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To build a community of strong, healthy families who protect and nurture children.

Diversity Statement

The Village’s commitment to diversity extends beyond our words.

Diversity fuels our mission.

We believe that we are stronger and better when we actively include diverse people and thought to guide our practices and engagement with others. Through our diversity we learn fundamental truths, discover opportunities to create a more inclusive society, and enact real change.

Dear Friends,

As we emerge from the pandemic, we know the way we address mental health cannot—and should not—return to normal. The pandemic exacerbated the existing crisis and exposed the need for change. The stigma around mental illness is finally crumbling because families in every circle and zip code are feeling the impact. The opportunity for systemic change is here, and The Village is leading the way.

We started by expanding services. The Village grew its telehealth program, increased pediatric referrals, nearly doubled the investment in school-based programs and purchased a building in downtown Hartford to launch a new outpatient clinic. Today The Village serves clients in 59 towns, compared to 8 before the pandemic.

We’re also doing more than ever to find children safe, healthy homes. The Village now runs the largest foster care program in Connecticut. We also opened the first-ever Quality Parenting Center to help children in foster care heal from trauma and reunite with their biological parents.

The Village knows that social determinants, such as housing and education, can impact mental health, so we’re broadening our approach. We expanded our home visiting program for new parents and plan to launch the Upward Mobility initiative, supported in part by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

This work requires strong partnerships, dedicated volunteers, generous donors and amazing staff. This annual report honors their contributions. As you read through it, you will notice how The Village helps people at every stage of their lives. We believe in treating the whole person, from every angle, and never giving up. This holistic approach to wellness is represented by the circle, a symbol found in many cultures and traditions that is tied to healing. Thank you for being part of The Village’s circle. Together, the possibilities are endless.

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John Turgeon

Galo A. Rodriguez

Home Visitation

Genesia and Galia

Once her baby girl was born, Genesia’s life changed.

Like many new moms, she needed support as she embarked on her journey of caring for a newborn.

When self-doubt creeped in, The Village helped answer Genesia’s questions about how to properly care for her daughter and make sure she was on the right developmental path.

The Village was also by her side to help ensure her basic needs—like food and diapers—were met, so Genesia was able to focus on developing a strong bond with her baby.

It takes a lot being a new mother. As a person, it changes you. The Village helped me give the best of me.

new parents received home visiting services from The Village in FY22

The Village supports new moms so their babies can thrive.

Home visits from The Village guarantee that new moms like Genesia will not embark on their motherhood journey alone.

The Village helps pregnant and new parents by addressing their most pressing needs, providing in-home services that include a wide array of guidance from child development to intensive in-home psychotherapy to case management and support for those in recovery.

Partnerships with hospitals and community agencies allow Village clients to gain access to specialists in mental health and wellness, nutrition and disabilities.

Pictured above: Genesia Vargas with her daughter Galia.

Pictured above: A Village client at a Stronger Families, Stronger Futures baby shower.

Outpatient Services

Sonia, Adryan and Sheyla

As a single mom without any family in the United States, Sonia needed support when her children, Adryan and Sheyla, experienced emotional abuse by a friend of the family and were suffering.

That’s when she reached out to The Village. Through therapy and support services, Sonia and her children were able to learn ways to navigate through their fears and work together as a family unit.

They are also now part of a church community and continue building a network of social support.

Do not stay silent. Ask for help because it is out there.

children received outpatient therapy services at The Village in FY22

The Village helps young children and their families when there is nowhere else to turn.

Childhood is a precious time, filled with making memories, but it can also be filled with addiction, anxiety, conduct issues, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, school challenges, family violence or crime. Treatment is available through The Village’s outpatient mental health services.

Children of all ages are able to receive specialized help from The Village and are matched with clinicians based on their specific concerns.

Pictured above: Sonia Parades with her son Adryan and daughter Sheyla.

School-based Services

Stephanie, Jazlene and Josavian

Stephanie’s first priority is making sure her children, Jazlene and Josavian, are happy and safe.

As a working mom, finding child care during the after-school hours was a struggle.

Thanks to The Village’s free after-school program at her children’s school, she didn’t have to worry—Jazlene and Josavian are now able to get homework help, enjoy enrichment activities and make new friends in a safe, nurturing environment.

I’m extremely grateful for the program that The Village has given our community because it has helped me and I’m sure many other families who have struggled with child care.

The Village provided services to nearly

students and their families at 17 Hartford and Vernon Public Schools in FY22

The Village ensures that school-aged children have support throughout their day.

School-based programs provided by The Village at 17 Hartford and Vernon Public Schools play an integral role in positively impacting students’ academic, social and emotional development.

For students like Jazlene and Josavian, that support includes help from Village social workers, family resource centers and afterschool programs.

Parents and caregivers say they are relieved that there is help when they need it most.

Pictured above: Stephanie Figueroa with her daughter Jazlene and son Josavian.

Outpatient Services

Sulma, Kimberly and Julio

Sulma and her children, Kimberly and Julio, left Honduras for a better life in the United States. During their travels, they became victims of human trafficking.

When Sulma searched for help coping with what they experienced, The Village was there.

Through therapy, Kimberly and Julio are working through their trauma. Julio is calmer and his nightmares have stopped. Kimberly is acclimating well to her new school and has learned how to become an advocate for herself.

The Village always helps me with my family, and I am so happy.

The Village helps children and adolescents heal from their trauma.

When children experience trauma, life can turn upside down and their development may be affected. It’s critical that they receive the right supports, at the right time, to heal.

The Village’s multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, APRNs, psychologists and clinicians work to ensure children and adolescents achieve the progress and change they are looking for as they tackle life’s challenges.

Through this support, they increase their ability to cope and build resilience to improve their lifelong trajectories.

Pictured above: Sulma Leiva with her daughter Kimberly and son Julio.

Extended Day Treatment

Jayden and Naobi

Jayden had a hard time expressing his emotions in a healthy way.

Once he enrolled in The Village’s six-month day program, he was able to develop and practice coping skills.

When Jayden participated in a special basketball clinic as part of an educational sports-therapy program at The Village, he learned trust, teamwork and communication.

I’m most proud of being able to control myself and communicate more when I’m feeling frustrated.

The Village helps children and adolescents develop healthy social and coping skills.

When children and adolescents need support with social or coping skills, The Village provides daily peer groups, family support, therapy, case management and medication management in a short-term day program.

Pictured above: Jayden with his mother Naobi Alvarez.

Pictured above: Morgan Tuck, former Connecticut Sun forward, now Director of Franchise Development, leads a basketball clinic at The Village for children in the Extended Day Treatment (EDT) program. The basketball clinic was offered as part of a sports-based therapy program already in place at The Village thanks to a partnership with Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc., ESPN and Arbella Insurance Foundation.

Telehealth Outpatient Services

Levi and his family

When the pandemic was in full swing, Levi’s ADHD and anxiety were heightened. He was having a hard time adapting as school and daily routines were quickly changing.

The Village’s telehealth option made access to help and medication management easier while Levi attended school virtually and his parents juggled work schedules.

Through virtual therapy sessions, he was able to receive help in a convenient way and learn different techniques to navigate challenging life situations.

The Village helped me figure out ways and solutions to get better over what problems I was facing.

50% of Village clients live outside of Hartford, coming from

0 towns

The Village ensures pre-teens and teens have access to services, regardless of their zip code.

The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted the children’s mental health crisis to a new level. Suddenly, the need for services increased, as everyone was affected.

The Village’s telehealth services grew, reaching children, pre-teens and teens in many more cities and towns across Connecticut.

Today, families who are facing challenges and need support are provided with top-notch care, whether in person or virtually.

In fact, even as referrals increase in Hartford, 50% of Village clients now live outside of Hartford, coming from 59 cities and towns.

Pictured above: Levi with his sister Vayda, mother Stacy Martinez and father Manny Martinez.

Quality Parenting Center


Ashley went through some hard times, which led to being separated from her son. When she was working to reunify with him, she reached out to The Village.

Even though she was hesitant, she knew it was critical to spend quality one-on-one time with her son in order to strengthen their bond while he was in foster care.

When Ashley was provided with space and support to visit with him she was able to grow as a mom and sharpen her parenting skills.

The Village has helped strengthen my role as a mom and to be a better mom in general.

The Village helps parents strengthen their bonds with their children.

The Village—in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF)—opened a first-of-its-kind Quality Parenting Center to provide a comfortable, home-like environment where parents can enjoy family time with their children while they are in foster care or under the custody of another caregiver.

Access to parent coaches, mental health support, substance use and recovery support, and financial and career coaching is also offered to help parents heal, bond with their children and strengthen their life skills.

Pictured above: Ashley Arnold.

Pictured above: The Village’s new Quality Parenting Center (QPC) in Manchester, CT.

Adult Outpatient Services


Samar was completely broken after escaping a domestic violence situation.

She reached out to The Village for help, despite being told by others that she wouldn’t be able to make it as a single mother of four children.

In the months that followed, Samar was able to care for her kids, continue her education and start a career in the nursing field. She has big dreams and is working hard to create the life she always wanted.

Every day I’m proud of myself and every day I keep going, looking forward. Never look backward.

more than

coaching sessions have taken place through The Village’s Women’s REACH Program since 2019

The Village helps women build resilience and a better future.

Using a client-centered and collaborative approach to behavioral health, The Village works with women, just like Samar, who are facing any number of challenges, including addiction, marital issues, grief and loss, PTSD, stage of life transitions and more.

Communication and connection to the best therapists are the cornerstone of good care. Feedback-informed practice at The Village ensures that those seeking support can be open about the care they are receiving and what can be done to help them move forward.

Pictured above: Samar Amin.

Fatherhood Engagement Services


Norman became a first-time father at the age of 54.

His new responsibilities coupled with his wife’s personal struggles caused intense feelings of fear and loneliness.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, The Village was there to help. He received the support—and as he says, “another family”—that he needed to connect with other dads, embrace fatherhood and become a role model for his son.

Today, Norman and his wife are proudly parenting Alexander together.

Before, I was just a shell of a man. Now I’m a father—I’m a man who is going to take care of another human being.

The Village helps hundreds of dads find new hope.

When fathers are working to reunite with their children, The Village is committed to helping them learn skills to become involved, responsible and committed dads.

Intensive outreach, case management services and group programming all bolster fathers’ positive parenting relationships.

When fathers just like Norman are striving to better their lives for the sake of their children, The Village is there to help them reach their goals.

Pictured above: Norman Sparrow with his son Alexander.

Attendees enjoy the Dad Hero Event, a community day to celebrate the role fathers play in their children’s lives. The Village partnered with My People Clinical Services, the Department of Children and Families and other organizations to make the event possible.

Financial Opportunity Center


Tammy—like so many others— became unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When her faith and confidence started to fade, she knew she needed help. That’s when she reached out to The Village’s Financial Opportunity Center.

Soon after, Tammy got help with her budget and credit, in addition to receiving support for her emotional health.

Today, with renewed self-esteem, she’s working full-time, going to school to advance her position in the healthcare field and is actively saving to purchase a home.

The Village helped me get back on my feet, raise my self-esteem and get me back out there and participating in my daily life.


was returned to Village clients through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) campaign in FY22
$ 0 M

The Village helps adults pursue financial wellness.

Career and financial coaching services at The Village ensure that adults with lower-to-moderate income have opportunities to improve job prospects and effectively manage their finances to achieve their goals.

The Village offers one-on-one coaching, classes, workshops and tax preparation services, all at no cost.

Pictured above: Tammy Dillard.

Pictured right: VITA volunteers celebrate a successful year helping more than 12,700 people file taxes at no cost.

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback and input is key to our ability to provide quality, effective services. While we are always looking for ways to improve, we are pleased with the results of this year’s surveys.

Here is a sample of client feedback from our more than 40 program offerings at The Village.

