Standing Together Against Racial Injustice | The Village

We were recently exposed to the killing of George Floyd. The images we have seen have been disturbing and traumatic. As a society we are confronted with yet another death due to negligence and brutality of several police officers. There is an outcry for justice as the death of Black citizens has become too common. We are all experiencing a variety of emotions including fear, doubt, anger, despair and shame. I want to acknowledge how difficult this time must be for you. I too am struggling with the continued racial injustice that is becoming pervasive in our society.

Our work at The Village often requires us to confront the impacts of racial inequality in our society. Fighting for change – in individuals, families and society – is The Village’s mission and is what inspires us to come to work every day. 

We are unwavering in our commitment to justice and equity and we are here to provide support now and always.

In solidarity,

Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH

President & CEO, The Village

The Village: Floyd Killing is a Call to Action