Chad Williams, MSW

Director, Family & Community Programs


As director of Family & Community Programs, Chad leads a team that provides support for the Community Support for Families program, the Youth Drop-In Center and several of The Village’s KIDSAFE programs.

“I hope to play an integral part in accomplishing what our young people, their families and our communities hope and dream for: healthy, happy and productive lives that are rich in blessings and poor in misfortunes,” Chad says.

Chad has spent close to 20 years in the social service field, including 10 years as Director of Program Services for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, where he oversaw programs and services across nine sites that served 5,000 youth a year. He earned a master’s degree in social work, specializing child and family services.

“I didn’t choose social work; it chose me,” says Chad. “Through passion, leadership and integrity I hope to learn from, inspire, motivate and hold accountable the staff who are responsible for amplifying the hopes and dreams of those we serve and who need us most.”

What quote best captures your personal philosophy?
“Rest in reason; move in passion.” – Khalil Gibran

What is something unexpected that most people don’t know about you?
Throughout my childhood, my family would foster children from Belfast, Northern Ireland through the Irish Children’s Summer Program, which places children affected by political and religious conflict in Ireland with host families here in the States in an effort to expose them to American customs and traditions with the hopes that Irish children learn how people can live together peacefully, regardless of their religious beliefs.

What do you most want clients of The Village to know about you?
I am committed to ensuring that the clients we serve are empowered to see their possibilities and potential, not just problems.