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To build a community of strong, healthy families who protect and nurture children.

Diversity Statement

The Village’s commitment to diversity extends beyond our words.

Diversity fuels our mission.

We believe that we are stronger and better when we actively include diverse people and thought to guide our practices and engagement with others. Through our diversity we learn fundamental truths, discover opportunities to create a more inclusive society, and enact real change.

“All of the programs and groups we attend monthly at The Village are very important. It makes the family more united.”

Rossie Alcantara, Village client

Dear friends,

“Where real change happens” is more than a tag line for The Village, it is a call to action. We knew coming out of the pandemic that The Village had an opportunity—really an obligation—to adapt. The mental health crisis facing our families and children requires more than bouncing back. It calls on providers to innovate, invest and lead.

This past fiscal year The Village served more clients, built a new level of care for children and youth experiencing a mental health crisis, implemented a program designed to break generational cycles of poverty and trauma, and transformed our foster care program. You will learn more about these initiatives in this annual report.

Real change is not just for our clients. This fiscal year The Village will welcome new leadership: Curt Cameron will take over as board chair and Hector Glynn will become the new president and chief executive officer. Both leaders are dedicated to The Village’s mission and ready to help write the next chapter in its 200-year history. We are heartened that they will not do it alone. The Village has nearly 600 staff members, and supporting them are thousands of donors, Auxilians, Ambassadors, volunteers and community partners. This annual report reflects their impact and provides evidence that we are all connected. Every donation, grant and hour volunteered creates a stronger Village and better outcomes for the families we serve.

We are grateful for your partnership.

John Turgeon, CPA, HCS
Board Chair

Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH
President and CEO

John Turgeon

Galo A. Rodriguez


“The Urgent Crisis Center means not waiting for eight hours to be seen and also being able to get connected to other resources quicker.”

Tenesha Oates, Mother of Village client


“They’re part of our family unit. They know we love them to pieces, and they can give that love back to us. It’s the best thing you can give a child.”

Jenna Nikirk, Village foster parent

Village Program Directory

The Village’s 40+ programs serve approximately 20,000 clients each year. Some are accessed by referrals; others are open to the public. All programs accept clients regardless of their ability to pay. For more information or to connect to a Village program, click here or call 860-236-4511.

Children/Teen Mental Health & Wellness

Care Coordination

Trained staff work to connect and facilitate care within Village services and outside providers to provide help managing care for the whole system—behavioral and physical.

Provides children and teens with an integrated, comprehensive, family-centered treatment.

Children, Teens (0-21)

A specialized school program for children who are participating in our Eagle House Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility that focuses on trauma-informed practices and positive behavior supports.

Children (6-12) Grades 1-8

Provides comprehensive and intensive behavioral health treatment for children who present with significant emotional or behavioral difficulty and are transitioning from psychiatric hospitalization.

Children (6-12)

A six-month day program that supports children in developing and practicing social and coping skills to express their feelings in healthy ways.

Children (5-14)

Licensed clinicians and care coordinators work with community physicians and other medical staff to support the whole health of each client—physical, social and emotional.

Children, Teens (0-18); Adults

Provides children and teens with integrated trauma-informed, relational, multi-level treatment for complex psychiatric and behavioral needs.

Children (12-17)

Designed to keep children, who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or in need of additional clinical support, in their community.

Children, Teens (3-18)

Our multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, APRNs, psychologists and clinicians work with youth and their families to achieve progress and change they’re looking for and tackle life’s challenges.

Children, Teens (0-21)

Provides short-term, in-home services for children who have experienced or witnessed a crime in the past 90 days to help reduce the impact of trauma.

Children, Teens (0-17)

Provides walk-in outpatient services for children and teens who are experiencing an urgent mental or behavioral health crisis.

Children and adolescents ages 18 and under

The Vernon ROCKS Coalition is a collaboration of community stakeholders, parents, youth and volunteers who focus on preventing the use of drugs and alcohol in Vernon’s youth by promoting protective factors and decreasing risk factors that contribute to substance use.

Children, Teens

“We had to leave our country and arrive here with nothing. I don’t know where I would have been without The Village.”

Rosa Ramos, Village client

Pictured: Village client Rosa Ramos with her children.

Adult Mental Health & Wellness

Provides therapy to treat and manage behavioral health, substance use and co-occurring issues and provide support on building and using coping skills, symptom management, managing challenging emotions and cravings, relationship building and repairing and much more.


Care Coordination

Trained staff work to connect and facilitate care within Village services and outside providers to provide help managing care for the whole system—behavioral and physical.

Provides children and teens with an integrated, comprehensive, family-centered treatment.

Children, Teens (0-21)

Licensed clinicians and care coordinators work with community physicians and other medical staff to support the whole health of each client—physical, social and emotional.

Children, Teens (0-18); Adults

Offers comprehensive support to help adults overcome addiction and set their path to a better life.


Using a client-centered and collaborative approach to behavioral health care, our multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, APRNs, psychologists and clinicians works with adults to set the goals for what they want to achieve and help bring about changes in their lives.


Provides parents and primary caregiving family members with support to enhance their recovery journey and develop a safe support network.

Pregnant or parenting women with substance use or co-occurring needs; Fathers, LGBTQ+ …

Offers a range of support to help individuals and family members who have been impacted by opiate use.


“They actually care about you. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time. There’s no more dark. I can honestly say that everything is going to be great.”

Anthony Davis, Village client

Pictured: Village adult services client Anthony Davis.

Family Strengthening & School-Based Support


The North Hartford Ascend Pipeline (Ascend) is a “cradle to career” effort in collaboration with Connecticut Children’s, local care providers and community-based organizations committed to helping children and families in and around North Hartford access supportive, critical resources to reach their full potential.

The North Hartford Ascend Pipeline (Ascend) is a “cradle to career” effort in collaboration with Connecticut Children’s, local care providers and community-based organizations committed to helping children and families in and around North Hartford access supportive, critical resources to reach their full potential.

Families with children who live or attend school in North Hartford’s Arsenal, …

Helps reduce the impact toxic stress can have on a child’s development by strengthening parents’ relationships with their children and addressing families’ basic needs, such as shelter, food, medical care or employment.

Children (0-6), Adults with children (0-6)

A family-driven program that helps families strengthen natural and community support systems to maintain safe and healthy home environments, reducing the risk of child abuse and neglect.

Children, Teens (0-17)

Provides relationship-based consultation services to help parents manage their child’s behavior and improve their success at school.

Children (0-5)

Helps prepare preschoolers with the skills necessary to transition to kindergarten and beyond by providing a nurturing, open and safe educational environment that promotes learning, intellectual curiosity, creativity, independence, social skills and physical development.

Children (3-5)

Provides staff, teachers and parents with support for the social-emotional well-being of children in Head Start classrooms across Hartford and Middlesex counties.

Children 0-5

Provides families with timely services to address their concerns and bring children who are struggling at home or school back to a normal developmental trajectory before problems escalate.

Children, (6 months-6 years)

Educates and trains parents on how to help children adjust in a healthy way to divorce or living apart from a parent.

Adults with children under 18

Helps parents and children adjust in a healthy way after divorce or living apart from a parent/caregiver.

Adults with children

Home visiting program that helps build parental resilience and knowledge of parenting and child development to help children thrive and be healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Children (0-5), Adults with children (0-5)

The Village partners with several Hartford Public Schools to provide children with services and supports to be successful in school and support families’ healthy development through after-school programs, school-based mental health, family resource centers, teen outreach and truancy prevention.

Children, Teens

Serving families in Greater Hartford, our Stronger Families, Stronger Futures (SF²) program connects pregnant people and parents with young children to resources to help families thrive.

Children (0-5), Adults with children (0-5)

Provides private services to help parents and children who are not currently living together have family time in a safe, neutral and comfortable home-like environment.

Children, Non-custodial adults with children

A parent-directed, play-based program that provides parents with support to increase their child’s vocabulary and enhance their conversational abilities.

Children, Adults with children (0-5)

“We were able to afford preschool because of The Village. Without it, our life would be drastically different.”

Jessica Hootman, Village preschool parent

Pictured: Village Early Childhood Learning Center parent, Jessica Hootman with son.

“They really let me vent. That just goes to show the support they were willing to give me, the resources that I was longing for. I can see a future. I came a long way from where I was.”

Jabron Haugabook, Village client

Pictured: Village Fatherhood Engagement Services client Jabron Haugabook with children.

Foster Care & Child Welfare

“Don’t give up. The Village could lead you into a life that you have never imagined.”

Harley Fitzpatrick, Village client

Pictured: Village Fatherhood Engagement Services and adult services client Harley Fitzpatrick.

Financial & Career

The North Hartford Ascend Pipeline (Ascend) is a “cradle to career” effort in collaboration with Connecticut Children’s, local care providers and community-based organizations committed to helping children and families in and around North Hartford access supportive, critical resources to reach their full potential.

Families with children who live or attend school in North Hartford’s Arsenal, …

Offered through our Financial Opportunity Center and in partnership with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, helps adults identify unique skills and interests, build a professional resume, learn the ins and outs of applying for jobs online, improve networking skills and connect to certification programs to build job skills.

Adults in Greater Hartford, low-to-moderate income

Our financial coaching services, offered through our Financial Opportunity Center and in partnership with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, help adults effectively manage their finances and achieve financial goals.

Adults in Greater Hartford, low-to-moderate income

A partnership program where coaches work one-on-one with parents and families, empowering them to identify and achieve life goals, connect to community resources and like-minded peers, practice self-advocacy and gain problem-solving and organizational skills.

Individuals over 18 with or without children; Families

Offered through our Financial Opportunity Center and in partnership with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and 211 Connecticut, helps individuals and families access free tax preparation, asset-building opportunities, financial education and additional resources.