ProgramOverall SatisfactionAccess to ServicesCultural SensitivityEngaged in Treatment PlanningImproved Social SupportImproved Functioning/Outcomes

Child First


Community Schools/After School Programming


Community Support for Families


Eagle House Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility


Extended Day Treatment


Fatherhood Engagement Services


Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services


Outpatient Behavioral Therapy (Children & Teens)


Quality Parenting Center


Reunification and Therapeutic Family Time

Short-Term Family Integrated Therapy 75%88%100%75%NANA

Stronger Families, Stronger Futures (SF2); Parents as Teachers









Financial Report

The Village manages its resources with sound business practices that will ensure the sustainability of the agency for many years to come. Our funding is a mix of state and federal grants, program fees and contracts, corporate and foundation grants, individual donations and United Way funding. A healthy endowment also helps to ensure resources are available for innovations, new program investments and capital improvements.

We are committed to keeping administrative expenses low to maximize resources that directly benefit our clients. The Village Board and executive leadership take their fiscal responsibilities seriously, ensuring our programs are not only effective but also efficient.

Donors contributed

in FY22, the most in nearly 20 years
$ 0 M
Program Fees and Contracts
Grants — State Funds $15,992
Other Grants and Contributions $4,664
Grants — Federal Funds
Authorized Endowment Contribution
United Way
Community Services
Outpatient Behavioral Health Services $11,328
Residential Services and Extended Day Treatment Programs $10,554
General & Administrative
Permanency (Foster Care and Adoption)


The Village’s impact is reflected in the thousands of children, adults and families who have achieved real and meaningful change.

Our wraparound approach includes individual and family counseling, group home, residential and outpatient treatment, school-based support programs and in-home family strengthening. Our goal each day is to do whatever it takes to improve the health, well-being and success of children, adults and families.

(The above demographic statistics do not include VITA or SF2 clients.)

Meet the helpers and healers...

As you scroll through the second half of this annual report, you will see the saying “it takes a village” come to life.

The work done at The Village could not happen without support from the community organizations, incredible staff, dedicated volunteer Auxilians, local legislators and thousands of donors who partner will us each and every day.

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

...who are providing support that touches thousands of lives.

For decades, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has been one of The Village’s most important partners. Now, the Hartford Foundation is deepening that relationship with a three-year commitment of $4.5 million. The grant funding will support all aspects of The Village’s mission with a special focus on:

  • Breaking cycles of poverty and trauma
  • Fostering student success and a pipeline to employment
  • Enhancing The Village’s capacity to grow and serve more clients

The Village is grateful for the Hartford Foundation’s visionary leadership and Board of Directors, understanding that it takes a holistic approach to transform lives. We can’t wait to update you on our outcomes in next year’s annual report.

Pictured: Galo Rodriguez, Village President & CEO, and Jay Williams, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving President & CEO.

Village Eagle House and Foster Care

...who are connecting children to safe, loving homes.

After children complete their care at Eagle House—The Village’s psychiatric residential treatment facility—many transition to foster care. During a surging mental health crisis, amid the pandemic, this transition was harder than ever.

Backed by an extensive network of dedicated foster parents, and as the state’s largest foster care provider—covering Hartford, Manchester and New Britain—The Village foster care team works hard in tandem with clinical staff at Eagle House to ensure children are placed in homes that meet their individual needs and provide them with safety and stability so they can grow and thrive.

Pictured: Jennifer Timreck, Senior Program Director, Eagle House Program, 12 years at The Village (left) and Darlene Reed, Resource Coordinator, Permanency Services, 19 years at The Village.

Our kids have experienced a lot of trauma. A lot of our kids have been moved from place to place and have had many different caregivers.

I want this so badly for even one child. If I could just work two more hours and a child has a home to go to, then it’s worth it.

Village Auxilians

...who are raising millions of dollars for children and families.

The Second Chance Shops support The Village’s programs by selling new and gently used clothing and household items.

Thanks to the dedication of volunteer Auxilians at the four Second Chance Shops—in Glastonbury, Simsbury, Suffield and West Hartford—a combined $440,300 was raised this year.

Over the last 60 years, the Second Chance Shops have generated more than $6 million to support The Village.

Pictured far left: Glastonbury Auxiliary Chair Cathy Daly, Simsbury Auxiliary Pricing Chair Susan Mueller, West Hartford Auxiliary Shop Manager Kathleen Carr and Suffield Auxiliary Designer Mentor Carolyn Komosa.

Holiday Giving Tree

...who are spreading holiday joy and fostering community.

Dana Misorski—who is known as “Mrs. Christmas”—and her family have helped hundreds of Village clients purchase gifts, food and other essentials during the holiday season. After raising more than $7,000 to purchase gift cards for families in 2020 she increased and surpassed her goal by raising over $9,000.

Pictured: Pictured: Village Ambassadors David and Dana Misorski with their daughter; Village client and Holiday Giving Tree program participant, Dismary Bouza.

Village Champions for Children

...who are leading landmark legislation to tackle the children’s mental health crisis.

Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives Matt Ritter and Deputy Majority Leader and State Representative Tammy Exum were named as Village Champions for Children for leading the passage of landmark bipartisan legislation addressing Connecticut’s mental health crisis in the 2022 legislative session.

The new legislation provides $100 million to increase access to services, improve affordability and bolster prevention efforts.

The Village is proud to be a part of the effort and will continue working with policy makers on important reforms to Connecticut’s mental health system.

Pictured: Deputy Majority Leader and State Representative Tammy Exum and Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives Matt Ritter.

At a time such as this, with the urgency of now, I find it to be my privilege to be able to work on this comprehensive, transformative legislation that will absolutely help and save lives.

Legacy Giving

...who are committed to leaving a legacy that counts.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, The Village has provided life-changing services throughout Greater Hartford for more than 200 years. Generous benefactors like the Coopers, who have indicated their intent to make a legacy commitment to The Village, become members of our planned giving group, The Village Legacy Society. By recognizing the importance of financial stewardship and making a significant commitment to help secure a vibrant future for The Village, they serve as a compelling example of generosity to others.

Pictured: Colin Cooper, Village adoptee and donor, Connecticut’s first chief manufacturing officer, former CEO of the Whitcraft Group; Jeanmarie Cooper, current Village Board member and Girl Within Committee Co-chair, donor and community volunteer, former Village Board Chair of Finance and Development Committees.

The Village is changing people’s lives. It’s not something esoteric. It’s something very tangible.

Pictured: Village President & CEO Galo Rodriguez, Colin and Jeanmarie Cooper and Village COO Hector Glynn gather as the Coopers become members of The Village Legacy Society.

Pictured: Colin Cooper as an infant and child with his adoptive family.

Thank you, donors.​

July 1, 2021 —June 30, 2022

Girl Within: Empowering women and girls, celebrating resiliency



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Virginia Thrall Society


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Augusta Williams/Gray Lodge Society


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Alison Gill Lodge Society


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The gift of inspiration

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  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Reilly
  • Mr. Dante Roccasecca
  • Ms. Linda Roderick
  • Ms. Jane Roets
  • Ms. Susan Smith Rubin
  • Ms. Patricia Shea Lovell & Mr. Peter Lovell
  • Dr. Eric Schwartz
  • Mr. Derek Slap
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith & Mr. Leonard Clinton Geoffrey Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Starr
  • Mr. John C. Taussig & Mrs. Barbara Taussig
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Toczydlowski
  • Mr. James Todd
  • Ms. Mavourneen Vigneault
  • Anna & Steven Webersen
  • Ms. Lynn Weisel & Mr. John Pray
  • Alex Wong

Teaming up to take action

Hillyer-Jewell Society


  • Anonymous
  • Avon Simsbury Psychotherapy, LLC
  • AXA XL
  • Butler Company
  • Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation
  • Dunkin’ Donuts of Glastonbury
  • Durham-Middlefield Exchange Club
  • Monday Reading Club
  • Oz Griebel Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Pledgeling Foundation
  • Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Savers
  • Smith & Nephew, Inc.
  • St. Joseph’s Church


  • Mr. Anthony Abate
  • Mrs. Elaine Akley
  • Ms. Wendy Allerton
  • Mr. Edward Anderson
  • Ms. Tricia Bennett
  • Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Brown
  • Sally & Peter Burgess
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Byrne III
  • Ms. Olivia Caires
  • Mrs. Francine E. Christiansen
  • Ms. Kristen M. Clark
  • Ms. Ellen Coco & Mr. Ken Coco
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Colapietro
  • Ms. Allison Collett
  • Ms. Catherine Corto-Mergins
  • Mr. Craig Cottrell
  • Mr. Eric D. Daniels & Mrs. Patricia Campanella Daniels
  • Mr. Matthew Dickison
  • Ms. Margaret Pearl Douglas, CPA
  • Ms. Melissa Ferrucci
  • Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Amanda Finman
  • Evan, Bennett & Debra Forrest
  • Mr. Richard & Mrs. Gretchen Fountain
  • Mr. Michael Fournier
  • Ms. Sarah J. Gamble
  • Ms. Natalie Gauthier
  • Mr. David Gochee & Mrs. Christine Gochee
  • Mr. Lincoln Gottier
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joel M. Grieco
  • Mr. Charles Griffith
  • Ms. Gwyneth Haydock
  • Ms. Beth Hester
  • Mrs. Jean H. Holden
  • Mrs. Timothy Holt
  • Mr. Stephen Jackson
  • Mr. Mark Jungels
  • Mr. Ted Karp
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian T. Kearney
  • Representative Tom Kehoe &
    Mrs. Peggy Kehoe
  • Noraleen & Scott LeClaire
  • Ms. Marjorie Loring
  • Ms. Anita Manuck
  • Freed Marcroft
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Meier
  • Mr. Mark A. Mitchell
  • Mr. John R. Nealon & Ms. Pamela Lucas
  • Senator Norman Needleman
  • Ms. Andrea Papazoglou
  • Mr. &  Mrs. James D. Parry
  • Dr. & Mrs. Michael Passaretti
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Rossi
  • Ms. Shelly Rostosky
  • Mrs. Peter Russell
  • Ms. Nancy Ryan
  • Ms. Carole Savitsky
  • Mr. Peter Schauster
  • Ms. Theresa S. Sesko
  • Ms. Lynne Silver
  • Mr. Edwin V. Sisson
  • Mrs. Robin B. Stine
  • Ms. Judy Strong
  • Ms. Nancy Sullivan
  • Ms. Jacqueline Torres
  • Mr. Peter Ulrich
  • Mrs. Jeannette H. Urban
  • Mr. Victor Verdina & Ms. Martha J. Verdina
  • David & Nancy Wadhams
  • Mr. & Mrs. John P. Wright

Cooley-Williams Society


  • Anonymous
  • America’s Charities
  • Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
  • Dell Technologies
  • Chef Laurie LLC
  • CT State Capitol Police SCPD
  • CVS Health Charity Program
  • East Granby Congregational Church
  • First Church of Christ & Ecclesiastical Society
  • Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Organization
  • Integrated Rehabilitation Services
  • Kahan Kerensky Capossela, LLP
  • L.E. Whitford Company, Inc.
  • Legal & General America
  • Lexis Nexis Risk
  • Makiaris Media Services
  • PMA Companies
  • Pratt & Whitney Employees
  • Putnam Plaza Super Liquors
  • Ryan King Compassion Project
  • Santini Villa Apartments &
    Grand Lofts
  • Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, Inc.
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Syn-Mar Products, Inc.
  • Union Baptist Church of Hartford
  • Unitarian Universalist Society – East
  • United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
  • Zlokower & Miller, LLP


  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Brenda Abbott
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Abel
  • Ronald J. Albert, D.M.D.
  • Mr. Aldwin Allen
  • Mrs. Doris B. Arrington
  • Mr. Craig Bailey
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Barnes
  • Ms. Mary Baumann
  • Ms. Megan Beardsworth
  • Mrs. Eleanor L. Benson
  • Ms. Maribel Bermudez
  • Ms. Christine Bird
  • Ms. Marie-Christine Bournaki
  • Ms. Beth Brome
  • Mr. Gary Brugnetti
  • Ms. Andrea Buono-Shaw
  • Andrea Carey & The HC Gang
  • Mr. James Carlson
  • Ms. Helen Carmody
  • Ellen & Richard Cartun
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Castellani
  • Ms. Janet M. Castricum 
  • Ms. Jennifer Charron
  • Kat Clancy
  • Mrs. Lois A. Dailey
  • Dr. Eddie L. Davis
  • Ms. Ellie Dikegoros
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Duff
  • Mrs. Susan B. Dunn
  • Dr. Paul H. Dworkin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Fechtor
  • Ms. Paulina Fedigan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Fromson
  • Ms. Stephanie Fulbright
  • Mr. Randall Gabrielson
  • Ms. Anna Gertz
  • Ms. Paula S. Gilberto
  • Ms. Joanne Gillen

Pictured: Laura O’Keefe, Village Financial Opportunity Center Director, with Liberty Bank representative John Jepson.

