own the shop anymore — he’s retired after 38 years there and 60 in the automotive industry. But now he combines his two passions: cars and raising money for child abuse prevention programs.

After raising a million dollars for KIDSAFE CT, an affiliate of The Village, through the KARS for KIDS program, Jerry is now “on his second million.” He accepts donated cars, boats, campers and motorcycles and does whatever is needed to make them safe and sellable — with all of the profits supporting programs provided by KIDSAFE. He’ll pick up or tow a car to the shop if needed, the shop mechanics do a full safety check and fix what’s needed (brakes, lights, etc.), then Jerry sells it.

It all started in 1981 when he joined the Exchange Club of Rockville and learned about plans for a new program for children and families called KIDSAFE. The Exchange Club president asked for a volunteer to help lead the effort and Jerry found himself raising his hand. He called upon his many friends, colleagues and business connections to help get the new organization up and running.

KIDSAFE is now a thriving community-based organization dedicated to early intervention, prevention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Its mission is to “partner with the community to educate and empower families and promote the wellbeing of young people.”

Jerry stayed involved all these years because of the “stories he heard about the parents who were helped” by KIDSAFE and “how appreciative they were.” A lifelong car enthusiast, Jerry was often attending — and winning — awards at car shows across the country. At a car show in Boca Raton, he learned that they made $9 million in one weekend. He said to his friend, Gordon, shop manager of Bundy Motors and another person dedicated to KIDSAFE (as most of Jerry’s friends are), “If they can make $9 million, we can make $9,000 — for KIDSAFE.” So they came home and pitched the idea to their friends. Long story short, they organized the first Car Show for KIDSAFE and raised $9,000. And held it every year since (for eight years), raising nearly $100,000.

Jerry’s life is about cars, friends, family and KIDSAFE. And there is little that separates them. The result is that more children and families in the community have the help they need to be safe, stable and healthy.

After raising a million dollars for KIDSAFE through KARS for KIDS, Jerry is now “on his second million.”

Leadership Giving (2017-18)

Support means many things here at The Village. Caregivers support their families financially, socially and emotionally. We support children, adults and families as they work to make real and meaningful change in their lives. Individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations and governmental agencies support our work by donating their time, talent and treasure. To each of you, we say THANK YOU! It means so much to the staff — and to the children and families we serve — to know that you are there to support us.

The Hartford Giving Tree
The Hartford supports The Village in so many ways — one of them being providing gifts to our annual Holiday Giving Tree toy drive for the children and families we serve. Pictured are Donna Jolly, The Village vice president for advancement, and Diane Cantello, The Hartford vice president of corporate sustainability.

Federal, State and Municipal Agencies

  • Advanced Behavioral Health
  • City of Hartford
  • Connecticut Department of Children and Families
  • Connecticut Department of Education
  • Connecticut Department of Housing
  • Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services
  • Connecticut Judicial Branch – Court Support Services Division
  • Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
  • Connecticut Office of Policy and Management
  • Hartford Public Schools
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Department of Justice

Virginia Thrall Society



  • Glastonbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Hartford
  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Simsbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Travelers Companies, Inc.
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

Augusta Williams/Gray Lodge Society



  • LEGO Community Fund U.S., Inc.
  • LEGO Systems, Inc.
  • Suffield Auxiliary of The Village

Alison Gill Lodge Society



  • Donald and Jane Richter*


  • The Fund for Greater Hartford

President's Society



  • Jeanmarie and Colin Cooper
  • Mr. and Mrs. David R. Epstein
  • Mr. Loren Godfrey
  • Ms. Linda Carlson Hart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Lombardo


  • Asylum Hill Congregational Church
  • J. Walton Bissell Foundation, Inc.
  • Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
  • Ensworth Charitable Foundation
  • Fairview Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Penwood Real Estate Investment Management, LLC
Kissane Family Fund Signing
There’s something so special about families helping families! This year, Judy Kissane launched the Kissane Family Emergency Assistance Fund, which provides direct aid to families who receive services from The Village. Pictured are Judy Kissane (center) and two of her three sons, Bill and Chris, along with Galo Rodriguez, president and CEO of The Village.
Girl Within Luncheon 2017
At our annual Girl Within Luncheon, our sponsors and (nearly 500!) attendees helped us raise over $170,000 to support The Village’s life-changing programs for at-risk girls and young women. Pictured are Galo Rodriguez, president and CEO of The Village; Alana Farnsworth, guest speaker; Jeanmarie Cooper, board member and event chair; Regina Louise, author and keynote speaker; Irene O’Connor, news anchor and event emcee; Francine Christiansen, 2018 Woman of the Year; and Sarah Morin of The Hartford, presenting sponsor.