Adults earning up to $64,000 per year who reside in Greater Hartford, …

“I was at a breaking point. I needed help. The Village has helped me financially, emotionally and now I’m able to pay my bills, I have a vehicle and am on my way to owning a home.”

Tanisha Stewart, Village client

Pictured: Village Financial Opportunity Center client Tanisha Stewart.

Support for Justice-Involved Youth

A community-based program that provides youth who have committed a juvenile offense the opportunity to make things right with an alternative to Juvenile Court.

Children, Teens (12-18)

A center-based program for court-involved youth and their families where clinicians work with youth to make sustainable behavioral changes and promote skill-building opportunities and connections to community supports.

Children, Teens (12-17)

Financial Report

The Village Board and executive leadership are committed to the safeguarding of the agency’s assets and operating its programs in a cost-efficient manner with optimal results.

This dedication to fiscal oversight and a disciplined management style has enabled the organization to experience significant planned growth, and commendation from regulators, funders and lenders.

The generosity of donors and the commitment of our staff have placed The Village in the top tier of fiscally strong non-profit providers.

Program Funding

Grants - State Funds
Program Fees and Contracts $15,151
Other Grants and Contributions $4,671
Grants — Federal Funds
Authorized Endowment Contribution
United Way

Program Expenses

Community Services
Residential Services and Extended Day Treatment Programs $12,039
Outpatient Behavioral Health Services $10,981
General & Aministrative $6,057

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback and input is key to our ability to provide quality, effective services. While we are always looking for ways to improve, we are pleased with the results of this year’s surveys. Here’s a sample of client feedback from our more than 40 program offerings at The Village.

of clients in The Village’s Community Support for Families program were satisfied with the service.
0 %
of clients in The Village’s Child First program were satisfied with the service.
0 %
of clients in The Village’s Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) program were satisfied with the service.
0 %
ProgramOverall SatisfactionAccess to ServicesCultural SensitivityEngaged in Treatment PlanningImproved Social SupportImproved Functioning/Outcomes
Child First100%100%100%96%98%98%
Community Schools/After School Programming98%99%99%96%NANA
Community Support for Families100%100%100%100%NA100%
Eagle House Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility89%77%100%93%89%59%
Early Childhood Learning Center73%NA100%NANA100%
Extended Day Treatment98%91%95%95%95%84%
Fatherhood Engagement94%94%100%88%100%97%
Functional Family Therapy - Foster Care100%NANANANANA
Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services95%97%97%97%95%77%
Mid Level Developmental Assessment83%100%NANANA67%
Outpatient Behavioral Therapy (Children & Teens)99%92%100%99%100%89%
Quality Parenting Center100%100%100%100%NA95%
Rapid Response89%100%NANANA92%
Reunification and Therapeutic Family Time100%98%100%100%100%98%
Stronger Families, Stronger Futures (SF2); Parents as Teachers99%NA100%100%NA100%
of clients in The Village’s Extended Day Treatment program were satisfied with the service.
0 %
of clients in The Village’s Outpatient Behavioral Health (Children & Teens) program were satisfied with the service.
0 %
of clients in The Village’s Quality Parenting Center were satisfied with the service.
0 %


Our impact can be found in the thousands of children, adults and families who have overcome enormous challenges to achieve real and meaningful change in their lives with help from the treatment, services and advocacy of The Village.

Our wraparound approach includes individual and family counseling, group home, residential and outpatient treatment, school-based support programs and in-home family strengthening. Our goal each day is to do whatever it takes to improve the health, well-being and success of children, adults and families.

total clients served
Clients receiving outpatient services, early childhood and youth support, addiction and recovery support, foster care and additional support services 10,994
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) clients 7,051
of children in The Village’s Early Childhood Learning Center improved in their use of sentences and vocabulary to describe ideas.
0 %
of children in The Village’s Extended Day Treatment program did not require placement in a more restrictive setting.
0 %
children, teens and adults received services in The Village’s outpatient behavioral health programs.

“I got support from the mentors that really helped me shape my life. This was more like a family environment where they made you feel like they care about you.”

Jared Ramsdell, Village client

Pictured: Village Fatherhood Engagement Services intern and former client Jared Ramsdell and children.

clients received services in The Village’s Stronger Families, Stronger Futures program.
children and youth received services in The Village’s Functional Family Therapy – Foster Care program.
of fathers who completed The Village’s Fatherhood Engagement Services program say they will use what they learned through the program.
0 %
of children were reunified in The Village’s Reunification-Therapeutic Family Time program.
0 %
of students in The Village’s After School Programs & Family Resource Centers improved academic performance.
0 %
in refunds and credits were made as a result of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) tax returns.
$ 0 M

Clients Served




African American/Black


40 ≥
≤ 6


“Every time I see a family making a big change, I feel great. It is not Galo’s Village or agency. It belongs to 600 workers, working together to fulfill the mission.”
Dr. Galo A. Rodriguez, Village President & CEO


“When I retired, I decided that I would have a little extra something—mainly my time, as well as some money—and I wanted to be able to help other people.”
Barry Lastra, Village Legacy Donor & Board Member

Thank you, donors.

July 1, 2022 —June 30, 2023


The Village is grateful for all our donors who display a true generosity of spirit. They give with no expectation of return and are fueled by compassion for others. In the following pages we recognize their contributions, honor their commitment and celebrate the impact.



  • US Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Minority Health
  • US Department of Health & Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service


  • State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division
  • State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Office of the Victim Advocate
  • State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families
  • State of Connecticut, Department of Education
  • State of Connecticut, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services
  • State of Connecticut, Office of Early Childhood


  • City of Hartford
  • Town of Ellington
  • Town of Simsbury
  • Town of Vernon
  • Town of West Hartford

Virginia Thrall Society



  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc.
  • The Simsbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Glastonbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The Hartford
  • The Suffield Auxiliary of The Village
  • United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut

Augusta Williams/Gray
Lodge Society



  • Arbella Insurance Foundation
  • Gawlicki Family Foundation
  • LEGO Community Fund U.S.
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • MacLean Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • The Robert and Judith Sturgis Family Foundation
  • The West Hartford Auxiliary of The Village
  • University of Connecticut

Alison Gill Lodge Society



  • CVS Health Foundation
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


  • Mr. Loren Godfrey

President’s Society



  • Anonymous
  • Asylum Hill Congregational Church
  • Birmingham Family Foundation
  • Budd Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Cigna
  • Barbara V.G. Coffin Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Emanuel Lutheran Church
  • ESPN, Inc.
  • Fairview Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Hartford Federal Credit Union
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • J. Walton Bissell Foundation, Inc.
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • Liberty Bank Foundation
  • Max Cares Foundation, Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
  • Samuel Bailey Family Foundation
  • The Sandy River Charitable Foundation
  • Timken Foundation of Canton
  • Webster Bank, N.A.
  • Amiel & Mary Anne Zak Public Service Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


  • Anonymous
  • Mr. Colin Cooper & Mrs. Jeanmarie Cooper
  • Mrs. Beth A. Costello & Mr. Rick Costello
  • Mr. Gregory Deavens & Mrs. Beverly Deavens
  • Mr. David Gavrich
  • Mr. John Hurley & Mrs. Christina Hurley
  • Mr. Patrick J. Kinney & Mrs. Patricia C. Kinney
  • Ms. Judith Kissane
  • Mr. Peter Lombardo & Mrs. Rosemary Lombardo
  • Ms. JoAnn Price
  • Mr. Brian P. Reilly & Mrs. Anne Reilly
The Village received a $10,000 donation as part of the Hartford Federal Credit Union Gives 2023 campaign. Pictured (L-R): Galo Rodriguez, Village President & CEO; Ed Danek, Hartford Federal Credit Union President & CEO; Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz.
Team M.A.D. Charities presented The Village’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP) at Milner Middle School with a $5,135 donation to support their work. Pictured (L-R): Diamond Wallen, BSW, Village Lead TOP Coordinator; Shane Myers, Village TOP Co-Facilitator; Eric Vieweg, M.A.D. Charities President; Leonardo Watson, Principal of Milner Middle School; Donna Ferguson, Village Senior Director of Community Schools; Anaida Delgado, Village Assistant Program Supervisor; Aldwin Allen, Village Senior Director of Community Schools with Milner Middle School students.
CoreNet Global presented The Village with a check for $2,500 from their annual golf tournament. (L-R) Derek Slap, Village VP of Advancement; Mark Nisbett, Village Board Member and former CoreNet President; Tammy Freeberg, Village VP of Strategy and Planning; Becky Nolan, CoreNet President.