  • Deacon William Gilles & Mrs. Eileen Gilles
  • Mr. Justin Girolimon
  • Mrs. Ruth Grobe
  • Ms. Laura Haynes
  • Mr. Theodore Kaplan & Ms. Roberta Woronow
  • Mr. James Kaufmann
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kohnke
  • Bernadette & Xhemil Koliani
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Kotchko
  • Ms. Ann Marie LaBreck
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Lacroix Jr.
  • Dr. Lawrence Lazor
  • Ms. Deborah Leclerc
  • Mr. Robert C. Lindberg & Mrs. Carol Lindberg
  • Mrs. Pamela P. Littel
  • Ms. Betsy C. Mack
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marc Madnick
  • Ms. Kimberly A. Martini-Carvell, M.A.
  • Mr. James Mascherino
  • Amit & Manila Mathur
  • Ms. Kim K. McClain & Mr. Brian R. Smith
  • Amy & Greg McCoy
  • Mr. Thomas Michalski
  • Jasiel Millette
  • Ms. Cassandra Murphy
  • Ms. Nancy Murray
  • Ms. Lucille M. Nickerson & Mr. Ralph Zegarelli
  • Mr. Brian Ouellette
  • Mr. & Mrs. David M. Panico
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Penney
  • Ms. Catherine Peoples
  • Mr. Austin Perkins
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank N. Pulito
  • Margaret & Brian Quigley
  • Mrs. Mary Randazzo & Mr. Paul Randazzo
  • Ms. Stacey Redner
  • Ms. Elizabeth Rohr Wood
  • Dr. Juan C. Salazar, MD, MPH, FAAP
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sataline
  • Mr. & Mrs. Russ Schulze
  • Mr. Zachary Schurin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Seymour
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stevens
  • Ms. Julie Stevens
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Sullivan
  • Ms. Sandy Summers
  • Reed Tapper
  • Mrs. Sally Taylor
  • Ms. Barbara M. Tierney
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jean Pierre Van Rooy
  • Mr. Robert Vaughan
  • Mr. Richard Wall
  • Ms. Diane Walsh
  • Ms. Manira Wilson-Bassett
  • Ms. Sandra Zlokower

Patrons $249+

  • Anonymous
  • AmazonSmile Foundation
  • American Legion Post 0014 Inc.
  • AstraZeneca
  • AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Case’s Lawn Service, Inc.
  • Charlie’s Fresh Catch
  • Columbia Teachers’ Association
  • Connecticut Foodshare, Inc.
  • Elite New Life Services
  • Exchange Club of Durham/Middlefield
  • Facebook
  • Farm Car Care
  • Hartford Steam Boiler Employees
  • Horace W. Porter PTO
  • Jeff’s Kettle Corn – Kosilla Enterprises, LLC
  • Kurien Ouellette, LLC
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Ludwig Apartments
  • Network for Good
  • Nutmeg Stairs & Cabinets, Inc.
  • Orr Family Fund at Philanthropi Charitable
  • RCN Capital
  • Rockville Community Alliance
  • Rockville High School – George Sykes Chapter of the NHS
  • Shanta’s Vintage Boutique
  • Shea’s Electrical, Inc.
  • Somers Democratic Town Committee
  • Southern Electric
  • Studio K’s Glass Castle
  • The Barn Yard Enterprises, Inc.
  • United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, Inc.
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury
  • Vernon Community Network
  • VOYA
  • Wilcox & Reynolds Insurance
  • Workday, Inc.


  • Anonymous
  • Doug Abel
  • Dawn Abramson
  • Ms. Susan Accardi
  • Ms. Catherine L. Adams
  • Ms. Claire Adams
  • Mrs. JoAnn Adams
  • Mr. Richard Adams
  • Mr. Mark & Mrs. Sarah Adanti
  • Mrs. Jane Adinolfi
  • Richard Agostinho
  • Mr. Archie Agreda
  • Mr. Charlie Agreda
  • Mr. Timothy Ahern
  • Ms. Christine V. D. S. Ahrens
  • Ms. Joan Aiello
  • Donna Aiudi
  • Jim Akin
  • Domenica Alcala Welter
  • Ms. Vicky S. Aldrich
  • The Alessio Family
  • Charlie & Alyce Alfano & Family
  • Mr. Nelson Algarin
  • Chloe Alliod
  • Mark Alliod
  • Tina-Marie Ammirata
  • Kim Amundarain
  • Ms. Maureen Anderman
  • Nygren Andrea
  • Richard Andreoli
  • Ms. Carol Andresen
  • Ashley Andrews
  • Mr. Christopher Anselmo
  • Mr. Mark Anson & Ms. Robyne Watkin-Anson
  • Mr. Robert Antolini
  • Angela Antonelli
  • Ms. Jessica Aponte
  • Mr. Michael Appleby
  • Ms. Dianna M. Aprea
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Arcari
  • Neilam Arce
  • Jesse Archambeault
  • Andy Arellano
  • Ms. Melinda Aresta
  • James Argenta
  • Mr. Daniel Armstead
  • John Aronne
  • Ms. Kathleen Arsenault
  • Sonia Asare
  • Nathan Aspen
  • Mr. Austin Atkinson
  • Mr. Joseph Augustyn
  • Ms. Sara Avatapalli & Mr. Adam Denninger
  • Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Avery
  • Mrs. Ellen D. Babcock
  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bahre
  • Mrs. Janet Bailey Faude
  • Mrs. Dee Bailey
  • Ms. Laurie Bajorek
  • Ms. Carolyn Baker
  • Ms. Deborah Baker
  • William & Linda Baker
  • Ms. Wendy Baldino
  • Mr. Craig Ballard
  • Tatiana Banhon
  • The Honorable David Baram
  • Mr. David Barber
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Barker
  • Denise Barone
  • Salvatore Barone
  • Fern Barrasso
  • Mr. Bruce B. Barth & Mrs. Pamela Yeomen Barth
  • Ms. Angela Bartolotta
  • Andrea Barton Reeves, Esquire
  • Ms. Marjorie Bausmith
  • Ms. Emily Bavaro
  • Laurie Bayer & Aaron Bayer
  • Liz Bedard
  • Ms. Merily Behm
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Belfiore
  • Ms. Sharon Bell
  • Lindsey Belliveau
  • Ms. Lauren Bendel
  • Kasey Beninato
  • Angela Bennett
  • Dianne Bennett
  • Lisa Bennett
  • Sandra Berkner
  • Eyal Berkowitz
  • Ms. Toni Berlandy
  • Mr. Michael Bermudez
  • Margaret Bernard
  • Ms. Jill Berquist
  • Olof Berquist
  • Ms. Doris Berton
  • Mr. Adam Beyer
  • Michael, Mary Jo Biedrzycki & Family
  • Melissa Biggs
  • Whitney Billerman
  • Russell Bilodeau
  • Mr. Dan Bishop
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Blais
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Blondin
  • Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bloodgood
  • Ms. Kathleen Bloss
  • Robert Bogdanoff
  • Ms. Dianne Bogoian
  • Catherine Bohm
  • Bill & Kristin Bokus
  • Dr. & Mrs. Steven Bond
  • Ms. Kristin Bontempi
  • Andrew Bontemps
  • Stephen Boor
  • Mr. Ed Booth
  • Mr. Michael Booth
  • Mr. Matthew Bordonaro
  • John Borland
  • Mr. Clay Borowski
  • Ms. Judy Borus
  • Mr. Pat Botteron
  • Ms. Rita Bottoms
  • Mr. Philip C. Bouchard
  • Mr. Michael Bourdeau
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bourdeau
  • Lisa Bourke
  • Janet Bourne
  • Mr. & Mrs. Barton N. Bovee
  • David Boyer, Ph.D.
  • Mrs. Rachel Bradbury
  • Ms. Susan Bradley
  • Mr. Greg Brady
  • Kim Brassard
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brewster
  • Sharon Brezner
  • Ms. Sadie Bride
  • Mr. Jeffrey A. Brine, Esquire & Mrs. Susan Brine
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chester Brodnicki
  • Ms. Kim Brooks
  • Mr. Robert Brothers
  • Ms. Alissa Brown
  • Ms. Melissa Brown
  • Stacey Brown
  • Ms. Cheryl Brunn
  • Cindy Bruno
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Bucchi
  • Ms. Laurel Buchanan
  • Mr. Harold C. Buckingham, Jr.
  • Ms. Heather Buckley
  • Ms. Karen Buckley
  • Karen Buckley
  • Ms. Liz Buczynski
  • Mr. Richard Bundy Jr. & Mrs. Dottie Bundy
  • Frederick Bunke
  • Mr. Brent Burgess
  • Stephen Burgess
  • Ms. Lauren Burk
  • Joanna Burnham
  • Mr. Michael Burokas
  • Ms. Eileen V. Burr
  • Mr. Thomas Burton
  • Mrs. Barbara Bush
  • Mr. Don Bushy
  • Ms. Jeannette Picard & Mr. Theodore Busky
  • Mr. Frank Butler
  • Mr. Paul H. Butler
  • Ms. Jeri Buttner
  • Martie Smith Byrd
  • Lesley Byrne
  • Nicole Byrne
  • John Byrnes
  • Carolyn Bystrak
  • Heather Cadenhead
  • Mr. Nate Caffrey
  • Ms. Marcy Cain &  Mr. Robert Kagan
  • Matt Callahan
  • Ms. Claudia Callender
  • Mel Camacho
  • Ms. Susan Camera
  • Ms. Lisa M. Cameron
  • Mr. Colin Campbell & Ms. Laura Campbell
  • Craig Campbell
  • Douglas, Janice Campbell & Family
  • Mr. Matthew Candiloro

Patrons (Cont’d)