Brainard‑Goodwin Society



  • Anonymous (3)
  • Thomas & Ellen Byrne
  • Mrs. Ruth E. Clark
  • Mr. Thomas Daugherty
  • Dr. and Mrs. Loren Godfrey, Jr.
  • Mr. Richard M. Kaplan, Esq.
  • Ms. Judith Kissane
  • Mr. Barry N. Lastra
  • Joanne and Rocco Orlando
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reardon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reilly


  • All Waste, Inc.
  • Thomas Byrne Associates
  • Cigna
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Emanuel Lutheran Church
  • Exchange Club of Rockville
  • Farmington Bank Community Foundation
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • Max Cares Foundation, Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
  • Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • United Technologies Corporation
  • Webster Bank, N.A.

Hartford Trolley Barn Society



  • Mr. and Mrs. Allan Borghesi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Chase
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Cowles
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Dowling, Jr.
  • Mr. William D. Field
  • Mr. Mark S. Fitzgerald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Gavrich
  • Ms. Cathy N. Iacovazzi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. King
  • Mrs. Janice F. Klein
  • Mr. Alan J. Kreczko
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin LaFreniere
  • Ms. Susan M. Mackiewicz
  • Mr. Anthony J. Pierson
  • Dr. Galo A. Rodriguez and Ms. Moraima Gutierrez
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Toczydlowski
  • Mr. John J. Turgeon, CPA, HCS
  • Ms. Lynn Weisel and Mr. John Pray


  • Barings Real Estate Advisers
  • The Sandra and Arnold Chase Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Community Renewal Team, Inc.
  • FieldActivate LLC
  • Future Benefits, Inc.
  • Gavrich Family Fund
  • The Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust
  • Hart Realty Advisers, LLC
  • Hartford Federal Credit Union
  • Hartford Hospital at Hartford Healthcare
  • Janice and David Klein Fund
  • Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.
  • People's United Bank
  • PwC
  • Robinson & Cole LLP
  • Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
  • Salisbury Bank and Trust Company
  • The Toczydlowski Family Fund
  • Tokio Marine HCC
  • The Warrington Foundation
XL Catlin annual Easter Basket Drive
Stefanie Diaz and Karen Tiroletto (to the right) of XL Catlin have chaired an annual Easter Basket Drive to benefit the children of The Village since 2012.
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities check presentation
Shari Fiveash from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, presents The Village’s board of directors with a generous check presentation. CCM CT donated a third of the profits from their first annual CT Charity Triple Crown to The Village.

Trumbull‑Robinson Society



  • Anonymous (2)
  • Mr. and Mrs. David P. Bailey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Bailey, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ross Baker
  • Mr. Andrew G. Baldassarre, C.F.A.
  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Bryden
  • Mr. John Bruno and Ms. Artemis Tsagaris
  • Mr. Richard Bundy, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burgos
  • Mr. Curt A. Cameron
  • Ms. Wendy Carberg
  • Mr. Jim Carroll
  • Ms. Elizabeth York and Mr. Gary L. Carter
  • Mr. Edward Chanda
  • Ms. Michele Cook
  • The Corne Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Danek, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dechamps
  • Dr. Ashley G. Dorin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Eudy
  • Ms. Marilyn D. Every
  • Mrs. Judith Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Friar
  • Mrs. Dian D. Friedman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Gautier
  • Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gillies, Jr.
  • Mr. Stephen E. Goldman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Grenham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hester, Esq.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hoffman
  • Mr. John Hurley
  • Mr. Mark Hughes and Ms. Amy E. Johnston
  • Donna E. Jolly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Klippel
  • Ms. Susan M. Mackiewicz
  • Mr. Douglas K. Manion, Esq.
  • Mrs. Jill Manners
  • Ms. Patricia Marealle
  • Ms. Carol B. Martin
  • Mr. Martin G. Morrissey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mowell
  • Ms. Vaughan Finn and Mr. Stephen Nightingale
  • Dr. Elsa M. Núñez
  • Donna L. O’Shea, M.D., MBA
  • Mrs. Sue Palms
  • Mr. and Mrs. James D. Parry
  • Ms. Laurie Paternoster
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Paul
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brewster Perkins
  • Ms. Linda Roderick
  • Mr. Alexander Schillaci
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Selinger, Jr.
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith Jr.
  • Mrs. Sarah G. Stevens
  • Ms. Mavourneen Vigneault
  • Mr. Michael S. Wilder
  • Ms. Mary D. Zapp