Brainard‑Goodwin Society



  • Anonymous
  • All Waste, Inc.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Exchange Club of Rockville
  • Farmington Bank Community Foundation
  • First Church of the Divine Light, Inc.
  • Goodwin Being Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation
  • Kloter Farms
  • McLelland Family Foundation
  • Penwood Real Estate Investment Management, LLC
  • Robinson & Cole, LLP
  • Rossmore Private Capital, LLC
  • Salisbury Bank and Trust Company
  • SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Smith Brothers Insurance, LLC
  • Team M.A.D. Inc.
  • The Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust
  • The Sandra and Arnold Chase Family Foundation, Inc.
  • The Stocker Foundation
  • Virtus Investment Partners


  • Anonymous
  • Mrs. Elinor Hoffman
  • Ms. Jacqueline Berkowitz
  • Mrs. Carrie Casciani & Mr. Chris Casciani
  • Mr. Arnold Chase & Mrs. Sandra Chase
  • Mrs. Ruth E. Clark
  • Mr. Thomas M. Daugherty
  • Mr. David Golino & Mrs. Jane Golino
  • Mr. Mark D. Hodson & Mrs. Elisabeth C. Pruett-Hodson
  • Mr. Christopher Kissane
  • Mr. William & Mrs. Deanna Leikin
  • Mr. Zachary Malet & Mrs. Kathleen Malet
  • Dr. Rocco III & Mrs. Joanne Orlando
  • Mr. Joseph J. Selinger, Jr. & Mrs. Noreen Selinger
  • Ms. Nancy Sinha

Hartford Trolley Barn



  • Anonymous
  • Aspen Insurance Group
  • CohnReznick, LLP
  • Collision Automotive CarStar
  • ConnectiCare, Inc. & Affiliates
  • Connecticut Convention Center
  • CoreNet Connecticut Westchester Chapter
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation
  • Gowrie Group
  • Kingswood-Oxford School
  • Lastra Coolbrith Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • M & T Charitable Foundation
  • Merrill Lynch
  • PwC – Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • Quincy Mutual Group
  • Raytheon Technologies
  • Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
  • The Exchange Club of Madison Project Aims
  • The McPhee Foundation, Inc.
  • Tokio Marine HCC
  • Triumph Group Charitable Foundation
  • Unitarian Society of Hartford
  • Magrieta L. & Sherwood S. Willard Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


  • Anonymous
  • Mr. Curt A. Cameron & Mrs. Jennifer Cameron
  • Ms. Sara Bass & Mr. Gale Hoffnagle
  • Ms. Tina Cervin
  • Mr. Chad Czerwinski
  • Joanne & Dan Eudy Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Mr. William D. Field & Mrs. Arlene Field
  • Mr. Lawrence J. Gavrich & Mrs. Connie Gavrich
  • Mr. Hector Glynn
  • Mr. Kevin W. Grenham & Mrs. Elizabeth Grenham
  • Ms. Cathy N. Iacovazzi
  • Mr. Richard M. Kaplan, Esq. &
    Mrs. Catherine Kaplan
  • Mr. Robert F. King & Mrs. Jennifer King
  • Mrs. Janice F. Klein & Mr. David Klein
  • Mr. Barry N. Lastra
  • Mr. David Misorski & Mrs. Dana Misorski
  • Mr. Lawrence Mowell & Mrs. Carle Mowell
  • Dr. Galo A. Rodriguez & Ms. Moraima Gutierrez
  • Ms. Doris L. Rothe
  • Ms. Claudia M. Shelton
  • Ms. Sally L. Speer
  • Mr. John J. Turgeon, CPA, HCS &
    Mrs. Maryellen Turgeon
  • Ms. Mavourneen Vigneault
  • Mr. Mark R. Wetzel & Mrs. Barbara Wetzel
Staff from KeyBank presented Galo Rodriguez, Village President & CEO, with a $5,420 donation as part of the KeyBank Assists program at the Hartford Yard Goats.
The Village received a $9,000 gift from Liberty Bank Foundation to support our Financial Opportunity Center. Pictured (L-R): John K. Jepson, Jr., First Vice President of Commercial Lending, Liberty Bank; Gretchen Fountain, Village Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations; Derek Slap, Village VP of Advancement.
Pictured: Sarah Adanti, Village Senior Director of Development and Ava Cashman, Junior, Kingswood Oxford School. Kingswood Oxford School’s student-run fashion magazine “thread” held a fashion show to benefit The Village and raised an amazing $3,250 to support our work.

Trumbull-Robinson Society



  • Anonymous
  • Aurora Women & Girls Foundation
  • AXA XL
  • Butler Company
  • Bergen County United Way’s Charitable Flex Fund
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Parish
  • Jim & Anne Carroll Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Chubb Charitable Foundation
  • David L. Coffin, Jr. Memorial Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Community Renewal Team, Inc.
  • Connecticut Health Foundation
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Delamar West Hartford
  • DND Construction Services
  • Exchange Club of West Hartford
  • Field Activate LLC
  • H.A. Open Golf Tournament
  • iCare
  • Interscape Commercial Environments
  • Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford
  • Kalevala Management, Inc.
  • M&T Bank
  • MetalFinish LLC
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Novus Insight, Inc.
  • OneDigital
  • Reid & Riege, P.C.
  • Santini Villa Apartments & Grand Lofts
  • Savin Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • The Community Health Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • Taussig Family Foundation
  • Thomas Byrne Associates
  • Thomas Hooker Brewing Company LLC
  • Town Fair Tire Foundation Inc.
  • UBS Financial Services, Inc.
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • University of Hartford
  • Vernon Poolman, Inc.
  • Walt Disney World Co.


  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Judyth Coughlin
  • Mr. Ross Baker & Mrs. Mary Baker
  • Mr. Andrew G. Baldassarre, C.F.A.
  • Mr. John J. Bermel & Mrs. Lisa Bermel
  • Mr. Allan Borghesi & Mrs. Maria Borghesi
  • Ms. Deborah Bradley & Mr. Eric Bradley
  • Ms. Dottie Bundy
  • Mr. Richard Bundy Jr.
  • Mrs. Sally Burgess & Mr. Peter Burgess
  • Mrs. Carlene D. Bush
  • Mr. Thomas Butler
  • Mr. Mark Butterworth & Mrs. Martha Butterworth
  • Mrs. Barbara V.G. Coffin
  • Mrs. Lori Ann Cottrell & Mr. Craig Cottrell
  • Mr. Edward R. Cowles & Mrs. Jean Cowles
  • Ms. Catherine M. Daly
  • Mr. Edward Danek, Jr. & Mrs. Anne Danek
  • Mr. Daniel Dechamps & Mrs. Nine Dechamps
  • Ms. Karen Diaz Meaike
  • Mr. William C. Doran & Mrs. Deborah Doran
  • Mr. Ryan M. Duffy
  • Mr. Richard & Mrs. Gretchen Fountain
  • Ms. Tammy Freeberg
  • Mr. Dan Frey & Ms. Diana Grant
  • Ms. Leah Hartman
  • Mr. Robert F. Hester, Esq. & Mrs. Jean Hester
  • Mr. Jeffrey S. Hoffman & Mrs. Nancy Hoffman
  • Mr. Thomas Humphreys
  • Mrs. Diana Jepsen, MBA & Mr. George C. Jepsen, Esq.
  • Mr. Keith Kloter
  • Ms. Nicole Lake, Esq.
  • Mr. Daniel Lamberty
  • Mr. Robert C. Lindberg & Mrs. Carol Lindberg
  • Dr. Thomas Lipscomb
  • Mr. Brendan Lynch & Mrs. Mary Ellen Lynch
  • Mr. John Mallin
  • Mr. Martin G. Morrissey
  • Ms. Vaughan Finn & Mr. Stephen Nightingale
  • Mr. George Palms
  • Mr. Jeffrey Paul & Mrs. Lindsay Paul
  • Mr. Hasudin Pehratovic
  • Mr. Simon R. Plummer & Mrs. Pamela Plummer
  • Mrs. Susan K. Pomeroy & Mr. Robert Pomeroy
  • Mr. Dante Roccasecca
  • Ms. Linda Roderick
  • Ms. Elizabeth Rohr Wood
  • Ms. Susan Smith Rubin
  • Ms. Patricia Shea Lovell & Mr. Peter Lovell
  • Mr. Edwin V. Sisson
  • Mr. Derek Slap
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith & Mr. Leonard Clinton Geoffrey Smith
  • Ms. Tina St. Pierre
  • Mr. John C. Taussig & Mrs. Barbara Taussig
  • Dr. Laine Taylor
  • Ms. Lynn Weisel & Mr. John Pray
  • Mr. Gordon Wood & Mrs. Dorothy Wood


Hillyer-Jewell Society



  • Anonymous
  • Alpha Xi Delta – The University of Hartford
  • Arcari Motor Sales
  • Barings, LLC
  • Barnes Group Foundation
  • Bill’s Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Century 21
  • Charleston Shoe Company, LLC
  • Connecticut Foodshare, Inc.
  • East Granby Congregational Church
  • Ellington High School
  • Empire Industries, Inc.
  • Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense
  • Greater Hartford Host Lions Club, Inc.
  • Kona Ice of Manchester
  • L.E. Whitford Company, Inc.
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Morris Group, Inc.
  • Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Prudhomme Vision LLC
  • Rotary Club of Rockville
  • Starr Team at KW Legacy Partners
  • The Lutheran Church of St. Mark
  • Westminster School
  • Wolff Financial Group, LLC
  • Your Choice Brands, LLC – Jeff’s Granola


  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Caitlin Burchill
  • Mrs. Sarah Adanti & Mr. Mark Adanti
  • Tilak Raj Arora
  • Ms. Tricia Bennett
  • Ms. Kelly Bird
  • Mr. Daniel Bishop
  • Mr. Stephen Bohlman
  • Ms. Marie-Christine Bournaki
  • Mr. Christopher Brodeur & Mrs. Margaret Brodeur
  • Ms. Olivia Caires
  • Mr. Edward J. Carr
  • Mr. Jerome Casciani & Mrs. Judith Casciani
  • Mrs. Francine E. Christiansen & Mr. Stephan Christiansen
  • Ms. Kristen M. Clark
  • Mr. John Colapietro & Mrs. Ann Marie Colapietro
  • Ms. Catherine Corto-Mergins & Mr. Craig Corto-Mergins
  • Mr. Eric D. Daniels & Mrs. Patricia Campanella Daniels
  • Ms. Jeannette Dehmer
  • Mr. Michael Domaingue
  • Ms. Patti Donovan
  • Mr. Dennis D. Duff & Mrs. Linda Duff
  • Mr. David L. Friar & Mrs. Fiona Friar
  • Ms. Sarah J. Gamble
  • Ms. Natalie Gauthier
  • Mr. Eric Geigle
  • Mr. Joel M. Grieco & Mrs. Elizabeth Grieco
  • Ms. Melanie Harrison
  • The Hogan Family
  • Mr. Matthew Hummel & Mrs. Elizabeth Hummel
  • Mrs. Pamela J. Joyce
  • Mr. Ted Karp
  • Representative Tom Kehoe & Mrs. Peggy Kehoe
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Keister & Mr. William Keister
  • Mr. Andrew Kohnke
  • Mr. Kenneth K. Korus & Mrs. Lee Ann Korus
  • Dr. Polyxeni Kyriakopoulos
  • Mr. Marc Madnick & Mrs. Allene Madnick
  • Mr. Douglas K. Manion, Esq.
  • Ms. Anita Manuck
  • Ms. Patricia Martino
  • Mr. Sean McDaniel
  • Mr. Robert C. Meier & Mrs. Patricia Meier
  • Mr. Peter Morrissey
  • Ms. Andrea Papazoglou
  • Mr. James D. Parry & Mrs. Bonnie Parry
  • Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme & Dr. Regan Marquis Prudhomme
  • Ms. Susan Roche
  • Mr. Tyrus Royal
  • Mr. Douglas K. Russell & Mrs. Sara J. Russell
  • Ms. Amy Samela
  • Ms. Carole Savitsky
  • Mr. Russ Schulze & Mrs. Mary Margaret Schulze
  • Mr. Timothy Steadman & Family
  • Ms. Nancy Sullivan
  • Ms. Paddi LeShane & Mr. Patrick Sullivan
  • Ms. Beth Ulrich
  • Mr. Peter Ulrich
  • Mr. Victor Verdina & Ms. Martha J. Verdina
  • Mrs. Nancy Wadhams & Mr. David Wadhams
  • Mr. Steven Webersen & Mrs. Anna Webersen
  • Mr. Brian Werstak & Mrs. Meredith Werstak
  • Ms. Keri Willis
  • Mr. Eric M. Zachs & Mrs. Jessica Zachs