  • Susan Canney
  • Mr. Brian Canniff
  • Mr. Kevin Cantele
  • Mr. Rick Cantele
  • Ms. Shari Cantor
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cantwell
  • Nancy Caperino
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Caporaso
  • Mrs. Maria Caraballo
  • Mr. Sal Carbone
  • Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Carbone
  • Pamela Cardillo
  • Ms. Ethel Cari
  • Chris Carlson
  • Mr. Timothy Carmon
  • Mr. Wilfredo Caro
  • Mr. Edward J. Carr
  • Ms. Diana Carra
  • Brenda Carrasquillo
  • Mr. Michael Carretta
  • Mr. David Carter
  • Kelly Carter
  • Ms. Susan Cartnick
  • Chief Luiz Casanova
  • Mr. Edward Casares, Jr.
  • Laurie Case
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Case
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Caserta
  • Bruce Casey
  • Mrs. Justina S. Cashman
  • Christopher Cassella
  • Ms. Rebekah A. Castagno
  • Ms. Karen J. Castellani
  • Mrs. Ralph P. Castellon
  • Mr. Jeff Cataldo
  • Mr. Vincent Catania
  • Mr. Jason Catanzaro
  • Mr. Carl Cavaliere
  • Mr. Michael Cavanaugh
  • Dr. Susan Cerciello
  • Ms. Deborah Cervas
  • Kingshuk Chaki
  • Shawniel Chamanlal
  • Ms. Kristin Champagne
  • Ms. Jen Chapman
  • Mr. Kevin Chapman
  • Edward Charamut
  • Mr. Mike Chase
  • Ms. Holly Cheeseman
  • Harsha Cherian
  • Mary Ann Chimenti
  • Maylun Chou
  • William Christensen
  • Maureen Church
  • Ms. Angela Cimadon
  • Mr. Michael Ciunci
  • Mr. Joseph Claffey
  • Madelyn Cody
  • Mr. Alexander Cohen
  • Linda Cohn
  • Mr. John Colapitro
  • Chris Coleman
  • The Honorable Eric D. Coleman
  • Gary Coleman
  • Mr. David Coles
  • Tony Colletti
  • Mr. Paul Colon
  • Mr. & Mrs. David R. Colpitts
  • Ms. Cynthia Colton-Reichler
  • Erin Concepcion
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Connelly
  • Dr. & Mrs. William D. Conrad
  • Elizabeth Conroy
  • Ms. Nellie Contaldi
  • Sharon Conway
  • Whitney Coon
  • Ashley Cooper
  • Eli Cooper
  • Harriet Cooper
  • Mr. James Corcoran
  • Catherine Cormier
  • Ms. Maureen Cosgrove
  • Barbara Costas & Joanne Stoddard
  • Mr. John Costello
  • Courtney Cote
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Covello, Jr.
  • Ms. Hollys Crane
  • Ms. Patty Crawford
  • Mr. John Crepeau
  • Susan Crisafulli
  • Patterson Crocker
  • Mr. Ryan Crossley
  • Victoria Cruse
  • Ms. Antoinette Cullen
  • Ms. Gloria Cummings
  • Ms. Kristie Cummiskey
  • Ms. Kelly Cunningham
  • Ms. Crystal Ramsey Currie
  • Megan Cyr
  • Brian DaCorte
  • Ms. Ann Daddario
  • Ms. Marlene D’Addario
  • Stacy Daley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dalton
  • Ms. Mary Ann Daly
  • Gina D’Ambruoso
  • Mark D’Angelo
  • Renee Dansereau
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Dante
  • Jim Darby
  • Mr. Walter Darcy
  • Ms. Winsome A. Dariah
  • Mr. & Mrs. Winston B. Davidson
  • Jesenia Davila
  • Glenn Davis
  • Patricia Davis
  • Mr. Brian Dawson
  • Mrs. Geraldine Dean
  • Mr. Buzz Dec
  • Gregory DeFrancesco
  • Ms. Joyce DeFrancesco
  • Mr. Michael DeFranco
  • Dr. Deborah A. Dehertogh, MD
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Deitch
  • Mr. Angel DeJesus
  • Jessica DelMastro & The Horace W. Porter School Family
  • Ms. Shirley B. DeLong
  • Mr. Richard DeMaria
  • Mr. Don Demers
  • The Honorable Mike Demicco
  • Stevanie Demko
  • Chris Derham
  • Patricia Derrico Wilber
  • Mr. Eric DeRycke
  • Mr. Joseph DeSantis
  • Ms. Alta P. Deschaine
  • Mike DeSena
  • Elizabeth DeSimone
  • Mr. & Mrs. Philip Desjardins
  • Tiffany Desmarais
  • Mr. Anthony Destefano
  • Deirdre A. Devaney, Esquire & Mr. David Scott
  • Christina DiBiccari
  • Mrs. Pauline M. Dickstein
  • Ms. Krista DiCocco
  • Ms. Cindi Dietlin
  • Mr. Brian DiFatta
  • Ms. Laura Digalbo & Mr. David Digalbo
  • Mrs. Jane Digel
  • Ms. Nancy DiMauro
  • Ms. Yvette Dion Toohey
  • Ms. Andrea Dipaola
  • Ms. Kim L. DiPietro
  • Bill Disisto
  • Becky Dixon
  • Ms. Elsie Dlubac
  • Mr. Gage Dobush
  • Mr. Michael Dobush
  • Peter Doda
  • Charles Doerrler
  • Mr. Joseph Dolhon
  • Ms. Iris Donate
  • Ms. Elizabeth Donnelly
  • Ms. Patricia Donnelly
  • Mr. Marc Dono
  • Molly & Doug Donovan
  • Mr. Christopher Dorsey
  • Mr. Reggie Dorvilus
  • Mr. Jason Doucette
  • Dr. Daniel Dowe
  • Mr. Frederick T. Downs
  • Ms. Elizabeth Driscoll
  • Mr. Michael Drzata
  • Ms. Donna-Rae DuBois
  • Ms. Shirley S. Dudley
  • Mr. Thomas Duggan
  • Mr. John Duley
  • Ms. Jeanne Dunne
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Duva
  • Lauren Eagle
  • Catherine Earnhardt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan T. Easterbrook
  • Kathleen Eaton-Robb
  • Ms. Patricia Egan
  • Dr. Ellen Eisenberg

Patrons (Cont’d)

  • Ana Eliades Urso
  • Mary K. Eliot
  • Heather Ellegard
  • Mrs. Jane A. Ellis
  • Ms. Karrie L. Ellis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marshall W. Elman
  • Herbert Emanuelson
  • Ms. Christina Engel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathon Ensign
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Erdman
  • Mr. Len Errera
  • Benjamin Ewbank
  • Earl Exum
  • Deborah Fabas
  • Ms. Kim Faienza
  • Lynn Fairfield-Sonn
  • Ms. Michelle Fappiano
  • Ms. Joyce Faria
  • Nakisha Farquharson
  • Ms. Leslie Fass & Mr. Robert Stillman
  • Carl Fazzino
  • Ms. Josephine Fedrizzi
  • Elizabeth Feery
  • Russell Feinmark
  • Mrs. Heather R. Feinsinger
  • Margaret Felice
  • Mr. Lilliam Feliciano
  • Ms. Heather Ferguson-Hull
  • Ms. Maribel Fernandez
  • Ms. Karen Ferrone
  • Mr. Vic Fettig
  • Ms. Ann Fichandler
  • Mr. Greg Fielding
  • Mrs. Joelle Figueroa
  • Ms. Carol G. Fine
  • Ms. Cate Fisher
  • Kelly Fisher
  • Mrs. Nancy C. Fitzgerald
  • Bethany Flaherty
  • Ms. Rachel Flahive
  • Ms. Rosemarie Flannery
  • Mrs. Beverly A. Fleming
  • Crystal Floyd
  • Mr. Michael Flythe
  • Ms. Kristine Foligno
  • Ms. Anita Ford Saunders
  • Jennifer Ford
  • Ms. Joyce Ford
  • Mark Ford
  • Colleen Forsyth
  • Jaime Foster
  • Ms. Jessica Foster
  • Ms. Mary Jane Foster
  • Ms. Linda Fournier
  • Lisa Fournier
  • Mr. Michael Franco
  • Ms. Nancy Fredericks
  • Mrs. Sandra Fredrickson
  • Ms. Elizabeth Freedman
  • Ms. Jean Freeman
  • Mr. Bob Freimuth
  • Mr. Don Frick
  • Ms. Jane Fried
  • Ms. Laura Friedeberg
  • Mrs. Dian D. Friedman
  • Ms. Kate Fuller
  • Mr. Jack Gahr
  • Gina Gaipa
  • Carol Gale & DJ Horn
  • Ms. Doris A. Gale
  • Ms. Lee Galluccio
  • Ms. Pam Gambarotta
  • Mr. Bryan Garcia
  • Mr. Tony Garcia
  • Ms. Jane Garibay
  • Ms. Arlene Garrow
  • Suzanne Gates
  • Christine Gaumond
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gauthier
  • Mr. Michael Gauthier
  • Mr. & Mrs. John M. Gavin, Jr.
  • Susan Gavrich
  • Christina Gellman
  • Ms. Patsy Gerckens
  • Beth Gerundo
  • Kirsten Getler
  • Afshin Ghiaei
  • Mrs. Debra J. Gice
  • Anne Gilbert
  • Sylvia Gilberto
  • Colleen Gilday
  • Mr. Daniel Gilhuly
  • Kimberly Gilland
  • Ms. Elizabeth Gillespie
  • Ms. Lyndsey Glass
  • Ms. Allison Glenney
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Glucksman
  • Mr. Jerry Godin
  • Ms. Marsha Goldberg
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Goldenberg
  • Ms. Rona Gollob
  • Mrs. Vivian E. Gombert
  • Ms. Shelley Goodstine
  • Judy Gordon
  • Ms. Lisa Gorham
  • Ms. Brenda Gorman
  • Ms. Kiley Gosselin
  • Richard Goulet
  • Denese Gouvin
  • Mr. & Mrs. David C. Goyette
  • Ms. Catherine M. Graffy
  • Ms. Karen Grant
  • Barry Graugard
  • William Graugard
  • Raymond Gravelin
  • Mr. Paul Graveline
  • Ms. Greta Green
  • Mr. Kenneth P. Green
  • Arthur & Zadelle Krasow Greenblatt
  • Teresa Greenwood
  • Mr. Josh Greiner
  • Ms. Cynthia Griesing
  • Ms. Elizabeth Griffin
  • Ms. Kim Griffin
  • Ms. Margaret E. Griffin
  • Ms. Marion D. Griffin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Grindrod
  • Alyssa Griswold
  • Gary Groskritz
  • Ms. Amanda Grzyb
  • Ms. Lindsey Guerrero
  • Ms. Alyssa Guirguis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gula
  • Mr. Matt Gunsalus
  • Brenda Gurski
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Hadden
  • Linda Hadley
  • Josh Hagstrom
  • Mr. Simon Haley Sr.
  • Jeremy Hall
  • Ms. Deborah Hallas
  • Mrs. Wendy Haller
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Hamblett
  • Mr. Bob Hand
  • Mr. & Mrs. Laurence L. Hannafin
  • Cara Hardacker
  • Ms. Sarah Harding
  • Jerry & Patricia Hardison
  • Mr. Mel Hardy
  • Mr. Bill Harju
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Harris
  • Regina Harris
  • Ms. Arielle Harrison
  • Ms. Sandra Hart
  • Christine Hartmann
  • Beverly Hartzell
  • Mr. Dean Harvin
  • Ms. Jayne M. Hastings
  • Mrs. Patricia C. Hazelwood
  • Jen Healy
  • Mr. Seth Healy
  • Mr. Howard Hecht
  • Ms. Faith O. Helene
  • Ms. Amanda Hemmelgarn
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hemming
  • Mr. Dan Hendricksen
  • Mr. Robert Hennequin
  • Ms. Christine Henry
  • Nicole Henry
  • Terrance Henry
  • Ms. Jennifer Herbek & Mr. Eric Herbek
  • Mr. Pete Herd
  • Ms. Marta Hernandez
  • Mr. Ralph Hernberg
  • Mrs. Deborah Hersh
  • Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Herzog
  • Ms. Jill Heslin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hess
  • Trish Hesslein
  • Patti Hester
  • Mr. Dale Hewitt
  • Mr. Adam Higgins
  • Mr. Walt Higgins
  • Ms. Heidi Higham
  • Peter Hill
  • Ms. Jane Hiller
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Himes
  • Diana Hine
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Hires
  • Sherry Hirsch
  • Heather Hoffman
  • Ms. Beonita R. Holland
  • Ms. Paula Hollister
  • Mr. & Mrs. Greg Holmes
  • Ms. Mary E. Holmes

Pictured: Derek Slap, Village Vice President of Advancement, with Dr. William Petit, Petit Family Foundation President.

Pictured: Derek Slap, Village Vice President of Advancement, with Dr. William Petit, Petit Family Foundation President.