  • Aspen Re America
  • Bank of America
  • Bendett & McHugh, P.C.
  • Big Y Foods, Inc.
  • BlumShapiro & Co., P.C.
  • BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  • Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network
  • Connecticut/Westchester Chapter of Corenet Global, Inc.
  • Corporation for Independent Living
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Disability Planning Partners
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Friar Architecture Inc.
  • Hartford Yard Goats Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Thomas Hooker Brewing Company LLC
  • Kaman Corporation
  • The McPhee Foundation, Inc.
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Nutanix
  • Principal Funds
  • Shipman & Goodwin LLP
  • UBS Financial Services, Inc.
  • Unitarian Society of Hartford
  • University of Hartford
  • Venora Electric, Inc.
  • Virtus Investment Partners
  • Wentworth-DeAngelis Insurance, Inc.
  • Whalley Computer Associates
  • Willis Group
  • Wintonbury Baptist Church

Prudential Uniform Drive Backpack Donation
Not only did Prudential donate over $600 to our annual uniform drive, they also went above and beyond by donating 160 backpacks filled with school supplies for the children we serve. Thanks to their generous support, many students were able to start the school year off on the right foot.
Foursomes for Fatherhood
Mark Montalvo (second from right) shared how programs at The Village helped him at The Village’s 8th annual Foursomes for Fatherhood golf tournament. Several sponsors and 114 golfers helped raise more than $90,000 for fatherhood and family support programs of The Village. Also pictured are Galo Rodriguez, The Village president & CEO; Edwin Castro, family support specialist, and Brian Reilly, board member and event chair.

Hillyer‑Jewell Society



  • Anonymous (3)
  • Ms. Mary Abel
  • Andrea Barton Reeves, Esq.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bermel
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brown
  • Mrs. Marcy Cain
  • Monica H. Cipes D.M.D.
  • Mrs. Barbara Coffin
  • Ms. Sue Collins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Cooper
  • Mr. Alden Davis
  • Ms. Kim L. DiPietro
  • Mrs. Arlene Dutton*
  • Mrs. Susan Freedman
  • Mr. David Freitas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Fromson
  • Mr. Hector Glynn
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Nelson Griebel
  • Mr. Robert M. Haggett and Ms. Susan M. Pietrogallo
  • Ms. Pamela J. Joyce
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Kearney
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Keister
  • Mr. Daniel Lamberty
  • Ms. Diane Lipes
  • Dr. Thomas Lipscomb
  • Mr. Don Lombardo
  • Ms. Patricia Martino
  • Mr. Jeffrey Mitchell
  • Mr. Steven Moore
  • Ms. Cassandra Murphy
  • Ms. Sallie C. Norris
  • Ms. Andrea Papazoglou
  • Mr. Edward Perrault
  • Ms. Stephanie M. Radinieri
  • Ms. Lisa A. Raff
  • Ms. Jessica Ritter
  • Mr. Dante Roccasecca
  • Mr. Paul Rocheleau
  • Mr. Erik A. Roen
  • Ms. Susan Varnum Smith Rubin
  • Mrs. Peter Russell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russ Schulze
  • Mrs. Robin B. Stine
  • Mr. Robert Stone
  • Ms. Deborah Strong
  • Ms. Deborah L. Tedford
  • Ms. Kathy Thorsell
  • Ms. Lyn G. Walker
  • Mrs. Louise M. Wilder
  • Mr. David Williams


  • Barnes Group Foundation
  • Berlin Lions Club
  • Butler Company
  • Comcast Foundation
  • The Vincent Dowling Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Environmental Group, Inc.
  • Gowrie Group
  • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation
  • Janus Henderson Investors
  • The Lutheran Church of St. Mark
  • North Central District Health Department
  • Ricoh USA, Inc.
  • Thrivent Financial
  • University of Saint Joseph