Village Events

Pictured (L-R) Village President & CEO Galo Rodriguez; 2022 Woman of the Year and Aurora Women and Girls Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Steadman; 2022 Young Woman of the Year Shaniece Nugent; Channel 3 Eyewitness News Morning Anchor and Girl Within emcee Irene O’Connor.

After two years of celebrating virtually, The Village’s 22nd Annual Girl Within Event returned in person and in full force, raising $200,000 to aid women and girls affected by trauma. Click here to view more photos.

Thousands of car enthusiasts and community members gathered for the 11th Annual KIDSAFE CT Car Show, where hundreds of unique hotrods, roadsters, new and classic cars, and tricked-out tractors were on display. Click here to view more photos.

Pictured (L-R) Village President & CEO Galo Rodriguez, Village client Norman Sparrow, Village Fatherhood Engagement Services Supervisor Don Crocker, Village Board Member and Golf Committee Chair Brian Reilly.

The 12th Annual Foursomes for Fatherhood Golf Classic at TPC River Highlands raised $110,000 for The Village’s Fatherhood Engagement Services thanks to event sponsors and more than 120 golfers who hit the links to support the cause, Click here to view more photos.

Patrons through $249


  • Anonymous
  • Accenture
  • America’s Charities
  • AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
  • Auto Body Supplies & Paint, Inc.
  • Big Y Foods, Inc. Foundation
  • Bolton Collision
    Repair, Inc.
  • Costco Wholesale, Inc.
  • Dell Technologies
  • DeVilbiss Automotive
  • Elevance Health Insurance Company
  • Estate of Flora Arnoldi
  • Greater Hartford Sangha
  • HarbourVest
  • Inductive Autoworks
  • Jefferson Fry Co.
  • Kurien Ouellette, LLC
  • Lexis Nexis Risk
  • Ludwig Apartments
  • Manulife Insurance Company
  • Mass Mutual of Hartford Foundation
  • Network for Good
  • One Hope Foundation
  • Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
  • Piper Sandler Companies
  • Rockville Community Alliance
  • Rossi Bros., LLC
  • Shady Glen Dairy
    Bar, Inc.
  • Shanta’s Vintage Boutique
  • Simsbury Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc.
  • Stop & Shop Supermarket Giving Tag Program
  • Symetra Investment Management
  • Tag Jewelry Corp.
  • Tegna Foundation/Fox 61
  • Tri-Towne Lube & Repair
  • United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, Inc.
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury
  • United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
  • Vernon Community Network
  • VFW Post 10689
  • Workday, Inc.
  • YHB Charitable Endowment


