Toral Sanghavi, PhD

Vice President of Community Services


Toral brings a wide range of expertise and skills, to ensure that necessary processes are in place to ensure that we provide excellent service to children and families. She is responsible for our organizational performance, which means tracking and analyzing key data about our programs and services and how we deliver them, and creating and designing effective evidence based models. She also oversees how clients access our programs and services, and ensures we have an efficient and effective system of electronic and physical record-keeping and billing.

“I want to make a difference in my life, my children’s lives and my community,” says Toral. “In some ways we all are connected and if one person is struggling, we all have to put hands together to make it work.”

Before joining The Village, Toral served as an adjunct professor at Southern Connecticut State University for graduate students, teaching curriculum planning; and at Syracuse University for graduate students, teaching multivariate statistics, communication skills and interpersonal competence. She also served as a family counselor for the Juvenile Diabetic Foundation. In her home country of India, she was a professor at Mumbai University, where she taught courses on early childhood care and intervention.

She has received several awards for her service, including the award for “outstanding research for her master’s thesis, a fellowship from Edith Smith for distinguished dissertation, and an “outstanding teaching” award at Syracuse University.

She serves on numerous committees, including as chair of the statewide DCF data committee, member of the Statewide Ohio’s training committee, and board member for Our Children’s Center.

As you might imagine, Toral is well educated and has earned numerous certifications. She earned her PhD in child and family studies from Syracuse University and is a certified family life educator and family wellness trainer; she has an advanced certificate in counseling.

What quote best captures your personal philosophy?
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

What is something unexpected that most people don’t know about you?
I grew up in a household where four generations lived together.

What do you most want clients of The Village to know about you?
I believe in each one of you. I know you can reach your goals. I hope we could provide you with the right tools that play a role of a catalyst in reaching those goals.