  • Ms. Sharon Holtzberg
  • Mrs. Barbara Hopkins
  • Ms. Joan Hopper
  • Mrs. Marcia B. Howard
  • Mr. Derek Howell
  • Ms. Wendy Hubbard
  • Amy Hudson
  • Ms. Darla Hudson
  • Ms. Rebecca Huebner
  • Ms. Marcia Hug
  • Mrs. Diana Hughes
  • Mr. Tyler Hull
  • Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Hummel
  • Ms. Kimberly Hunt-Fugedi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Huot
  • Mrs. Betsy Hurley
  • Eileen Hurst & Michelle Downey
  • Zani Imetovski
  • Lee Inbody
  • Mr. Anthony Insglaco
  • Mr. Herbert G. Isaacson
  • Stephanie Islaub
  • Ms. Gail Jackson
  • Ms. Susan Jackson
  • Mr. Brian Jacobs
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jacobson
  • Ms. Moira E. Jacquette
  • Ms. Jennifer Jaffe
  • Ms. Renee Janow
  • Mrs. Heather Janssen & Mr. Rob Janssen
  • Mathew & Valerie Jasinski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bud Jason
  • Ms. Christine Jeffery

Community is at our core

Patrons (Cont’d)

  • Mr. Bob Jenkins
  • Mr. Rob Jennison
  • Mr. Frederick E. Jenoure, Jr. & Mrs. Pamela Jenoure
  • Mr. William Jepsen
  • Kristen Jerger
  • Ms. Angela Jimenez
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Tim Johnson
  • Kathryn Johnson-Roets
  • Ms. Rena Johnston
  • Ms. Donna E. Jolly
  • Ms. Diane Jones
  • Ms. Karen Jones
  • Sharene Jones
  • William Jordan
  • Mr. James Joseph
  • Alena Josephson
  • Mr. Dennis Joy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Seth Kalkstein
  • Tracey Kamenash
  • Janice Kane
  • Ms. Erica Kapiloff
  • Ms. Carol Kaput
  • Peter Karalekas
  • Ms. Joan M. Karpuk
  • Ms. Laura Kasowitz
  • Ms. Shira Kazandzhi
  • Robin Keable
  • Mr. Jerry Keane
  • Ms. Kathleen Keating Deming
  • Mr. Gilbert Keegan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harry Keegan
  • Kristin Kelleher
  • Ms. Karen H. Kellerman & Mr. Peter Arakas
  • Ms. Laurel Kelly
  • William Kennedy
  • Joanne Kenney
  • Ms. Katie Kenney
  • Brandon Kenyon
  • Mr. Ron Kern
  • Ms. Cynthia Kiernan
  • Erin & Joseph Kikel
  • Amy Kilkenny
  • Yena Kim
  • Jessica King
  • Donna Kirkby
  • Mr. Robert Klein
  • Christopher Klepps
  • Dave Koehler
  • Robin Kohler
  • Mr. & Mrs. David A. Kohlun
  • Kathrine Kohrs
  • Kasia Kolc
  • Justin Kolosky
  • Mark Korber
  • Ms. Gail G. Korten
  • Mr. Emil Kosinski
  • Mr. David Kozak
  • Ms. Kathleen Kraez
  • Ms. Maryanne R. Krajcik & Mr. James D. Devoe
  • Ms. Nancy A. Kramer
  • Jennifer Krebsbach
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Kress
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kretz
  • Saravanan Krishnan
  • Venkatachala Krishnan
  • Mr. Kenneth Krissinger & Ms. Janice Krissinger Wros
  • Donna Krystofik
  • Ms. Jessica Kuethman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kuhn
  • Ms. Janet Kulakoski
  • Katherine Kulik
  • Marlene Kurban
  • Mrs. Joan Kyle
  • Mrs. Emily La Croix
  • Ms. Lauren Laccavole
  • Ms. Erica LaCentra
  • Sarah LaFollette
  • Rosemary Lagasse
  • Mr. Ronald LaMarche
  • Mr. Robert LaMonaca
  • Cate Landers
  • Mr. Gary Langdo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steve Langlais
  • Mr. Greg Lanz
  • Craig Lapinski
  • Mr. John LaPlante
  • Kristen LaPointe
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Lassow
  • Mr. Harold Lee
  • Ms. Jennifer Leeper
  • Mr. Steven P. LeFebure
  • Ms. Jane LeGrow
  • Ms. Emily Leibin
  • Stephen & Amy Lentz
  • Anthony Leonardo
  • Mary Leonardo
  • Ellen & Mark Lescher
  • Mr. Daniel Levasseur
  • Ms. Ann Levesque
  • Ms. Judi Levin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Lichtenberger
  • Sarah Liebowitz
  • Karen Liebscher
  • Ms. Jessica Liedke
  • Fred Ligeiro
  • Ms. Mary Liljedahl
  • Ms. Suzanne Linehan
  • Ms. Sharen Lingenfelter
  • Ms. Diane Lipes
  • Dave Lippmann
  • Steve Liss
  • Victor Liuzzo
  • Ms. Deirdre Lloyd
  • Mr. Jameson Lloyd
  • Ms. Linda Lock
  • Adria Lockhart
  • John Loesel
  • Mr. Ethan Logan
  • Stacey Lombardo
  • John Longhi
  • Melinda Longtin
  • Ms. Estela R. López
  • Ms. Peggy Lorence
  • Ms. Leigh Lovering
  • Karlyn Lowe
  • Ms. Dawn Lowell
  • Amanda Lupfer
  • Kerry Lurate
  • Ms. Kathryn M. Luria
  • Ms. Sarah Luscinskas
  • Venus Lusk
  • Michael MacDonald
  • Ms. Cynthia MacGregor
  • Stanley Mach
  • Katie MacKay
  • Ms. Christine Macken
  • Mr. & Mrs. Seth Mahler
  • Susan Mahon
  • Mrs. Laverne Mahoney
  • Mr. Greg Mainville
  • Nancy Mala
  • Mr. Stanley Malecki
  • Gregg Maleri
  • Kenneth Malley
  • Mr. Robert Malt
  • Mr. Peter Maltby
  • Kassondra Mangione
  • Ms. Deb Manikas
  • Mr. Douglas K. Manion, Esq.
  • Ms. Teresa Mannello
  • Ms. Cassie Mansilla
  • Ms. Patti Mantell-Broad
  • Mr. Jeffrey Mantie
  • Mr. Carmine Margiotta
  • Jean Mari
  • Ms. Rebekah Markham
  • Greg Marlow
  • Marialise Maroun
  • Shannon Marquardt
  • Katherine Martie
  • Eric Martin
  • Mr. Robert Martin
  • Mrs. Laura Martineau
  • Anthony Martinez
  • Mr. Edward Martinez
  • Dawn Marzik
  • David Marzilli
  • Laura Matthews
  • Robert Matthews
  • Kristina Mattson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harry Mazadoorian
  • Molly McAllister
  • Mr. Kevin McCaffrey
  • Ms. Marilyn McCann
  • Ms. Erin McCarthy
  • Mrs. MaryAnn McCarthy
  • Matt McCarthy
  • Kathleen McCarty
  • Frances McCloskey
  • Gaia McDermott
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDermott
  • Miles McDonald
  • Mr. Gene McDonnell
  • Brandon McGoldrick
  • Joe Mcgrattan
  • Ms. Lauren McGrew
  • Ms. Heather McIntyre
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Ms. Amy McKay
  • Dave McKee
  • Hope McManus
  • Sheryle McMillan
  • Ms. Karen McNally
  • Ms. Kristin McNamara
  • Mr. & Mrs. Myles McNierney
  • George McRae
  • Evonne Medina
  • Ms. Maggie Meehan
  • Ms. Liz Melvin
  • Richard P. Menning
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Meny
  • Sarah Messier-Smith
  • Mrs. Leah S. Meyer
  • Ms. Melanie Michaud
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Michaud
  • David Michel
  • Dodie Milardo
  • Ms. Charlene Miller
  • Ms. Donna Miller
  • Mr. Gary Miller
  • Ms. Kristen Miller
  • Mr. Thomas Miller
  • Ms. Kristin Mills
  • Mr. Benjamin Minard
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mingles
  • Alanna Miranda
  • Mr. David & Mrs. Dana Misorski
  • Mr. Jeffrey Mitchell
  • Bradley Mock
  • Niravkumar Modi
  • Ms. Heather Modica
  • Ms. Marion Moebus
  • Mrs. Linda Moffitt
  • Ms. Gloria Mogilewsky
  • Ms. Sarah Moisao
  • Alison Molitano
  • Ms. Joanne Monaco
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mongillo
  • Cherie Montiel
  • Matthew Montminy
  • Mr. Peter Montos
  • Hein Moore
  • Lourdes Moran
  • Mr. & Mrs. John P. Moreschi
  • Mr. Wayne Morganson
  • Ms. Margaret Moriarty
  • Mr. Bob Morin
  • Wendie Morin
  • Mr. Philip A. Morneault
  • Mr. I. L. Morris
  • Ken Morrisino
  • Ms. Tammy Morris-Jones
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison
  • Mr. Peter Morrissey
  • Ms. Marina Moser
  • Sheila S. Moses, CPA, PC
  • Lori Mountain
  • Jehan Moyer
  • Dicie Mueller
  • Avishake Mukherjee
  • Ann Mulcahy
  • Mrs. John Mulcahy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mullen
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Mullen
  • Jace Murphy
  • Lisa Murphy
  • Mr. Tim Murphy
  • Mr. Frank Murray
  • Kyle Murray

Holistic health and preventative care

Patrons (Cont’d)