  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Sara Acevedo
  • Mr. Daniel R. Ackerman
  • Mr. Carl Ackert
  • Mr. Tim Ackert
  • Mr. Samuel S. Acquaviva & Mrs. Leslie Acquaviva
  • Ms. Catherine L. Adams
  • Mrs. JoAnn Adams
  • Mr. Richard Adams
  • Mrs. Jane Adinolfi
  • Mr. Richard Agostinho
  • Mr. Timothy Ahern
  • Mr. Christopher Aiuto & Mrs. Beth Aiuto
  • Ms. Lynn Aivaz
  • Prathima Ajithaprasad
  • Mr. James Akin
  • Mrs. Elaine Akley
  • Ms. Joan Alaimo
  • Ms. Vicky S. Aldrich
  • Ms. Aliena Ali
  • Ms. Susan Aliberti
  • Mr. Aldwin Allen
  • Mr. Brian Allen & Mrs. Heather Allen
  • Mr. Devin Allen
  • Ms. Wendy Allerton
  • Azaria Allevo
  • Aneta Andros
  • Ms. Kathleen Andrzejewski
  • Mr. Mark Anson & Ms. Robyne Watkin-Anson
  • Ms. Amber Anthony
  • Mr. Andrew Appleton
  • Ms. Dianna M. Aprea
  • Ms. Karen H. Kellerman & Mr. Peter Arakas
  • Ms. Ella Ardizoni
  • Ms. Barbara Arian
  • Mr. Daniel Armstead
  • Ms. Caitlin Arnold
  • Ms. Amanda Arnone
  • Mrs. Doris B. Arrington
  • Ms. Marie Arroyo
  • Ms. Kathleen Arsenault
  • Mr. Dean Artruc
  • Ms. Lisa Arute
  • Ms. Debra Askwith
  • Mr. Mark Athens
  • Mr. Austin Atkinson
  • Mr. Hank Audette
  • Mr. Joseph Augustyn
  • Mr. Richard Aussicker
  • Ms. Sara Avatapalli &
    Mr. Adam Denninger
  • Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Avery
  • Mr. James Azzaro & Mrs. Michelle Azzaro
  • Mr. Jeff Bache
  • Mr. Carlos Bahamonde
  • Mrs. Dee Bailey
  • Dzintra Bailey
  • Mr. Paul Bailin
  • Ms. Deborah Baker
  • Mr. William A. Baker
  • Ms. Sarah Balazs
  • Mr. David Barber
  • Ms. Julia C. Barcelo
  • Ms. Nancy Barnwell
  • Mr. Matt Barone
  • Ms. Judy Barrett
  • Mr. Bruce B. Barth & Mrs. Pamela Yeomen Barth
  • Ms. Angela Bartolotta
  • Ms. Cynthia Bates
  • Ms. Kim Bauer
  • Ms. Judith Baum-Baron
  • Ms. Jan Beatty
  • Mr. Dave Beaupre
  • Ms. Lucie Beck
  • Ms. Merily Behm
  • Mr. James Belfiore & Mrs. Janice Belfiore
  • Ms. Sharon Bellinger
  • Mr. Ron Bellino
  • Mr. John Bellwoar
  • Mr. Scott Bengston
  • Jerry Benjamin
  • Ms. Dianne Bennett
  • Ms. Pam Bergren
  • Eyal Berkowitz
  • Charles Bermani, Peter Bermani, Cheryl Bermani-McCann & Catherine Sweeney
  • Ms. Veronica Bermingham
  • Ms. Maribel Bermudez
  • Mr. William Bermudez
  • Ms. Margaret Bernard
  • Mrs. Melody L. Bernhardt & Mr. Lee Bernhardt
  • Ms. Jill Berquist
  • Mr. Thomas Bertini
  • Ms. Doris Berton
  • Ms. Susan Bey
  • Ms. Lisa Bielawski
  • Ms. Kathleen Bielonko
  • Mr. Phil Bieluch
  • Ms. Dahlia Bigenho
  • Mr. Gordon Binkhorst
  • Ms. Eleanor Binns
  • Ms. Greta Blanchard
  • Mr. Jeffrey R. Blanchard
  • Mr. Alvey Blier
  • Ms. Tracy Bloch
  • Dr. Gerard Bogucki & Mrs. Jayne Bogucki
  • Mr. Bill Bokus &
    Mrs. Kristin Bokus
  • Mr. Chris Bombara
  • Ms. Angela Bompastore
  • Mr. Joseph Bonillo
  • Mr. Ed Booth
  • Mr. Michael Booth
  • Mr. Charley Borovicka
  • Ms. Judy Borus
  • Eugene Botteron &
    Pat Botteron
  • Mr. Philip C. Bouchard
  • Mr. James Boud
  • Mr. Tim Bourdeau & Mrs. Amanda Bourdeau
  • Ms. Stephanie Bowers & Mr. Kourosh Parham
  • Mr. Zach Boyd
  • Ms. Karen Braccidiferro
  • Mr. Delton Brass
  • Mr. John Bremser
  • Ms. Donna Brewer
  • Mr. Derek Briggs
  • Mr. Peter Briggs
  • Mr. Jeffrey A. Brine, Esq. & Mrs. Susan Brine
  • Ms. Annette Britten
  • Mr. Chester Brodnicki & Mrs. Glenna Brodnicki
  • Mr. Frank Broga
  • Ms. Beth Brome
  • Mr. Nick Brookes
  • Ms. Kim Brooks
  • Ms. Carolyn Brooks-Burton
  • Mr. Bill Brown
  • Ms. Kristen Brown
  • Ms. Marge Brown
  • Mr. Stacey Brown
  • Mr. Gary Brugnetti
  • Ms. Cindy Bruno &
    Mr. David Lippmann
  • Mr. Greg Bubnash
  • Ms. Chelsea Buchko
  • Ms. Heather Buckley
  • Ms. Theresa Burby
  • Mr. Brent Burgess
  • Mr. Steve Burgess
  • Ms. Lauren Burk
  • Ms. Donna Burke
  • Ms. Marcy Burley
  • Mr. Chase Burnham
  • Mr. Kevin Burnham
  • Mr. Michael Burokas
  • Mrs. Barbara Bush
  • Ms. Jeannette Picard & Mr. Theodore Busky
  • Mr. Paul H. Butler
  • Ms. Lesley Byrne
  • Mr. Michael Byrne
  • Mr. Thomas B. Byrne, III & Mrs. Ellen Byrne
  • Ms. Heather Cadenhead
  • Mr. T.J. Calabrese
  • Ms. Sarah Calatayud
  • Mr. Matthew Callahan
  • Mr. Gianni Calvo
  • Ms. Donna Cannon
  • Ms. Denise Canora
  • Ms. Shari Cantor
  • Ms. Nancy Caperino
  • Mrs. Maria Caraballo
  • Mr. Jeff Carey
  • Mrs. Patricia Carey
  • Mr. Joseph Carilli
  • Ms. Judy Carino
  • Mr. Keith Carleton
  • Ms. Helen Carmody
  • Mr. Mike Carparelli
  • Casey Carpenter
  • Ms. Maureen Carpenter
  • Ms. Lynn Carr
  • Mr. Michael Carretta
  • Mr. Luke Carroll
  • Mr. David Carter
  • Ms. Ellen Carter
  • Ms. Susan Cartnick
  • Ms. Mary Cassano
  • Ms. Karen J. Castellani
  • Mrs. Mary Castellon
  • Mr. Carl Cavaliere
  • Mr. Michael Cavanaugh
  • Ms. Deborah Cervas
  • Mr. Dalton Chaffee
  • Ms. Kristin Champagne
  • Ms. Creta Chandler
  • Mr. Martin Chaplin
  • Ms. Jen Chapman
  • Mr. Kevin Chapman
  • Mr. Sean Chapman
  • Mr. Edward Charamut & Ms. Tricia Charamut
  • Ms. Jacki Charette
  • Mr. Mike Chase
  • Mr. Tim Chase
  • Ms. Krystle Chasse
  • Ms. Laura Chenard
  • Ms. Sharon Chernesky
  • Ms. Savannah Chicano
  • Mr. John Christopher & Mrs. Elizabeth Christopher
  • Ms. Debra Chute
  • Mr. Paul Cianci
  • Ms. Diana Cimadon
  • Mr. Jon Cipes
  • Mr. Joseph J. Ciullo & Mrs. Kathleen Ciullo
  • Mr. Joseph Claffey
  • Mrs. Leslie C. Clark
  • Mr. Richard Clark &
    Mrs. Patricia Clark
  • Mrs. Susan Clemow
  • Mrs. Nancy Clifford
  • Ali Clukey
  • Mr. Gerald Coia & Eileen Coia
  • Mr. John Colapitro
  • Mr. Steven Colbert
  • Mr. Tony Colletti
  • Ms. Betsy Collins
  • Ms. Kira Colon-Murray
  • Mr. David R. Colpitts & Mrs. Diana Colpitts
  • Mr. Kelvin Concepcion
  • Mr. Jeff Conley
  • Mr. Dan Connelly & Mrs. Julie Connelly
  • Ms. Audra Conroy
  • Mr. Costas T. Constantine
  • Ms. Nellie Contaldi
  • Ms. Donna Conway
  • Ms. Christine Cooke
  • Mr. Anthony A. Cooper & Mrs. Ann M. Cooper
  • Ms. Ashley Cooper
  • Mr. James Corcoran
  • Ms. Catherine Cormier
  • Mr. Ron Cormier
  • Ms. Donna Costello
  • Ms. Patricia Coughlin
  • Mr. Timothy J. Covello, Jr. & Mrs. Diane Covello
  • Mr. John Crepeau
  • Ms. Arline Croce
  • Patterson Crocker, Jr.
  • Ms. Elisa Crocket
  • Ms. Jo Anne Cumbo & Mr. Dave Cumbo
  • Ms. Alana Curren
  • Ms. Laura Jeanne Curry
  • Ms. Audrey Curtis
  • Ms. Nicole Cyr
  • Ms. Breanne D’Addio
  • Ms. Stacy Daley
  • Mr. Dominick DalMolin
  • Mr. Michael DalMolin
  • Mr. Colin Daly
  • Mr. Daniel Danforth
  • Ms. Trish Daniewicz
  • Ms. Renee Dansereau
  • Ms. Linda Daoudi
  • Mr. Jim Darby
  • Ms. Naomi Davidson
  • Mr. Winston B. Davidson & Mrs. Marjorie Davidson
  • Mr. Alden E. Davis & Dr. Annette E. Rogers
  • Ms. Jeanne Day
  • Mr. Gregory DeFrancesco
  • Ms. Joyce DeFrancesco
  • Ms. Rosario Del C. Berrio
  • Mr. John DelBene
  • Ms. Christine DelGaizo
  • Mr. Tony Dellafiore
  • Ms. Tami DeMarco
  • Mr. Peter Demetrion
  • The Honorable Michael Demicco
  • Ms. Jocelyn Denalsky
  • Mr. Jon Dence
  • Ms. Ann Denue
  • Ms. Rebecca Deotte
  • Mr. Alan DeProspero
  • Mr. Eric DeRycke