* deceased

Cooley‑Williams Society



  • Anonymous (5)
  • Ms. Toni Ann Abbruzese
  • Mrs. Doris B. Arrington
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Bercowetz
  • Mr. Stephen Bohlman
  • Mr. Christopher Brodeur
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Bromage
  • Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bronson
  • Mrs. Carlene D. Bush
  • Mrs. Miriam B. Butterworth
  • Mrs. Patricia Campanella Daniels and Mr. Eric D. Daniels
  • Mr. Peter Carpenter
  • Mr. Douglas W. Clark
  • Ms. Jennifer Coffey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Connelly
  • Ms. Catherine Corto-Mergins
  • Mrs. Lori Ann Cottrell
  • Ms. Cindy Courtney
  • Mr. Chad Czerwinski
  • Mrs. Kristin S. Dederer
  • Ms. Julie DeLucca-Collins
  • Mrs. Karen Davis
  • Mrs. Susan B. Dunn
  • Dr. Paul H. Dworkin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Edelson
  • Marilda L. Gandara, Esq.
  • Betsy and Brian Gauthier
  • Mr. Anthony Giannone
  • Mrs. Gail C. Goddard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Green
  • Mr. Ed Hackett and Ms. Terri Martens
  • Mr. Michael E. Haylon and Ms. Carol D. Dupuis
  • Ms. Paula Healey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hoffman
  • Mrs. Jean H. Holden
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hummel
  • Mr. William N. Husic, Jr., F.S.A.
  • Mrs. Kathleen A. Jannuzzi
  • Mrs. Kathleen Kane-Francalangia
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kratzer
  • Mrs. Irma C. Lange
  • Mrs. Anna Lassow
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Lim
  • Ms. Karen E. Lyons
  • Ms. Betsy Mack
  • The MacRae Family
  • Ms. Sherry A. Manetta and Mr. Brian Harvey
  • Mr. Joseph Marich
  • Ms. Lauren McGrew
  • Ms. LaWanda Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. William T. Miller
  • Mrs. Patricia Morrissey
  • Mrs. Nancy K. Netcoh
  • Ms. Mary S. O'Connor
  • Mrs. Lynn Olson
  • Mrs. Dorothy D. O’Meara
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Passaretti
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Pulito
  • Mrs. Lynn C. Rapp
  • Dr. Wayne S. Rawlins and Ms. Janet E. Flagg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Reilly
  • Ms. Laura Dake Roche, O.D.
  • Ms. Claudia M. Shelton
  • Ms. Jahn Surette
  • Mr. Reed W. Tapper
  • Mrs. Jeannette A. Urban
  • Ms. Betsy S. van Gemeren
  • Mrs. Nancy B. Wadhams
  • Mr. George A. Weiss
  • Mr. Jay Williams
  • Mrs. Nancy M. Woodward
  • Ms. Valerie Wozniak


  • Anonymous (1)
  • Aetna Foundation, Inc.
  • America’s Charities
  • Aurora Women & Girls Foundation
  • Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co.
  • Community Health Network of CT, Inc.
  • Connecticut Wealth Management, LLC
  • Dollar Giving, Inc.
  • Heinemann Editorial Team
  • On-Line Systems, Inc.
  • Presidio
  • Riverfront Family Church
  • Tangiers International Market
  • United Gear & Machine Co., Inc.
  • Windsor Federal Savings

* deceased

KPMG volunteers
We were lucky enough to have a dedicated group of volunteers from KPMG work with our preschool children on different activities and crafts. The smile on the children’s faces truly say it all—we are grateful for KPMG’s continued support!
Grand opening of The Financial Center
We were thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of The Financial Center, where families can access budget coaching, career counseling, tax preparation and more at no cost. We are grateful to our partners United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and Women United for United Way®, and all of our many supporters, including Bank of America, which provided the first grant for the program in 2011. On hand to cut the ribbon were: Galo Rodriguez, The Village President & CEO; Paula Gilberto, United Way President & CEO; Vittoria Pace, Chair of Women United®; Luke Bronin, Mayor, City of Hartford; and Joseph Gianni, Market President – Hartford Region, Bank of America.


A strong endowment is a critical component of an institution’s financial strength. Funds established in support of The Village’s endowment provide program support for the families we serve today and for future generations. They also generate steady and predictable income for daily operations. We are grateful to the donors who established these lasting gifts.