  • Mr. Stephen Mydosh
  • Mr. Jerry Nadeau
  • Christine Naidoo
  • Shelly Napoletano
  • Sara Natrillo
  • Ms. Meghan Naujoks
  • Sadiq Naveed
  • Mark Neadle
  • Kathleen Neal
  • Bill Neathery
  • Ms. Judith Nellen
  • Mrs. Nancy K. Netcoh
  • Clara Neves
  • Ms. Eileen Neville
  • Ms. Ann F. Newbury
  • Mr. Larry Nicewicz & Family
  • Mr. Rene Nielsen
  • Jessica Niemiec
  • Jenna Nikirk
  • Mrs. Sandra M. Nix
  • Ms. Karla Noad
  • Dolores Nock
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Noeker, Jr.
  • Ms. Veronica North
  • Matt Norton
  • Mr. Alan Noske
  • Mr. Ron Noske
  • Ryan Nowbilski
  • Sai Mani Nuthalapati
  • Cody O’Brien
  • Ms. Erica O’Connor
  • Ms. Irene O’Connor
  • Ms. Mary S. O’Connor
  • Andrea Oddi
  • Teresa O’Donnell
  • Leslie Offenbach
  • Buzz Olander
  • Ms. Gloria Olesen
  • Ryan Olesnevich
  • Ms. Lynn Oliveira
  • Stephen Oliver
  • Mr. Gilbert A. Olson, Jr.
  • Chris Olt
  • Deborah Oquendo
  • Jacquelyn Orama
  • Seth Oriol
  • James Orlando
  • Mr. Thoma Orlowski
  • Donna L. O’Shea, M.D., MBA
  • William O’Shea
  • Ms. Maggie Ososki
  • Elizabeth Ostwald
  • Mr. & Mrs. Juan Osuba
  • Mike O’Sullivan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Oulundsen
  • Kristin Pabich
  • Kelly Pace Mensinger
  • Mr. Daniel Pace
  • Vittoria Pace
  • Ms. Christine Pajouh
  • Ms. Allison Palermo
  • Ms. Catherine Palmieri
  • Carrie Palmisano
  • Dr. Marc Palter
  • Marta Papoosha
  • Evan Paradis
  • Randi Parker
  • Mr. Richard Parker
  • Ms. Julia Parker-Post
  • Mr. Ryan Patch
  • Reema Patel
  • Vindya Pathirana
  • Ms. Debra Patrick
  • Tory Patrick
  • Kannan Pattu
  • Prateek Paul
  • Mr. Brett Paulson
  • Ms. Jan Peake
  • Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pels
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pendergast
  • Andrew Pennington
  • Dr. Jennifer W. Pennoyer & Dr. William P. Pennoyer
  • Cathy Peoples
  • Mrs. Catherine Pepin
  • Keith Percy
  • Ms. Kathryn Perleoni
  • Adam Perrin
  • Ms. Diane Perry
  • Mr. Edwin Perry
  • Stuart Perry
  • Nick Perugini
  • Ms. Karen Pestana
  • Ms. Ellen Peterson
  • Mr. Larry Peterson
  • Dr. William Petit
  • Mr. Robert M. Petrolito
  • Ms. Juliene Phelan
  • Michele Phelps
  • Ms. Jeanie Phillips
  • John Phillips
  • Ms. Ginger Picone
  • Ms. Suzanne Pietrasko
  • Ms. Erin Pietrowicz
  • Mr. Erich Pilatti
  • Elizabeth Pimentel
  • Michael Pineau
  • Mr. David Pines
  • Rute Pinho
  • Lindsey & Deborah Pinkham
  • Mr. & Mrs. Willard F. Pinney, Jr.
  • Mr. John Pinton
  • Ms. Deanna Piotrowski
  • Ms. Marilee Piper
  • Mr. George Pizzi
  • Jill Pizzuto
  • Mr. Joseph Plude
  • Mrs. Janet K. Poet
  • Corey Polakowski
  • Molly Polk
  • Mrs. Stephanie Polzella
  • Mrs. Susan K. Pomeroy
  • Mr. & Mrs. John J. Portaluppi
  • Ms. Christine Potter
  • Mrs. Janis L. Potts
  • Cheryl Povilonis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Powers
  • Ms. Lisa Preger
  • Corinne Pretsch
  • Mr. William Previdi
  • Ms. Kara Price
  • Ted, Whitney, Oliver & Delphine Price
  • Donna & Chick Pritchard
  • Mr. Kenneth L. Przybysz
  • Mr. Brian Pskowski
  • Kim Puglise
  • Sara Punsky
  • Mr. & Mrs. Albert Quartiero
  • Rep. Michael Quinn
  • Ms. Gail Race
  • Ms. Shari Rafferty
  • Moe & Jeff Rajotte
  • David Ralls
  • Ms. Candace Ramirez
  • Ms. Beverly Ramsey
  • Nikia Randolph
  • Dr. Susan K. Ratzan & Mr. Richard M. Ratzan
  • John Raye & Frances Trzcinski
  • Mike Reagan
  • Dan Reale
  • Greg Redner
  • Ms. Darlene Reed
  • Ms. Anne-Marie Regish
  • Angela Rehm
  • Molly Reiniger
  • Anne Reinish
  • Mr. John Reis
  • Dr. & Mrs. Allan B. Reiskin
  • Mr. Max Reiss
  • Mr. Mason Resendes
  • Mr. Andrew Reynolds
  • Ms. Lori Reynolds
  • Mr. & Mrs. John N. Rhine
  • Mr. Nicholas Riccardo
  • Mr. Dan Rich
  • Cory Richard
  • Mr. John Richard
  • Debra Richardson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Richardson
  • Mr. James Richardson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Russell John Richardson III
  • Ms. Victoria Richnavsky
  • Jean Rienzo
  • Mr. John S. Riley
  • Ms. Laura Riley
  • Ms. Monica Rinaldi
  • Catherine & Dennis Ritch
  • Ms. Roxanne Ritter
  • Bettie-Jeanne Rivard-Darby
  • Ms. Damaris Rivera
  • Stacy Rivera
  • Ms. Tina Rivera
  • Paula Robinson
  • Angelica Robledo
  • Angel Robles
  • Ebelisse Robles
  • Ms. Elaine Robles
  • Ms. Laura Dake Roche, O.D.
  • Jerel Rocktaschel
  • Brendan Rodrigues
  • Ms. Liliana Rodriguez
  • Andrew Roets
  • Brittany Rogan
  • Mrs. Gilda Roncari
  • Ms. Kimberly Rontey
  • Mr. Fernando G. Rosa
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stuart D. Rosen
  • Fiona Rosenberg
  • Ms. Julia M. Rosenblum & Mr. Leonard Felson
  • Christina Rosenzweig
  • Ms. Barbara Rotelli
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Rotelli
  • Mr. Mark Roth
  • Ms. Rosalie B. Roth
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Rotondo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Herb Roy
  • Mark Rubano
  • Ms. Susan W. Rubin
  • Mr. Vincent Ruops
  • John Russo
  • Ms. Dianne Ryan
  • Tim Ryan
  • Mrs. Linda L. Rydin
  • Laurie Sablak
  • Mr. John Sadak
  • Jennifer Sala
  • Dan Salazar
  • Mr. Adam Salina
  • Andy Salone
  • Ms. Kathleen Saluk Failla
  • Gerrie Salvatore
  • Ms. Barbara Samberg
  • Elizabeth Samsel
  • Ms. Stacey Samuel
  • Joram Sanchez
  • Karen Sandahl
  • Mrs. Mary T. Sargent
  • Mr. Nicholas Sarnelli
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sarnese
  • Cathleen Sassu
  • Kimberly Savino
  • Samantha Savvidou
  • Mr. Jonathan Scabich
  • Jonathan Scallion
  • Ms. Kelli Schaller
  • Cheryl Schatzman
  • Ms. Diana Scheer
  • Heidi Scheidel
  • Ms. Katie Scheinberg
  • Patricia Schermerhorn
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich H. Schlobohm
  • Ms. Lois Schneeberger
  • Ms. Sally Schneider

Building bright futures

Patrons (Cont’d)

  • Ms. Robin Schofield
  • Gail Schoppert
  • George Schork
  • Ms. Crystal A. Schuetz
  • Atty. Sydney T. Schulman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schumann
  • Rollin Schuster
  • Dr. Stanley Schwartz
  • Ms. Maryellen Sciallo
  • Temo Sciarra
  • Ms. Marie Scully Gray
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edmund M. See
  • Mr. James See
  • Donna Seeberger
  • Daniel Segal
  • Mr. Jeff Segal
  • Scott, Sarah & Samantha Seiler
  • Kenneth Selby
  • Jaime Seltzer
  • Soma Sen
  • Mr. Rick Senger
  • Mr. Jack Sennott
  • Heather Serignese
  • Freda Seritella
  • Ms. Theresa S. Sesko
  • Helen Shallow
  • Carolyn Shea
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Shea
  • Mr. Thomas Shea
  • Thomas Sheehan & Dale Sheehan
  • Mr. David Sheintop & Family
  • Margaret Shepherd
  • Mr. Samuel Sherer
  • Ms. Lynn Sheridan
  • Jim & Connie Shewokis
  • Mr. Thomas Shirshac
  • Mr. & Mrs. James H. Shulman
  • Saima Siddiqi
  • Ms. Katrina Sikorski
  • Mr. Harvey Silverman
  • Mr. Richard Silvester
  • Ms. Elise Sinha
  • Ms. Patricia A. Sisti
  • Mr. Nick Sivo
  • Susan Skehan
  • Dan Skoczylas
  • Jeffrey Smead
  • Ms. Stephanie Smigala
  • Mrs. Linda Smith Cohen & Mr. Joel Cohen
  • Brian Smith
  • Ms. Catherine Smith
  • David Smith
  • Ms. Elaine Smith
  • Mr. George Smith
  • Stacey Smith
  • Ms. Winifred Smith-Cox
  • Lisa Smith-Horn
  • Ms. Mary Smoolca
  • Andrew Smyth
  • Jennifer Snow
  • Ms. Donna Snyder
  • Kelli Snyder
  • Ms. Lynn Snyder
  • Ms. Karen Somerville
  • Ms. Robyn Sommer
  • Ms. Danielle Sondeen
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sopelak
  • Ms. Jody Sorer
  • Mr. Brandon Souksauath
  • Mr. Matthew J. Southward
  • Mr. Joseph Spagna
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Spagnoletti
  • Margaret Spear
  • Marianne Spector
  • Ms. Debra Spencer
  • Ms. Phyllis Spicer
  • Bob St. Martin
  • William Stachowiak
  • Robert Staron
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Staubitz
  • Ms. Jennifer Steadman
  • Mrs. Hannah B. Steel
  • Ms. Lindsay Steele
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Steele
  • Ms. Nancy Stein
  • Mr. David Steinberg
  • Ms. Katharine H. Steinwedell
  • Katherine Steven
  • Elyse Stewart
  • Ms. Fiona Stewart
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Anna Stillman
  • Michael Stokes
  • Ms. Deirdre Stolte
  • Ms. Sarah Stolz
  • Mr. David Stone
  • Stacey Stone
  • Ms. Emily Stover
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steve Strauss
  • Mr. Michael Stupinski
  • Carlos Suarez
  • Angela Sullivan
  • Deborah Sullivan
  • Mr. Ed Sullivan
  • Ms. Erin Sullivan
  • Mr. &  Mrs. John Summers
  • Barbara Sun
  • Mr. Bryan Sundie
  • Richard Sussman
  • Dave Swinkin
  • Ms. Nancy Sylvain
  • Mr. Jonathan Sylvester
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sylvester
  • Mr. David Symonette
  • Drew Szandrocha
  • Martin Szeber
  • Ryan Taft
  • Ann Talarico
  • Mr. John Talcott
  • James Tarver
  • Donna Tauro
  • Richard Tavolieri
  • Dee Taylor
  • Mr. Harold Taylor
  • Ms. Katheryn Taylor
  • Ms. Kawansi Taylor
  • William Teich
  • Ms. Jessica Tell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tellar
  • Mr. & Mrs. Howard Tennen
  • Mr. Jeffrey Tesch
  • Christine Tessman
  • Mr. Alan Tetdault
  • Ms. Ann Theriault
  • Mr. Don Thibodeau
  • Ms. Ann E. Thomas & Mr. Michael B. Bonzagni
  • E. M. Thomas-Jones
  • Mr. Eric Thompson
  • Ms. Kate Thompson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Thompson
  • Kris & Sarah Thompson
  • Elise Thomson
  • Mr. Ron Thresher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tierney
  • Lorena Tine
  • Mr. Jeff Tinney
  • Mr. Lee Tinney
  • Karen Tiroletto Santiago
  • Mr. Eric Tkacz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Tobey
  • Ms. Deanna Tocco
  • Ms. Heidi Toce
  • Mr. Anthony Toland & Andrea Siana-Toland
  • Mr. Joey Tolentino
  • Ms. Katherine Tolis
  • Mr. Louis Toomey
  • Ms. Rosemary Townsend
  • Roz Townsend
  • Mr. Peter Toziel
  • Ms. Janet M. Tracy
  • Ms. Christine Traczyk
  • Mr. Robert J. Trafford
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lou Trajcevski
  • Karen Tramontano
  • Mr. Darrell Lewis Trapp
  • Mr. Edward Tremblay
  • Ms. Kelly Tremlett
  • Ms. Nora Treschitth
  • Cheryl Trochsler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Troiano
  • Ms. Deborah Trovato
  • Ms. Beverly Truebig
  • Konstantinos Tsakonas
  • Ms. Viana Turcios-Cotto
  • Sarah Turner
  • Judith Twersky
  • Mr. Joseph Uchneat
  • Michael Ugliarolo
  • Wendy Ulaszek, Ph.D.
  • Mrs. Deborah Ullman
  • Brian Vadney
  • Ms. Rachel Vadney
  • Ms. Melinda S. Valencia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Valencis
  • Ms. Patricia Valle
  • Ms. Marjorie VanDusen
  • Ms. Brigitt Vargas
  • Ms. Erin Vargas
  • Jantzen Vargas
  • Sameer Vasandani
  • Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Vasi
  • James & Barbara Vasquenza
  • Stephen Vaughan
  • Mr. & Mrs. James R. Venneman
  • Mr. Dean Vertefeuille
  • Ms. Diane L. Vigneau & Mr. John R. Britt
  • Debra Vignone
  • Doug Vines
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Vitkauskas
  • Joshua Voelzke
  • Ms. Alyssa Volle
  • Robert Volpe, Esquire
  • Mr. Ted Wagner
  • Ms. Joan Walden
  • Ms. Bethany Wallace
  • Ms. Sara Wallace
  • Mr. Travis Wallace
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Wallach
  • Diane Walsh
  • Ms. Jeanna Walsh
  • Mrs. Marilyn Walsh
  • Ms. Torrilynn Walton
  • William Walton
  • Jun Wang
  • Mr. Don Ward
  • Meghan Waskowitz
  • Jessica Waters
  • Mr. Michael Watkins
  • Ms. Karyn Watterworth
  • Mr. Joseph Waxman & Mrs. Carol Waxman
  • Mrs. Marilyn Webber
  • Ms. Amy Weed & Mr. Bill Weed
  • Donald Weigt
  • Mrs. Beth Weisel
  • Uniqua Welborn
  • Sheila Wells
  • Ms. Kristen Welton
  • Mr. Gary Wenner
  • Mr. Ralph Wentworth
  • Mr. Dan Wessell
  • Ms. Pamela West
  • Ms. Virginia West
  • Ms. Laura Westby
  • Ms. Sara Westhaver
  • Hasan Wethers
  • Ms. Ruth-Anne Wheeler
  • Mr. & Mrs. James White
  • Mr. Larry White
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert White
  • Mike White
  • Ms. Margaret Whitehead
  • Todd Whitehouse
  • Mr. Wilfred & Mrs. Fredricka Whitman
  • Ms. Kathi Wicks
  • Robert Wiecenski
  • Ms. Kendra Wiesel
  • Ms. Karen Wilcox
  • Mrs. Louise M. Wilder
  • Mr. Michael S. Wilder
  • Mr. Jack Wilkins
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wilkos
  • Magrieta L. Willard
  • Mr. & Mrs. David A. Williams
  • Nneka Williams
  • Ms. Sophia Williams
  • Tracy Williams
  • Ms. Keri Willis
  • Mahrlon Willis
  • Mr. Steve Wills
  • Corinne Wilson
  • Jean Wilson
  • Jonna Wilson
  • Katherine & Stephen Wilson
  • Kim Wilson
  • Mr. Ryan Wilson
  • Ms. Cheryl Winter
  • Mr. Robert Wojteczko
  • Henry Wong
  • Mr. David S. Woods
  • Mrs. Nancy M. Woodward
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Wooley
  • Ms. Joy Woolley
  • Mr. Steven Wright
  • Lauren Wruble
  • Yvonne Yang
  • Mr. Sal Zacco
  • Barbara & Al Zakarian
  • Mr. John T. Zembron
  • Ms. Debbi Zimbler
  • Ms. Darlene Zoller
  • Steven Zonghetti
  • Leslie Zucker
  • Mrs. Linda Zultowski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Zummo
  • Mr. Robert Zumwalt
  • Michael Zurcher
Pictured: Staff from Charles Schwab assemble new bikes for children The Village serves as part of a team building activity.
Pictured: Staff from Charles Schwab assemble new bikes for children The Village serves as part of a team building activity.