  • Ms. Alta P. Deschaine
  • Mr. Jim Desilets
  • Ms. Jan Devendorf
  • Ms. Sarah DeVito
  • Ms. Carmen Diaz
  • Ms. Lauren Diaz
  • Ms. Liz DiChiara
  • Mr. Ben Dickmann
  • Mr. Brian DiFatta
  • Mr. Michael DiFranco
  • Mrs. Jane Digel
  • Ms. Linda Dinucci
  • Ms. Robyn DiPietro
  • Mr. Bill Disisto
  • Mr. Michael Dobush
  • Mr. Steve Dombrowski
  • Mr. Michael Donaghey
  • Mr. Thomas Donahue & Mrs. Linda Donahue
  • Ms. Iris Donate
  • Ms. Tiffany Donelson
  • Mr. Christopher Dorin
  • Mr. Jeff Dossan
  • The Downie/Housum Family
  • Mr. Frederick T. Downs
  • Mr. James Doyle
  • Ms. Maryellen Doyle
  • Mr. Jay Driggers
  • Ms. Liz Drummond
  • Mr. Don Dubac
  • Mr. Vince Dube
  • Mr. Thomas Dugdale
  • Mr. Dick Durkee
  • Mr. Robby Durkee
  • Ms. Cecelia Dutton
  • Mr. Curt Dynak
  • Ms. Julie Eaton
  • Ms. Diana Eichler
  • Mr. Ted Eichler
  • Ms. Sandra Elder
  • Mr. Mike Elliot
  • Ms. Karrie L. Ellis
  • Ms. Shayna Ellovich
  • Mr. John Emmanuel
  • Mrs. Cheryl Ensign & Mr. Jonathon Ensign
  • Mr. Anthony W. Erdman & Mrs. Carole Erdman
  • Ms. Deanna Ericson
  • Ms. Brenda Estella & Family
  • Ms. Jody Evans
  • Mr. William Evans
  • Ms. Deborah Fabas
  • Mr. Dean Fabrizio
  • Mr. Benjamin Farnsworth
  • Kelly Farrell
  • Ms. Katherine Farrington
  • Ms. Paulina Fedigan
  • Ms. Elizabeth Feery
  • Mrs. Heather R. Feinsinger
  • Mr. Gary Felt & Mrs. Paula Felt
  • Mr. Marco Ferreira
  • Mr. Charles Ferriolo
  • Mr. Greg Fielding
  • Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Amanda Finman
  • Mr. Shawn Finnegan
  • Mr. David Fiorillo
  • Mr. Casey Flanagan
  • Ms. Rosemarie Flannery
  • Ms. Alexandra Flowers
  • Ms. Christina Flowers
  • Mr. Steve Forbes
  • Ms. Anita Ford Saunders
  • Ms. Catherine Ford
  • Ms. Jennifer Ford
  • Ms. Joyce Ford
  • Mr. Mark Ford
  • Ms. Mary Jane Foster
  • Ms. Julia Fountain
  • Ms. Claire Fournier
  • Ms. Lisa Fournier
  • Ms. Anneliese Fox
  • Ms. Carole Fox
  • Massimo Fraschilla
  • Ms. Nancy Fredericks
  • Ms. Elizabeth Freedman
  • Ms. Frances Freedman
  • Ms. Regina Freeman
  • Ms. Julie Fregeau
  • Mr. Bob Freimuth
  • Mr. Mike Fresen
  • Mr. Don Frick
  • Mr. Lu Friedman
  • Mr. Frank Fruciano
  • Ms. Stephanie Fulbright
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Furness
  • Ms. Kristi Gafford
  • Ms. Claudette
  • Ms. Gail Gahr
  • Carol Gale & DJ Horn
  • Ms. Doris A. Gale
  • Ms. Karin Galizia
  • Ms. Lee Galluccio
  • Ms. Courtney Galotti
  • Mr. Mike Gan
  • Mrs. Joanna Gaston &
    Mr. David Gaston
  • Ms. Suzanne Gates
  • Ms. Christine Gaumond
  • Mr. Bob Gavrich &
    Mrs. Susan Gavrich
  • Mr. Timothy Gavrich
  • Ms. Patricia Geckler
  • Mr. Randall Gee
  • Ms. Tatiana Geist
  • Ms. Terri Getmain
  • Afshin Ghiaei
  • Mr. Jeff Ghiringhelli
  • Ms. Michelle Giacomi
  • Mr. Stephen Gianantoni & Mrs. Lori Gianantoni
  • Ms. Joanne Gillen
  • Mr. Justin Girolimon
  • Ms. Amy Giuliano
  • Mr. Tim Glazier
  • Ms. Karen Gleason
  • Mr. Brandon Glemboski
  • Ms. Allison Glenney
  • Ms. Kristine Glenney
  • Mr. Jerry Godin
  • Ms. Kristen Goglia
  • Ms. Lisa Gold
  • Ms. Carol Goldstein
  • Ms. Rona Gollob
  • Mrs. Vivian E. Gombert
  • Mr. David Goodwin
  • Terry Gorski
  • Mr. William & Mrs. Elena Gostic
  • Mr. Aaron Gouin
  • Mr. Richard Goulet
  • Mr. Gregg Goumas
  • Dr. John Grady-Benson & Mrs. Catharine Grady-Benson
  • Mr. Michael Grande
  • Ms. Karen Grant
  • Mr. Barry Graugard
  • Mr. William Graugard
  • Ms. Greta Green
  • Mr. Marc A. Green &
    Mrs. Sheryl Green
  • Ms. Kristin Greenhalgh
  • Ms. Heather Greenstein
  • Ms. Connie Greenwood
  • Ms. Jen Gretsy
  • Ms. Sarah L. Gretzky
  • Ms. Mary Gridley &
    Mr. David Gridley
  • Ms. Elizabeth Griffin
  • Ms. Margaret E. Griffin
  • Mr. Tom Griswold
  • Mr. Gary Groskritz
  • Mr. Anthony Guerrieri
  • Mr. Charles Guite
  • Ms. Kelli Gulla
  • Mr. Matt Gunsalus
  • Mrs. Kelley Gunther & Mr. Charlie Gunther
  • Mr. David Hadden & Mrs. Sara Hadden
  • Ms. Carol Hall
  • Mr. Richard Hall
  • Mr. Jonathan Halstead
  • Ms. Olivette Halton
  • Mr. Randy Hamm
  • Mr. Chris Hampton
  • Mr. Bob Hand
  • Ms. Lisa Handberry
  • Mr. Laurence L. Hannafin & Mrs. Sally Hannafin
  • Mr. Dennis Hannigan
  • Ms. Cara Hardacker
  • Dr. Jerry Hardison &
    Mrs. Patricia Hardison
  • Ms. Charmaine Harkins
  • Ms. Margaret Harper
  • Ms. Brooke Harrell
  • Ms. Elizabeth Harrigan
  • Ms. Kimberly Hart
  • Ms. Rebecca Hartnett
  • Ms. Robin Hassig
  • Mr. Bob Hawkins
  • Mr. Bill Hayes
  • The Heenan Family
  • Ms. Faith O. Helene
  • Ms. Amanda Hemmelgarn
  • Mr. David Henderson
  • Mr. Dan Hendricksen
  • Mr. Robert Hennequin
  • Mr. Terrance Henry
  • Ms. Nicole Herlands
  • Ms. Karen Herman
  • Ms. Eunice Hernandez
  • Ms. Patricia Hester
  • Mr. Dale Hewitt
  • Mr. Jim Hickey
  • Mr. Matt Hickey
  • Mr. Kenneth Hicks & Mrs. Lorraine Hicks
  • Nolys Hidalgo
  • Mr. J. Adam Higgins
  • Mr. Donald B. Himes & Mrs. Maureen Himes
  • Mr. Jim Hodder
  • Ms. Kristi Holcombe
  • Ms. Elizabeth Holden
  • Ms. Beonita R. Holland
  • Ms. Jasmine Holland
  • Ms. Barbara Hollick
  • Ms. Anette Hollis
  • Mr. Edward M. Holmes
  • Mr. Greg Holmes & Mrs. Eva Holmes
  • Ms. Sharon Holtzberg
  • Mr. Denton S. Hopper
  • Mrs. Maura H. Horan & Mr. Theodore J. Horan
  • Mr. Walter Horn
  • Ms. Jan Houde
  • Mrs. Cynthia B. Howard & Mr. Michael J. Howard
  • Mr. Derek Howell
  • Mr. Josh Howroyd
  • Ms. Barbara Hoyt
  • Mr. Wayne C. Huot & Mrs. Kathleen Huot
  • Ms. Bridget Hurd
  • Mrs. Betsy Hurley
  • Mr. William N. Husic, Jr., F.S.A.
  • Mr. Ed Hutchings
  • Ms. Bella Hutchinson
  • Mr. Drew Iacovazzi
  • Mr. Judson Isch
  • Mr. Brian Jacobs
  • Ms. Jennifer Jaffe
  • Ms. Catherine Jahne
  • Ms. Roberta Jaime
  • Ms. Karen Jarmoc
  • Ms. Dolores Jarusiewicz
  • Mr. Mathew Jasinski & Mrs. Valerie Jasinski
  • Mr. Ed Jason
  • Ms. Karen Jason
  • Ms. Anne Jazlowiecki
  • Ms. Christine Jeffery
  • Mr. Rob Jennison
  • Ms. Rita D. Jepsen House
  • Mr. William Jepsen
  • Mr. John Jepson
  • Karol Jimenez
  • Ms. Evelyn Johnson
  • Ms. Sharene Jones
  • Ms. Mary Beth Jordan
  • Ms. Alena Josephson
  • Mr. Dennis Joy
  • Mr. Eric Judge
  • Ms. Becky Junco
  • Mr. Walter Kaczmarczyk
  • Mr. Bob Kalber
  • Mr. Seth Kalkstein & Mrs. Denise Kalkstein
  • Mr. James Kaminski & Mrs. Jane Kaminski
  • Mr. Jacob Kandolin
  • Mr. Peter Karalekas
  • Ms. Joan M. Karpuk
  • Jaden Kass
  • Ms. Carol Kegler
  • Mr. John Kelliher
  • Mr. Howard Kelsey
  • Caron Kempf
  • Mr. Patrick Kenny & Mrs. Linda Kenny
  • Frances Kent
  • Ms. Kristine Kent
  • Ms. Caroline Killeen
  • Mr. Doug Kiss
  • Ms. Elisa Klepacki
  • Mr. Bill Knoegel
  • Mrs. Robin Kohler
  • Mr. David A. Kohlun & Mrs. Ilene Kohlun
  • Ms. Kathrine Kohrs
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Kolb
  • Ms. Katie Konfala
  • Mrs. Florence B. Korn
  • Ms. Gail G. Korten
  • Mr. Emil Kosinski
  • Mr. Stephen M. Kotchko & Mrs. Nancy Kotchko
  • Mr. Scott Kowalyshyn
  • Ms. Kimberly Kozaczka
  • Mr. David Kozak
  • Ms. Maryanne R. Krajcik & Mr. James D. Devoe
  • Ms. Nancy A. Kramer
