Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS)

Our IICAPS program is designed to keep your child (aged 3-18) who is at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or who may need additional clinical support, in the community.  We do this by providing comprehensive and intensive in-home therapy and therapy support services. IICAPS is child-centered, family focused, strengths-based and community-oriented. Our team collaborates with agencies that have a role in your child’s well-being, including schools, child welfare and social-services, in order to address the holistic needs of your child and their primary caregiver(s).

Our team provides:

    • Clinical sessions 3-5 times a week
    • 24/7 on-call available for crisis management
    • Strong collaborative process with your family and other identified community supports

Click here to download the referral form.

Nearly anyone can make referrals, including therapists, psychiatrists, probation officers, and school social workers. Should a parent wish to refer their child, we request that a current or previous treatment provider submit clinical information. This ensures we have a comprehensive mental health history to determine the suitability of the program for the child.