Lunch Break With The Village

Lunch Break With The Village is a monthly Facebook Live event series that features Village staff and community guests who provide expert tips and advice on navigating challenging life situations and other relevant topics.

Past Episodes

Lunch Break: The Reality of OCD

The Reality of OCD

May 23, 2024

On this month’s episode of Lunch Break With The Village, we focus on the reality of living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and discussed common misconceptions and other factors that contribute to misunderstanding and stigma.

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No Health Equity Without Racial Equity

March 27, 2024

This month's episode of Lunch Break With The Village focused on healthcare equity and how racial inequity must be addressed to improve systems that shape and support our health. Our guest was Tiffany Donelson, the president & CEO of Connecticut Health Foundation.

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Addressing Community Violence and Urban Trauma

February 22, 2024

When a violent act impacts a community, it has lasting negative and traumatic effects on youth and adults. In this month’s episode of Lunch Break With The Village, experts discussed factors that contribute to what’s known as “urban trauma” and new treatment that’s designed to help those who’ve been exposed to violence in urban settings.

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Ending Human Trafficking in CT

January 25, 2024

Human trafficking happens across Connecticut, impacting both youth and adults. This #HumanTraffickingAwareness Month, local experts joined Lunch Break With The Village to help you understand the scope of human trafficking and how to protect yourself, your family and your community.

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Giving Hope For The Holidays

December 14, 2023

We discuss the importance of supporting families in need, especially around the holiday season. We learned more about the impact of giving, ways to make a difference and how generosity can give the most important gift of all—hope.

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The Village’s New Urgent Crisis Center

September 21, 2023

This special episode of Lunch Break With The Village focused on our new walk-in youth mental health Urgent Crisis Center (UCC) in Hartford. This episode covered how this game-changing new level of care helps deescalate children and teens’ mental health crises and connect them to ongoing support.

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