  • Ruth E. Clark Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Norbert Fried Memorial
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Diane D. and Irving J. (Irv) Friedman Family Fund
  • Friends of the Family Endowed Fund
  • Cynthia B. Godfrey Memorial Fund
  • Betty Goumas Memorial Fund
  • Kissane Family Emergency Assistance Fund


The Village Legacy Society is a devoted group of donors who have named The Village as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Their generous bequests will enrich, sustain and preserve our services, establishing an enduring legacy of caring, protection and support for the children, families and adults we serve. We are honored to be the guardian of these meaningful contributions.

  • Brian and Wendy Carberg
  • Mrs. Francine E. Christiansen
  • Mrs. Arlene Dutton*
  • Mrs. Janice F. Klein
  • Mr. Barry N. Lastra
  • Mrs. Pamela P. Little
  • Donald and Jane Richter*
  • Ms. Susan Varnum Smith Rubin
  • Mr. Henry R. Schwartz
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith
  • Ms. Jennifer R. Walkwitz
  • Mrs. Louise M. Wilder

* deceased

Skylar Sylvester and Araya Muska
Skylar Sylvester and Araya Muska of Windsor Locks organized three “more than lemonade” stands to raise money for The Village. They combined what they raised with some of their own money to purchase things they thought new mothers who access our services might need.
Abbot Carlson Scholars Dinner
This year’s recipients of the Abbott-Carlson Scholarship gathered with Linda Carlson (the scholarship’s creator) and their mentors. The scholarships help young women who have accessed The Village’s programs attend college and become financially self-reliant.

The volunteer-run Auxiliaries of The Village have been supporting programs that help transform the lives of children and families for over 60 years.

This year, the Glastonbury, Simsbury and Suffield Auxiliaries contributed more than $279,000 to The Village. Since their creation, the three Auxiliaries have contributed a total of more than $5.5 million to our organization.

Suffield Auxiliary

Suffield Auxiliary

Simsbury Auxiliary

Simsbury Auxiliary

Glastonbury Auxiliary

Glastonbury Auxiliary

About The Village


Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH
Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH

President, Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Bryden, LCSW
Elizabeth Bryden, LCSW

Senior Vice President

Deborah Bradley
Deborah Bradley

Vice President, Human Resources

Ashley Dorin, MD
Ashley Dorin, MD

Medical Director

Tammy K. Freeberg, MSW
Tammy K. Freeberg, MSW

Vice President, Strategy and Planning

Hector Glynn, MSW
Hector Glynn, MSW

Chief Operating Officer

Donna E. Jolly
Donna E. Jolly

Vice President, Advancement

Steven Moore, Ph.D.
Steven Moore, Ph.D.

Vice President, Business Development

Martin Morrissey, MHA, CPA, FACHE
Martin Morrissey, MHA, CPA, FACHE

Chief Financial Officer



  • Andrew G. Baldassarre
    Sr. Vice President, Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services Wealth Management
  • John Turgeon, CPA, HCS
    Vice Chair*
    Partner, CohnReznick
  • Cathy Iacovazzi
    Senior Vice President, US Trust, Bank of America
  • Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH*
    President & CEO, The Village for Families & Children
  • Beth A. Bombara*
    Executive Vice President & CFO, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • Jeffrey A. Brine, Esq.
    Member & Attorney at Law, Kurien Ouellette LLC
  • Richard (Jerry) Bundy
    Community Volunteer
  • Wendy Carberg
    Vice President Group & Worksite Markets, Guardian Life Insurance Company
  • Curt Cameron*
    President, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company
  • Jeanmarie H. Cooper*
    Community Volunteer
  • Thomas Daugherty
    Partner, KPMG
  • Kim DiPietro
    Senior Director of Research and Acquisitions, Hart Realty Advisers
  • William D. Field
    President, FieldActivate
  • David L. Friar, Architect
    Founder, Friar Associates
  • Lawrence J. Gavrich
    Founder & President, Home on The Course, LLC
  • Stephen E. Goldman
    Managing Partner, Robinson & Cole
  • Frederick E. Jenoure, Jr.
    Owner, FEJ Consulting
  • Richard M. Kaplan, Esq.
    Associate General Counsel, United Technologies Corp.
  • Charles H. Klippel, Esq.
    Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Aetna
  • Barry N. Lastra
    Principal, A & B Enterprises
  • Patricia Marealle, Esq.
    Staff Attorney, CT Center for Childrens Advocacy
  • Ashley Metellus
    Corporate Responsibility Lead, Cigna
  • Wilfredo Nieves
    President, Capital Community College (retired)
  • Dr. Elsa M. Núñez
    President, Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Donna L. O’Shea, MD, MBA
    Vice President & Sr. Medical Director, Population Health Management
  • Brian P. Reilly*
    Chief Auditor and Sr. Vice President, Travelers
  • Lynn Weisel
    Auxiliary Representative