  • Mr. Joseph Krause
  • Ms. Caroline Kron
  • Mr. Eric Kruzyk
  • Mr. Abheeranga Kumar & Ms. Madhushree Kumar
  • Ms. Marlene Kurban
  • Mrs. Joan Kyle
  • Ms. Amy Lafleur
  • Mr. Ronald LaMarche
  • Ms. Ellie Lambert
  • Ms. Kerri Lammers
  • Mr. Steve Langlais & Mrs. Colleen Langlais
  • Ms. Carrie Langschultz
  • Mr. Greg Lanz
  • Ms. Meagan Lapinski
  • Ms. Kristen LaPointe
  • Mr. Mark Lassman
  • Ms. Judith Latin & Mr. Matt Latin
  • Ms. Donna Laude
  • Mr. Bruce Lauzier
  • Mr. Tony Lawrence
  • Ms. Janet Layden
  • Ms. Jill Leavenworth
  • Mr. Lon W. Lebel
  • Ms. Claudette Leblanc
  • Mr. Carmelo Lebron
  • Ms. Deborah Leclerc
  • Ms. Merisa Leclerc-Kelly
  • Mrs. Josephine Lee
  • Ms. Debra Lefcheck
  • Mr. Steven P. LeFebure
  • Mr. Zeke Lehrer
  • Agnieshka Lenarchyk
  • Ms. Gina Leonetti
  • Mrs. Ellen B. Lescher & Mr. Mark Lescher
  • Ms. Eva Lesinski
  • Mr. Daniel Levasseur
  • Mr. Frank Levick
  • Mr. Bruce Levy
  • Mr. Ken Liappes
  • Mr. Paul H. Lichtenberger & Mrs. Margaret Lichtenberger
  • Mr. Fred Ligeiro
  • Ms. Jessica Lincoln-Grimm
  • Mr. Ronald Lindlauf
  • Ms. Sharen Lingenfelter
  • Mr. Ron Linstruth
  • Mel Lipes
  • Mr. Rickie Lipscomb
  • Ms. Niki Liquori
  • Ms. Sandy Lisella
  • Mr. Victor Liuzzo
  • Mr. Jameson Lloyd
  • Mr. Ethan Logan
  • Mrs. Dianne S. Lombardo
  • Mr. Don Lombardo
  • Ms. Gloria Long
  • Ms. Lisa Long
  • Ms. Kathy Loomis
  • Mr. Kevin Lopes
  • Ms. Cristina Lopez
  • Ms. Estela R. López
  • Ms. Deborah Lord
  • Mr. John Loughran
  • Mr. Jeff Lovin & Mrs. Melissa Lovin
  • Ms. Karlyn Lowe & Mr. Bob Lowe
  • Mr. Bob Luipold
  • Ms. Amanda Lupfer
  • Ms. Sarah Luscinskas
  • Ms. Beth Lynch
  • Mr. John Lynch
  • Ms. Kathleen Lynch
  • Randi Lynch
  • Mr. John Lyon
  • Ms. Marcia MacArdle
  • Ms. Cynthia MacGregor
  • Mr. Scott MacGregor
  • Ms. Kathryn MacKay
  • Ms. Rose Macneely
  • Ms. Jacqui Maddy
  • Ms. Lauren B. Magel
  • Mr. Seth Mahler & Mrs. Christine Mahler
  • Mr. Michael Mahonski
  • Mr. Stanley Malecki & Mrs. Julie Malecki
  • Mr. Edwin Malet & JoAnne Durako
  • Mrs. Deb Malinowski & Mr. Bob Malinowski
  • Mr. Peter Maltby
  • Mr. Marc Maniatis
  • Ms. Katelyn Manley
  • Ms. Jennifer Mann
  • Ms. Teresa Mannello
  • Mr. Neil Manning
  • Ms. Patti Mantell-Broad
  • Mr. Steven Marcoux & Mrs. Joanne Marcoux
  • Mr. Carmine Margiotta
  • Mr. Rob Markowitz
  • Ms. Leta Marks
  • Ms. Carole Markwell
  • Ms. Lynne Markwell
  • Ms. Alicia Marotto
  • Ms. Susan Marsh
  • Ms. Mary S. Martin & Mr. Jeffrey Amell
  • Mr. Thomas Martin
  • Mr. Garvin Martina & Mrs. Brigit Martina
  • Ms. Kimberly A. Martini-Carvell, M.A.
  • Mr. David Marzilli
  • Mr. Christopher Matteson
  • Ms. Laura Matthews
  • Ms. Debbie May
  • Mr. Anton Mayer
  • Perne R. Maynard
  • Ms. Helen Mazur
  • Ms. Julia McCabe
  • Ms. Heather McCahill
  • Ms. Terri McCahill
  • Ms. Marilyn McCann
  • Ms. Teresa McCarthy
  • Ms. Linda McClure
  • Mr. Jim McCormick
  • Ms. Wendy McCormick
  • Mrs. Amy McCoy & Mr. Greg McCoy
  • Mr. Matthew McDermott
  • Ms. Donna McDonald
  • Mr. Kevin McGann
  • Ms. Mary McGreevy
  • Ms. Lauren McGrew
  • Ms. Heather McIntyre
  • Ms. Agnes Mckee
  • Ms. Beth McKenna
  • Ms. Francine McKiernan
  • Mr. John McLellan
  • Ms. Sheryle McMillan
  • Mr. Jim McNamara
  • Ms. Marie McNamara
  • Ms. Sandy Mcrae
  • Ms. Brittney Medders
  • Mr. John Medeiros
  • Mr. Tom Medeiros
  • Ms. Kathi Meding
  • Mr. Nick Melendez
  • Ms. Alana Mendelsohn
  • Ms. Mollie Mendes
  • Ms. Donna Messenger
  • Ms. Sarah Messier-Smith
  • Craddi Michael
  • Ms. Melanie Michaud
  • Mr. Mike Michaud
  • Mr. Mike Milanese
  • Mrs. Michelle Milczanowski
  • Ms. Carolyn Miller Stevens
  • Ms. Claire Minneman
  • Alex Minnocci
  • Ms. Carmina Mio
  • Ms. Jacqueline Moller
  • Mr. Gerald Molnar
  • Ms. Joanne Monaco
  • Mrs. AnnaMarie C. Monge
  • Mr. Anthony Mongillo & Mrs. Shirley Mongillo
  • Mr. Alexander Monsiegneur & Mrs. Jeanne Monsiegneur
  • Ms. Mary Ann Monsiegneur & Mr. Wayne Smalley
  • Ms. Ella Montesi
  • Ms. Cherie Montiel
  • Mr. Peter Montos
  • Mr. Angel Morales
  • Mr. Luke Morales
  • Mr. Thomas Moran & Mrs. Mary Beth Moran
  • Mr. Mike Morgan
  • Wayne Morganson & Lourdes Morganson
  • Mr. Bob Morin
  • Mr. David Morin
  • Ms. Linda L. Morkan
  • Ms. Amy Morris
  • Mr. I. L. Morris
  • Mr. Ken Morrisino
  • Ms. Tammy Morris-Jones
  • The Morrison Family
  • Mr. Steve Morse
  • Ms. Jenny Mortel
  • Ms. Sheila S. Moses, CPA, PC
  • Mr. Patrick Mosesso
  • Mr. Steve Motta & Mrs. Jenn Motta
  • Ms. Susan Mueller
  • Mr. Omar Muhammad
  • Ms. Janice Murphy
  • Ms. Joanne Murphy
  • Ms. Mary Murphy
  • Mr. Frank Murray
  • Mr. Jeffrey Murray
  • Mr. Stephen Mydosh
  • Ms. Doreen Myrick
  • Mr. Jerry Nadeau
  • Mr. Ken Nasshan
  • Mr. Mark Neadle
  • Mr. Bill Neathery
  • Mr. Rod Neff
  • Ms. Jacqueline Nelson
  • Ms. Jennifer Nelson
  • Ms. Kimberly Nelson
  • Mrs. Nancy K. Netcoh
  • Ms. Clara Neves
  • Ms. Eileen Neville
  • Mr. Larry Nicewicz & Family
  • Mr. Rene Nielsen
  • Mr. Mark Niland & Mrs. Joanne Niland
  • Mrs. Sandra M. Nix
  • Ms. Suzanne Noble
  • Mr. Paul Nock
  • Ms. Susan Noe
  • Mr. Ray Norris
  • Ms. Anna North
  • Ms. Veronica North
  • Ms. Brenda Northey
  • Mr. Alan Noske
  • Mr. Ron Noskey
  • Mr. Jordan Nossek
  • Sai Mani Nuthalapati
  • Ms. Stephanie Oakley
  • Ms. Theresa O’Brien
  • Mr. John O’Connell
  • Mr. Brian O’Connor
  • Ms. Mary S. O’Connor
  • Mr. Edward O’Doherty & Mrs. Elizabeth O’Doherty
  • Ms. Leslie Offenbach
  • Mr. Buzz Olander
  • Mr. Ryan Olesvenich
  • Ms. Joanne Oliver
  • Mr. Robert Olmsted
  • Mrs. Dorothy D. O’Meara
  • Mrs. Michele O’Neil & Mr. Timothy O’Neil
  • Mr. Brendan O’Neill
  • Mr. Seth Oriol
  • Mr. Thomas Orlowski
  • Mr. Mike Ormsby
  • Mr. Hector Ortiz
  • Ms. Kristen Ortuso
  • Mr. Dennis Osborn
  • Donna L. O’Shea, M.D., MBA
  • Ms. Margaret Osowiecki
  • Ms. Jennifer Otto
  • Pinar Ozyigit
  • The Page Family
  • Ms. Jean Palacko
  • Mr. Don Palmer & Mrs. Jane Palmer
  • Ms. Preksha Palmer
  • Ms. Holly Palmisano
  • Dr. Marc Palter
  • Mr. David M. Panico & Mrs. Barbara Panico
  • Mr. Tom Paolini
  • Mr. Ryan Papanos
  • Ms. Valentina Parchin
  • Mr. André Paré
  • Ms. Carolee Parker
  • Ms. Lisa Parker
  • Randi Parker
  • Ms. Julia Parker-Post
  • Ms. Rebecca Parry
  • Ms. Khyara Passos
  • Mr. Ed Pastula
  • Mr. Ryan Patch
  • Dipmala Patel
  • Mr. Brett Paulson
  • Ms. Pamela Pearson
  • Mr. Robert Pedro
  • Ms. Judith Pekala
  • Mr. Jay Pelchar
  • Mrs. Melissa Pelletier & Mr. Matt Pelletier
  • Mr. David A. Pels & Mrs. Laura Pels
  • Mr. Robert Penney & Mrs. Joan Penney
  • Ms. Catherine Peoples
  • Mr. Jerry Pepiau
  • Mrs. Catherine Pepin
  • Mr. David Perbeck
  • Ms. Etta Perdrizet
  • Ms. Diane Perry
  • Mr. Stuart Perry
  • Mr. Jack Perugini
  • Mr. Nicholas Perugini
  • Mr. Alex Peterson
  • Ms. Ellen Peterson
  • Ms. Kellie Peterson
  • Mr. Ken Peterson
  • Mr. Evan and Ms. Regina Petrakis & Family
  • Ms. Mari Ellie Pfalzgraf
  • Ms. Michele Phelps
  • Mr. John Piader
  • Mr. Mike Piechowicz
  • Ms. Suzanne Pietrasko