Gifts in Kind


  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Aiken School
  • Angel of Edgewood
  • Avon High School
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Barings, LLC
  • Berlin Batting Cages
  • Beth Sholom B’nai Israel
  • Big Y Foods, Inc. Employees
  • Black Hawk Sports Fishing
  • Blue Goose Hartford Pond
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Cargill
  • Central Rock Gym
  • Charles Schwab
  • Connecticut State Capitol Police
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Cornerstone Clothing Bank Foundation
  • CTAHE Board of Directors
  • Delamar West Hartford
  • Educational Resources
  • Elmo’s Dockside
  • Emerson-Williams Elementary School
  • ESPN, Inc.
  • Essex Steam Train & Riverboat
  • Ewe & You Fibers
  • Exchange Club of Durham/Middlefield
  • Exchange Club of Glastonbury
  • Exchange Club of West Hartford
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Future Now, Inc.
  • Gifts of Love
  • Goodyear Auto Service
  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Hartford Healthcare Rehab Network
  • Hartford Yard Goats Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
  • Hop Meadow Country Club
  • Horizon Escapes Travel 
  • Knox, Inc.
  • Larry’s Sales & Repair
  • Light Up Ledyard
  • Lockton Companies
  • Lussier Ventures, Inc. – Fitzgerald’s Foods
  • Mark Twain House & Museum
  • Marlborough Congregational Church
  • Men Standing Up Against Violence
  • Message of Hope Foundation
  • Moore’s Automotive
  • National Speed Center
  • Newberry Insurance Group
  • NFP
  • Niagara Bottling, LLC
  • Ocean State Job Lot
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Paiges LLC
  • Penwood Real Estate Investment Management, LLC
  • Pepperidge Farm, Inc.
  • Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc.
  • Plimoth Patuxet & Museums
  • RockAuto, LLC
  • Ruel, Ruel, Burns & Britt, LLC
  • Ryan King Compassion Project
  • Saint Damien of Molokai Parish
  • Sankofa Kuumba Arts Consortium 
  • Shelly’s Hair Studio
  • Sisters of Saint Joseph
  • Sonny’s Place
  • Spirit and Truth Apostolic Church
  • St. Dunstan Church
  • St. Joseph’s Church
  • St. Thomas the Apostle School
  • Starr Realty Group at Keller Williams
  • The Exchange Club of Madison Project Aims
  • The Glastonbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Goddard School
  • The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • The Hometown Foundation, Inc.
  • The Simsbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Suffield Auxiliary of The Village
  • The West Hartford Auxiliary of The Village
  • Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, LLC
  • Tri-Towne Lube & Repair
  • Twin Hills Country Club
  • Tyson Foods
  • Vernon ROCKS
  • Vox Church
  • Wampanoag Country Club
  • Women of the Moose 1302
  • Young Women’s Organization The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  • Anonymous 
  • Ms. Toni Ann Abbruzese
  • Ms. Sarah Adanti
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian Allen
  • Ms. Patty Arcari
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chris Auito
  • Ms. Sara Avatapalli & Mr. Adam Denninger
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Azzaro
  • Ms. Julia C. Barcelo
  • Ms. Kristen Benedict
  • Mrs. Eleanor L. Benson
  • Mr. Andrew Bombard
  • Stacey Bobbitt
  • Ms. Jackie Bosco
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tim Bourdeau
  • Ms. Mary Beth Brown Traynor
  • Mrs. Barbara Bush
  • Mr. Mark Butterworth
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Byrne III
  • Ms. Jessica Cabanillas
  • Ms. Suzanne Carfiro
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cirillo
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Colapietro
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Connelly
  • Ms. Patty Crawford
  • Ms. Catherine M. Daly
  • Ms. Joyce DeFrancesco
  • Mr. Peter DeFrancesco
  • Ms. Judy DeVito
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Diamond
  • Mrs. Pauline M. Dickstein
  • Ms. Stephanie Dumont
  • Mr. John Emmanuel
  • Ms. Deanna Ericson
  • Ms. Betty Ann Flathers
  • Evan, Bennett & Debra Forest
  • Ms. Gretchen Fountain
  • Mrs. Dian D. Friedman
  • Ms. Courtney Galotti
  • Ms. Joanne Gillen
  • Ms. Charmaine Glew
  • Mrs. Vivian E. Gombert
  • Ms. Chelsea Gouldsbrough
  • Ms. Joyce Grayson
  • Mary & David Gridley
  • Ms. Elizabeth Griffin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guttman
  • Ms. Nancy Hagstrom
  • Ms. Chelsea Heitman
  • The Hogan Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Jakubowski
  • Ms. Michele Anne Kacy
  • The Kalen Family
  • Mr. Richard M. Kaplan, Esquire & Mrs. Catherine Kaplan
  • Ms. Stacey Kennedy
  • Ms. Annette Khodra
  • Ms. Gail G. Korten
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Kotchko
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kratzer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kratzer
  • Ms. Sandy Kremer
  • Ms. Janet Layden
  • Ellen & Mark Lescher
  • Mrs. Dianne S. Lombardo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lovin
  • Ms. Beth Mango
  • Ms. Karen Marcham
  • Mr. & Mrs. Garvin Martina
  • Mr. Richard Mercer & Ms. Laurie Krause
  • Ms. Carmina Mio
  • Mr. David & Mrs. Dana Misorski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steve Motta
  • Ms. Susan Mueller
  • Ms. Cheryl Nicewicz
  • Mrs. Sandra M. Nix
  • Mr. Thomas O’Donnell
  • Dr. & Mrs. Rocco Orlando, III
  • Ms. Ana V. Ortiz
  • Ms. Jennifer Otto
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Page
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jayesh Patel
  • Ms. Elizabeth Perez
  • Mr. & Mrs. Erik Person
  • Mr. Jack Perugini
  • Ms. Meghan Pistritto
  • Ms. Roseann Podrasky
  • Mrs. Susan K. Pomeroy
  • Mrs. Janis L. Potts
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Prudhomme
  • Ms. Megan Pskowski
  • Ms. Sara Randall
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Reilly
  • Ms. Desiree Rogers
  • Miss Phoebe Rotelli
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ruby
  • Ms. Mary Smoolca
  • Ms. Lynn Snyder
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sokolski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Adam Stannard
  • Ms. Peggy Sterling Zopelis & Mr. James Zopelis
  • Ms. Ann St. Germain
  • Ms. Jennifer Stich
  • Mr. Kumar Subhav
  • Ms. Andrea Sullivan
  • Mr. John C. Taussig & Mrs. Barbara Taussig
  • Mr. Christopher Terry
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Thompson
  • Mrs. Anita Thresher
  • Mr. Scott Tibbo
  • Ms. Kelly Trahan
  • Ms. Kathy Trask
  • Mr. John J. Turgeon, CPA, HCS & Mrs. Maryellen Turgeon
  • Ms. Marjorie VanDusen
  • Ms. Mavourneen Vigneault
  • Ms. Jackie Vincenzo
  • Summer Watt & Erin Watt
  • Ms. Ann Weisel
  • Mrs. Sandy Welch & Mr. Ron Welch
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian Werstak
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steve Whitman
  • Ms. Diane Whittemore
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wilkos
  • Ms. Megan Witcoskie
  • Mr. & Mrs. Keith Yoreo

Protecting dignity, serving the community

Pictured: Officers from the CT State Capitol Police present a check to The Village, fill the foyer of the Capitol building with food donations, and visit with children at our Early Childhood Learning Center.

Endowment Gifts

A strong endowment is a critical component of an institution’s financial strength. Funds established in support of The Village’s endowment provide program support for the families we serve today and for future generations. They also generate steady and predictable income for daily operations. We are grateful to the donors who established these lasting gifts:

  • Ruth E. Clark Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Norbert Fried Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dian D. and Irving J. Friedman Family Fund
  • Friends of the Family Endowed Fund
  • Cynthia B. Godfrey Memorial Fund
  • Betty Goumas Memorial Fund
  • The Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Fund

Gifts made in memory or in honor of a loved one can be viewed on our website: thevillage.org/memory-honor.

The Village Legacy Society

The Village Legacy Society is a devoted group of donors who have named The Village as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Their generous bequests will enrich, sustain and preserve our services, establishing an enduring legacy of caring, protection and support for the children, families and adults we serve. We are honored to be the guardian of these meaningful contributions:

  • Estate of Flora W. Arnoldi
  • Mr. Brian & Mrs. Wendy Carberg
  • Mrs. Francine Christiansen
  • Mr. Colin & Mrs. Jeanmarie Cooper
  • Estate of Linda Carlson Hart
  • Estate of Mary Hannon
  • Mrs. Janice Klein
  • Mr. Barry Lastra
  • Mrs. Pamela P. Little
  • Estate of Sallie Norris
  • Ms. Susan Varnum Smith Rubin
  • Mr. Henry R. Schwartz
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith
  • Ms. Jennifer R. Walkwitz
  • Mrs. Louise Wilder
  • Estate of Mella Yaneski

The Village’s Development office is available to discuss your family’s planned giving options. Call 860-297-0545.