*member, executive committee


An affiliate of The Village, KIDSAFE CT is dedicated to the early intervention, prevention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Its mission is to “partner with the community to educate and empower families and promote the well-being of young people.”


  • Lourdes Ardel
  • Richard (Jerry) Bundy
  • Judy Clarke
  • Tim Hill
  • Doug Manion
  • Derrick McBride
  • Turquoise McBride
  • Yolanda Sazo


Ambassadors are engaged members of the community who share a commitment to The Village’s mission and help spread the word about and garner support for The Village.

  • Ana Alfaro
  • Dr. Biree Andemariam
  • Mark Anson and Robyne Watkin-Anson
  • Peter Arakas
  • Doris Arrington
  • Samuel and Janet Bailey
  • Hyacinth Bailey, Esq.
  • Constance Bain
  • Andrea Barton Reeves, Esq.
  • Nicole Blades
  • Nannette Bosh-Finance
  • Kenneth Boudreau
  • Martha Brackeen-Harris
  • Chester (Chet) Brodnicki
  • John Bruno and Artemis Tsagaris
  • Carlene Bush
  • Thomas Byrne
  • Marcy Cain
  • Patricia Campanella Daniels
  • Edward Casares, Jr.
  • David Castellani
  • Francine Christiansen
  • Ruth Clark
  • Judith Clarke
  • Sara Connolly
  • Jean and Ed Cowles
  • Elba Cruz Schulman
  • Christopher Dadlez
  • Edward Danek, Jr.
  • Rick Daniels
  • Alden Davis
  • Dr. Eddie Davis
  • Dan and Nine Dechamps
  • John Henry Decker
  • Jaye Donaldson
  • Susan Dunn
  • Dr. Paul Dworkin
  • Dan Eudy
  • Rose Fortuna
  • Susan Freedman
  • Marilda Gándara, Esq.
  • Matthew Gordon, Esq.
  • Arthur Greenblatt
  • Kevin Grenham
  • Donald Griesdorn
  • Ruth Grobe
  • Nathan Grube
  • Dr. Walter Harrison
  • David Hart
  • Michael Haylon
  • Jeffrey Hoffman
  • John Horak, Esq.
  • John Hurley
  • Janet Jackson
  • Leonard Jaskol
  • John Kennelly
  • Sally King
  • Judy Kissane
  • Janice Klein
  • Alan Kreczko
  • Robert Laraia and Lesa Cavallero-Laraia
  • Diane Lipes
  • Dr. Thomas Lipscomb
  • Peter and Rosemary Lombardo
  • Dr. Darcy Lowell
  • Sheralyn Marsh
  • The Reverend William McKissick, Jr.
  • EdJohnetta Miller
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Thea Montanez
  • Christopher Montross
  • Joelle Murchison
  • Denise Nappier
  • Peter Neville
  • Bobby Nims
  • Irene O’Connor
  • Bonnie Parry
  • Teresa Pelham
  • Steve Phillips
  • Paul Pita
  • Janis Potts
  • JoAnn Price
  • Dr. Kyle Pruett
  • Richard Reinhart
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes
  • The Honorable Matt Ritter
  • Dr. John Rodis
  • Dr. Annette Rogers
  • Jason Rojas
  • Nelly Rojas Schwan
  • Gilda Roncari
  • Fernando Rosa
  • Dr. Juan Salazar
  • Dr. Carlos Salguero
  • Anita Ford Saunders
  • Philip Schulz
  • Jennifer Shimanski
  • Robert Smith, Jr.
  • Albert Staten
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Edward Sullivan
  • Carol Waxman
  • Armistead Webster
  • Joseph Wendover
  • Louise Wilder
  • John and Linda Zembron



1680 Albany Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105

331 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06114

(including RAMBUH Family Center)
105 Spring Street, Hartford, CT 06105

One Regency Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002

An affiliate of The Village
19 Elm St, Vernon, CT 06066

Extended Day Treatment Locations

The Village Main Campus

300 Parker Street, Manchester, CT 06042

282 Main St Ext., Middletown, CT 06457

210 Pomeroy Ave, Meriden, CT 06541

Group Home

Alison Gill Lodge, Manchester, CT

Integrated Pediatric Clinics

A partnership with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

800 Connecticut Blvd., 1st Floor, East Hartford, CT 06108

65 Kane Street, 2nd Floor, West Hartford, CT 06119

Foster Care Recruitment Office

15 Boyden Street, Waterbury, CT 06074

The Village provides services in these Hartford schools:

  • Alfred E. Burr Elementary School
  • Asian Studies Academy at Bellizzi
  • Bulkeley High School — Teacher Preparation and Humanities Academies
  • Burns Latino Studies Academy
  • Dr. Michael D. Fox Elementary School
  • Hartford Public High School
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Elementary School
  • Milner Elementary School
  • Museum Academy at Wish
  • OPPortunity High School
  • Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School
  • S.A.N.D. School
  • Thirman Milner School
  • West Middle School
The Village locations


The Village and the children and families we serve are fortunate to have the support of more than 500 volunteer Auxilians. Among many other things, the Auxilians run our Second Chance Shops, thrift boutiques that sell new and gently used clothing and household items. All proceeds from the Shops support The Village.

Marnie Stucky, Chair
Lori Holmes del Guidice, Vice Chair
JoAnn Adams

Patty Crawford, Co-Chair
Gail Korten, Co-Chair
Lynn Snyder

Jayne Hastings, Co-President
Ellen Peterson, Co-President
Janeene Crane
Chris Rago

West Hartford
Angela Miller, Co-Chair
Carol Waxman, Co-Chair
Fiona Friar


730 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033

12 Station Street, Simsbury, CT 06070

116 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT 06078

175 Park Road, West Hartford, CT 06119


  • Access Agency
  • Alliance for Bloomfield's Children
  • Child FIRST
  • Child Guidance Clinic for Central Connecticut
  • City of Hartford Division for Young Children
  • Community Health Services
  • Community Renewal Team
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • FOCUS Center for Autism
  • Foodshare
  • Hartford Board of Education
  • Hartford Division for Youth
  • Hartford Public Library
  • Hartford/West Hartford System of Care
  • Hispanic Health Council
  • Judge Baker Children's Center, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School
  • Institute of Living, a division of Hartford Hospital
  • Manchester Community College
  • Middlesex Hospital
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  • National Health Service Corps
  • Putnam Public Library
  • Read to Grow
  • Stafford Public Library
  • Town of Enfield
  • Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative
  • UCONN Health Center
  • Urban League
  • Windham Area Interfaith Ministry
  • Yale Child Study Center


Department of Children and Families Licenses

  • Child Care Facility to provide Group Home Services
  • Child Care Facility to provide Temporary Shelter Services
  • Child Placing Agency and Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Extended Day Treatment
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for Children
  • Residential Treatment

Department of Public Health Licenses

  • Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic forAdults
  • Facility for the Care or Treatment of Substance Abusive or Dependent Persons

Office of Early Childhood

  • Child Day Care Center for Preschool Services

State Department of Education

  • Approved Private SpecialEducation Program

Accrediting Bodies

  • American Psychological Association
  • The Joint Commission
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)


  • Alliance for Children & Families
  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers
  • Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Blue Hills Civic Association
  • Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
  • Connecticut Alliance of Family Resource Centers
  • CT Family Resource Center Alliance
  • Connecticut Council on Adoption
  • Connecticut Council on Family Service Agencies
  • Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance
  • CT Community Nonprofit Alliance
  • Family Support Network
  • Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut
  • Greater Hartford Literacy Council
  • Hartford/West Hartford System of Care/Community Collaborative
  • Metro Hartford Alliance
  • National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
  • Parents as Teachers National Center
  • Planned Giving Group of Connecticut
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
  • West End Civic Association

With The Village’s help, I was able to advocate and receive important school resources for my daughter. They were helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to be sure we found success.

Client in our Child First program, which helps reduce the impact toxic stress can have on a child’s development by strengthening parent-child relationships and addressing families’ basic needs

They are a family —
they love my child.

Parent of a child participating in our Early Childhood Learning Center
The Village Top Workplace