About The Village

Board of Directors

John Turgeon, CPA, HCS*
Board Chair
Partner, CohnReznick

Curt Cameron*
Board Vice Chair
President, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Cathy Iacovazzi*
Board Secretary
Community Volunteer

Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH*
Village President & CEO

Ellie Benson
Village Auxiliary Representative

Andrew G. Baldassarre*
Principal & Chief Market
Strategist, Rossmore Private Capital, LLC

Jeffrey A. Brine, Esq.
Member & Attorney at Law, Kurien Ouellette, LLC

Richard (Jerry) Bundy
Community Volunteer

Wendy Carberg
Vice President Group & Worksite Markets, Guardian Life Insurance Company

Carrie M. Casciani
SVP, Corporate Audit and Chief Risk Officer, Cigna

Jeanmarie H. Cooper*
Community Volunteer

Beth A. Costello*
Executive Vice President & CFO, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Thomas Daugherty
Partner, KPMG

Kim DiPietro
Community Volunteer

Margaret Pearl Douglas, CPA
Certified Public Accountant and CEO, Canoville Consulting, LLC

William D. Field
President, FieldActivate

David L. Friar, Architect
Community Volunteer

Lawrence J. Gavrich
Founder & President, Home on The Course, LLC

Stephen E. Goldman, Esq.
Partner, Robinson + Cole

Frederick E. Jenoure, Jr.
Owner, FEJ Consulting

Diana Sousa Jepsen, MBA
Community Volunteer

Richard M. Kaplan, Esq.
Community Volunteer

Patrick Kinney
Community Volunteer

Charles H. Klippel, Esq.
Community Volunteer

Barry N. Lastra
Community Volunteer

Zachary Malet
Director of Business
Development & Innovation, ESPN

John Mallin, CPA, MBA
Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP

Patricia Marealle, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Immigrant Children’s Justice Project, Center for Children’s Advocacy

Dr. Elsa M. Núñez
President, Eastern Connecticut State University

Brian P. Reilly*
Community Volunteer

*member, executive committee

Executive Leadership

Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH
President, Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Bradley
Vice President, Human Resources

Tammy K. Freeberg, MSW
Vice President, Strategy and Planning

Hector Glynn, MSW
Chief Operating Officer

Martin Morrissey, MHA, CPA, FACHE
Chief Financial Officer

Amy Samela, LPC
Vice President, Residential Programs

Derek Slap, MBA
Vice President, Advancement

Laine Taylor, DO, MBA
Medical Director

Reaching more people, from more communities.

When the pandemic hit, 80% of pediatric referrals to The Village were for clients living in Hartford and the remaining 20% came from 8 town.

Today—even as referrals increase in Hartford—50% of our clients live outside Hartford, coming from 59 towns.

Main Campus
1680 Albany Ave., Hartford, CT 06105

The Village South
331 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06114

Spring Street
105 Spring St., Hartford, CT 06105

The QPC at Alison Gill Lodge
151 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT 06040

An affiliate of The Village
19 Elm St., Vernon, CT 06066

Extended Day Treatment
  • 1680 Albany Ave., Hartford, CT 06105
  • 300 Parker St., Manchester, CT 06042
  • 282 Main St. Ext., Middletown, CT 06457
  • 210 Pomeroy Ave., Meriden, CT 06541

Integrated Pediatric Care
A partnership with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

800 Connecticut Blvd., 1st Floor
East Hartford, CT 06108

599 Farmington Ave., Suite 202
Farmington, CT 06032

Linking Youth to Natural Communities (LYNC)

51 Gillett Street, Hartford, CT 06105

145 S. Whiting St., New Britain, CT 06051

Second Chance Shops

Glastonbury Second Chance Shop
730 Hebron Ave., Glastonbury, CT 06033

Simsbury Second Chance Shop
12 Station St., Simsbury, CT 06070

Suffield Second Chance Shop
116 Mountain Rd., Suffield, CT 06078

West Hartford Second Chance Shop
175 Park Rd., West Hartford, CT 06119

The Village provides services in these schools:


  • Alfred E. Burr Middle School
  • Bellizzi Middle School
  • Bulkeley High School
  • Burns Latino Studies Academy
  • Dr. Michael D. Fox Elementary School
  • Fred D. Wish Museum School
  • Hartford High School
  • Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
  • Naylor CCSU Leadership Academy
  • Noah Webster Microsociety
  • Opportunity High School
  • SAND Elementary School
  • Sarah Rawson Elementary School
  • Thirman Milner Middle School
  • West Middle School


  • Rockville High School
The Village and Genoa Healthcare celebrated the grand opening of a full-service, on-site pharmacy for clients at The Village’s Wethersfield Avenue campus, Village South.

Increasing access, integrating healthcare

The Village and Genoa Healthcare celebrated the grand opening of a full-service, on-site pharmacy for clients at The Village’s Wethersfield Avenue campus, Village South. The new pharmacy is integrated with The Village’s 40+ programs and significantly boosts clients’ access to pharmacy care.

A new downtown location

The demand for children’s mental health services has surged, and The Village is committed to addressing that need. The Village purchased a 32,000 squarefoot downtown office building at 450 Church Street in Hartford to house a children’s outpatient clinic and other programs. The new location is set to open in 2023.


Ambassadors are engaged members of the community who share a commitment to The Village’s mission and help spread the word about and garner support for The Village.

  • Ana Alfaro
  • Dr. Biree Andemariam
  • Mark Anson & Robyne Watkin-Anson
  • Peter Arakas
  • Doris Arrington
  • Samuel & Janet Bailey
  • Hyacinth Bailey, Esq.
  • Constance Bain
  • Andrea Barton Reeves, Esq.
  • Nicole Blades
  • Nannette Bosh-Finance
  • Kenneth Boudreau
  • Martha Brackeen-Harris
  • Chester (Chet) Brodnicki
  • Donald Brooks
  • John Bruno & Artemis Tsagaris
  • Caitlin Burchill
  • Carlene Bush
  • Thomas Byrne
  • Marcy Cain
  • Patricia Campanella Daniels
  • Edward Casares, Jr.
  • David Castellani
  • Lesa Cavallero-Laraia
  • Francine Christiansen
  • Ruth Clark
  • Judith Clarke
  • Stacy Hurley Cloud
  • Sara Connolly
  • Judyth Coughlin
  • Jean & Ed Cowles
  • Christopher Dadlez
  • Edward Danek, Jr.
  • Rick Daniels
  • Alden Davis
  • Dr. Eddie Davis
  • Dan & Nine Dechamps
  • John Henry Decker
  • Jaye Donaldson
  • Susan Dunn
  • Dr. Paul Dworkin
  • Dan Eudy
  • Rose Fortuna
  • Kathleen Kane-Francalangia
  • Susan Freedman
  • John Q. Gale
  • Marilda Gándara, Esq.
  • Matthew Gordon, Esq.
  • Marc & Sheryl Green
  • Arthur Greenblatt
  • Kevin Grenham
  • Donald Griesdorn
  • Ruth Grobe
  • Nathan Grube
  • Carl Hardrick
  • Dr. Walter Harrison
  • David Hart
  • Michael Haylon
  • Jeffrey Hoffman
  • John Horak, Esq.
  • John Hurley
  • Janet Jackson
  • Leonard Jaskol
  • John Kennelly
  • Judy Kissane
  • Janice Klein
  • Alan Kreczko
  • Robert Laraia & Lesa Cavallero-Laraia
  • Lewis Lassow
  • Diane Lipes
  • Dr. Thomas Lipscomb
  • Peter & Rosemary Lombardo
  • Dr. Darcy Lowell
  • Sheralyn Marsh
  • The Reverend William McKissick, Jr.
  • Yvette Meléndez
  • EdJohnetta Miller
  • David & Dana Misorski
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Thea Montanez
  • Christopher Montross
  • Joelle Murchison
  • Denise Nappier
  • Peter Neville
  • Bobby Nims
  • Mark Nisbett
  • Irene O’Connor
  • Bonnie Parry
  • Teresa Pelham
  • Steve Phillips
  • Paul Pita
  • Janis Potts
  • JoAnn Price
  • Dr. Kyle Pruett
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes
  • The Honorable Matt Ritter
  • Dr. John Rodis
  • Dr. Annette Rogers
  • Jason Rojas
  • Nelly Rojas Schwan
  • Gilda Roncari
  • Fernando Rosa
  • Dr. Juan Salazar
  • Dr. Carlos Salguero
  • Anita Ford Saunders
  • Philip Schulz
  • Jennifer Shimanski
  • Robert Smith, Jr.
  • Jessica Starr
  • Albert Staten
  • Laura Stevens
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Edward Sullivan
  • John & Barbara Taussig
  • Carol Waxman
  • Armistead Webster
  • Joseph Wendover
  • Louise Wilder
  • John & Linda Zembron

Committee of the Auxilians

The Village and the children and families we serve are fortunate to have the support of more than 400 volunteer Auxilians.

Among many other things, the Auxilians run our Second Chance Shops, thrift boutiques that sell new and gently used clothing and household items. All proceeds from the Shops support The Village.


  • Cathy Daly, Chair
  • JoAnn Adams, Shop Manager


  • Patty Crawford, Co-Chair
  • Gail Korten, Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Herbeck, Shop Co-Chair
  • Lynn Snyder, Shop Co-Chair


  • Jayne Hastings, Co-President
  • Ellen Peterson, Co-President
  • Janeene Crane, Shop Manager
  • Chris Rago, Shop Manager

West Hartford

  • Jill Scully, Chair
  • Carol Waxman, Vice Chair

Affiliations & Partnerships

  • Access Community Action Agency
  • Alliance For Bloomfield Children
  • Capital Workforce Partners
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford, CT
  • Child First
  • Child Guidance Clinic for Central Connecticut
  • City of Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation
  • Community Health Services
  • Community Renewal Team
  • Connecticut Children’s
  • Family Life Education
  • Connecticut Foodshare
  • Hartford Board of Education
  • Hartford Public Library
  • Hartford/West Hartford System of Care
  • Hispanic Health Council
  • Institute of Living
  • Judge Baker Children’s Center
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Manchester Community College
  • Middlesex Hospital
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  • National Health Service Corps
  • Putnam Public Library
  • Read To Grow
  • Stafford Public Library
  • Town of Enfield
  • Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative
  • UCONN Health Center
  • Urban League of Greater Hartford
  • Windham Area Interfaith Ministry
  • Yale Child Study Center

Licensure & Accreditation

Department of Children and Families Licenses

  • Child Care Facility to provide Group Home Services
  • Child Care Facility to provide Temporary Shelter Services
  • Child Placing Agency and Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Extended Day Treatment
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for Children
  • Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment Department of Public Health Licenses

  • Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for Adults
  • Facility for the Care or Treatment of Substance Abusive or Dependent Persons

Office of Early Childhood

  • Child Day Care Center for Preschool Services

Accrediting Bodies

  • American Psychological Association
  • The Joint Commission
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Associations & Memberships

  • Alliance for Children & Families
  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers
  • Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Blue Hills Civic Association
  • Child Welfare League of America
  • Connecticut Alliance of Family Resource Centers
  • Connecticut Council on Adoption
  • Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies
  • CT Community Nonprofit Alliance
  • Family Support Network
  • Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut
  • Hartford/West Hartford System of Care/Community Collaborative
  • MetroHartford Alliance
  • National Council for Behavioral Health
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Planned Giving Group of Connecticut
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
  • West End Civic Association
  • West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

Meet the team that meets the moment.

The Village can deliver life-changing services to children and families because of our incredible staff. During FY22 we invested $1.5 million in wage and benefit increases and earned a Top Workplace Award for the third year in a row. The Village is proud that our staff represents the diversity of our clientele, and we will continue hiring new team members who will strengthen our culture of collaboration and innovation.

Pictured: Zana Hardy, Village LYNC Family Advocate; Ashley Caine, Financial Empowerment Specialist & Career Development Specialist, Village Adult Outpatient Clinical Intern; Nick Sarnelli, Village Content Marketing Specialist.

I always feel that my opinion is valued and heard.