  • Mr. David Pines
  • Mr. Christopher Pinto
  • Ms. Lucille Pirruccio
  • Mr. Mark Piscatelli
  • Ms. Meghan Pistritto
  • Mr. George Pizzi
  • Mr. Ed Placey
  • Mr. Scott Plum
  • Mrs. Janet K. Poet
  • Ms. Mary Poland
  • Ms. Stephanie Polistena
  • Ms. Molly Polk
  • Mr. Eric Pomroy
  • Jesse Pope
  • Mr. John J. Portaluppi & Mrs. Darlene Portaluppi
  • Jamie Porter
  • Ms. Julie Porter
  • Ms. Cheryl Poryanda
  • Mr. Edward Potters
  • Ms. April Pozzato
  • Ms. Corinne Pretsch
  • Ms. Barbie Prince
  • Mr. Tyler Procaccini
  • Mr. Kacper Proczek
  • Ms. Jessica Provost
  • Ms. Sarah Pryor
  • Mr. Kenneth L. Przybysz
  • Mr. Paul Pulaski
  • Mr. Frank N. Pulito & Mrs. Lynn Pulito
  • Kwesi Quaye
  • Ms. Mari-Anne Quigley
  • Ms. Gail Race
  • Ms. Laura Radmore & the Radmore Family
  • Beetham Raena
  • Ms. Chris Rago
  • Mr. Mohammad Rahman
  • Ms. Jessibell Ramos
  • Ms. Charlotte Ramseur
  • Mr. Michael Ramsey
  • Mr. Dave Raponey
  • Dr. Susan K. Ratzan & Mr. Richard M. Ratzan
  • Mr. Harshavardhan Reddy
  • Ms. Susan L. Redfield
  • Ms. Darlene Reed
  • Mrs. Janet Reed & Mr. Steven Reed
  • Mr. Jerry Reed
  • Ms. Anne-Marie Regish
  • Ms. Jessica Reinckens-McCauliffe
  • Dr. Allan B. Reiskin & Mrs. Joan Reiskin
  • Mr. Seth Renaud
  • Mr. Sean Reynolds
  • Mr. John Richard
  • Ms. Beverley Richards
  • Mr. Russell John Richardson III & Mrs. Donna Richardson
  • Mr. Joel Riendeau
  • Mr. John S. Riley & Mrs. Sheila Riley
  • Ms. Michelle Riordan-Nold
  • Eliud Rivera
  • Ms. Leah Rivera-Tighe
  • Mr. Phil Robert
  • Ms. Paula Robinson
  • Angel Robles
  • Ms. Maria Rodriguez
  • Ms. Tatiana Rodriguez
  • Ms. Jennifer Roller
  • Ms. Cindy Roman
  • Mrs. Gilda Roncari
  • Ms. Barbara Roos
  • Ms. Roni Root
  • Mr. Fernando G. Rosa
  • Ms. Carol Rosenbeck
  • Ms. Christina Rosenzweig
  • Mr. Michael Ross & Mrs. Maureen Broderick-Ross
  • Ms. Linda Rossignol
  • Mr. John Rossini
  • Ms. Lynn Rossini
  • Ms. Shelly Rostosky
  • Mr. Stephen B. Rotelli & Mrs. Kiley Rotelli
  • Ms. Marianne Roth
  • Mr. Mark Roth
  • Ms. Rosalie B. Roth
  • Mr. Alan M. Rothstein & Mrs. Marilyn Rothstein
  • Ms. Diane Rothstein
  • Mr. James H. Rotondo & Mrs. Anne Rotondo
  • Mr. Mark Rubano
  • Ms. Kaitlyn Ruddy
  • Ms. April Ruopp
  • Mr. Vincent Ruops
  • Mr. John Russo
  • Ms. Dianne Ryan
  • Ms. Meaghan Rybczyk
  • Ms. Emily Saari
  • Mr. John Sadak
  • Mr. Paul Sainsbury
  • Mr. Adam Salina
  • Ms. Susan Salina
  • Dr. Toral Sanghavi
  • Ms. Margaret Santhouse
  • Mr. Paul D. Sapiro
  • Ms. Anna Sardinskas
  • Agata Sarna
  • Mr. Nicholas Sarnelli
  • Mr. Jay Sarzen
  • Mr. Jim Sas
  • Ms. Suzanne Sayers
  • Ms. Claudia Schab
  • Ms. Diana Scheer
  • Ms. Anne Heavey Scheinfeldt
  • Mr. Dietrich H. Schlobohm & Mrs. Julie Schlobohm
  • Mr. Andrew Schmidt
  • Ms. Roberta P. Schmidt
  • Ms. Lois Schneeberger
  • Mr. Don Schubert
  • Ms. Crystal A. Schuetz
  • Atty. Sydney T. Schulman
  • Ms. Catherine Schultz
  • Mr. Doug Schumann & Mrs. April Schumann
  • Ms. Kristina Schumann
  • Mr. Jeff Schwartz
  • Dr. Stanley Schwartz
  • Ms. Lisa Sciarra
  • Ms. Sarah Scotti
  • Ms. Barbara Seaha
  • Ms. Jennifer Sedlack
  • Mr. Edmund M. See & Mrs. Ellen See
  • Mr. Jeff Segal
  • Mr. Kenneth Selby
  • Mr. Richard Sellman
  • Ms. Annaliza Serrenho
  • Ms. Giovanna Shay
  • Ms. Carolyn Shea
  • Mr. Richard J. Shea & Mrs. Jeanmarie Shea
  • Mr. Brian Sheehan
  • Ms. Gail L. Sheehan
  • Ms. Brooke Sherer
  • Mr. Jim Shewokis & Mrs. Connie Shewokis
  • Mr. James H. Shulman & Mrs. Jane Shulman
  • Ms. Kim Shute
  • Mr. Mike Siciliano
  • Ms. Karen Sickinger
  • Ms. Katrina Sikorski
  • Ms. Hilary Silver
  • Mr. Dave Simonu
  • Ms. Liz Sinatro
  • Ms. Jess Sirois
  • Mr. David Sisk
  • Ms. Patricia A. Sisti
  • Ms. Fiona Skerrett
  • Ms. Rose-Marie Slosek
  • Mr. James Slotter & Mrs. Sarah Slotter
  • Mr. Chris Small, Mrs. Katie Small & sons
  • Melvis Small-Daley
  • Mr. Bob Smith
  • Ms. Dee Smith
  • Mr. Fredrick Smith
  • Mr. Jeff Smith
  • Ms. Jessica Smith
  • Ms. Michele Smith
  • Mr. Mike Smith
  • Mr. Robert H. Smith, Jr. & Mrs. Sharon Smith
  • Ms. Mary Smoolca
  • Ms. Donna Snyder
  • Ms. Helen Snyder
  • Ms. Donna Sodipo
  • Mr. Mark Sokolski & Mrs. Sheila Sokolski
  • Ms. Robin Solek
  • Mr. Matthew J. Southward
  • Mr. William Southward
  • Ms. Margaret Spear
  • Ms. Debra Spencer
  • Ms. Brittainy Spencer-Vyas
  • Sidney Spiers
  • Ms. Sharon Spignesi
  • Ms. Marianne Spinelli
  • Ms. Kathleen Spoto
  • Mr. Jeffrey St. Amour
  • Mr. Mark St. Jean
  • Mr. William Stachowiak
  • Mr. Adam Stannard & Mrs. Katherine Stannard
  • Ms. Nancy Stannard
  • Mr. Corey Staves
  • Hasson Stavis
  • Mr. Martin Stein & Mrs. Linda Stein
  • Ms. Peggy Sterling Zopelis & Mr. James Zopelis
  • Ms. Anna Stillman & Mr. Mark Langlais
  • Mr. David Stone
  • Ms. Judy Strong
  • Ms. Melissa Strother
  • Mr. Michael Stupinski
  • Ms. Andrea Sullivan
  • Mr. Paul Sullivan & Mrs. Michelle Sullivan
  • Mr. Timothy J. Sullivan & Mrs. Geraldine Sullivan
  • Ms. Barbara Sun
  • Shusen Sun
  • Ms. Patricia Susca
  • Mr. David Symonette
  • Ms. Debby Szajnberg
  • Mr. Tom Szandrocha
  • Ms. Annie Talarico
  • Mr. John Talcott III & Mrs. Dorothea Talcott
  • Mr. John Talcott
  • The Talotta Family
  • Dr. Jason M. Tanzer & Mrs. Lois Tanzer
  • Ms. Gabrielle Tarpill
  • Ms. Tonya Taschereau
  • Mr. Keith Tautkus
  • Mr. Christopher Taveras
  • Mr. Richard Tavolieri
  • Ms. Jen Taylor
  • Ms. Nancy Taylor
  • Mr. Don Thibodeau
  • Ms. E. M. Thomas-Jones
  • Mr. Gregory Thompson
  • Mr. Scott Thompson
  • Ms. Kathleen Thomson
  • Mr. Spencer Thrall & Mrs. Sarah Thrall
  • Mr. Ronald J. Tine & Mrs. Lorraine Tine
  • Mr. Bob Titus & Mrs. Judy Titus
  • Ms. Jenny Titus
  • Mr. Jim Titus
  • Mr. Jeffrey Tobasky & Mrs. Pamela Tobasky
  • Ms. Emily Todd
  • Mr. Joey Tolentino
  • Mr. Louis Toomey
  • Mr. Jon Toth
  • Mr. Peter Toziel
  • Jaime Trajcevski
  • Ms. Anne Tranberg
  • Mr. Stanley Tripp
  • Ms. Deborah Trovato
  • Ms. Beverly Truebig
  • Ms. Antoinette Tworkowski
  • Ms. Sarah Tyler Papacoda
  • Mr. Michael Ugliarolo
  • Mrs. Deborah Ullman
  • Mrs. Jeannette H. Urban
  • Ms. Patricia Valle
  • Ms. Inna Vartanova
  • Ms. Laura Vasas
  • Mr. Angelo Vasi & Mrs. Maria Vasi
  • Ms. Carmen Veloria
  • Mr. James R. Venneman & Mrs. Ellie Venneman
  • Ms. Sara Verge
  • Ms. Beth-Ann Vervaert
  • Mr. Eric Vikmanis
  • Mr. Robert Volpe, Esq.
  • Ms. Shirley Wainman
  • Ms. Mary Wallace
  • Ms. Jill Waller
  • Ms. Jeanna Walsh
  • Ms. Torrilynn Walton
  • Mr. William Walton
  • Mr. Don Ward
  • Ms. Shirley Warn
  • Ms. Wanda Warshauer
  • Ms. Deborah Washington-McNeill
  • Mr. Al Waters
  • Mr. Rich Waters
  • Mr. Michael Watkins
  • Mr. Joseph Waxman & Mrs. Carol Waxman
  • Ms. Lynn Webber
  • Mrs. Marilyn Webber
  • Mr. David Weigert
  • Mr. Donald Weigt
  • Mr. Edward Weingarden & Mrs. Judith Weingarden
  • Mrs. Beth Weisel
  • Ms. Tracey Weiss
  • Mr. Gary Wenner
  • Mr. Al West
  • Mr. David Westcott
  • Ms. Jackie Weston
  • Mr. Bryan Whipple
  • Mr. David White
  • Mr. Larry White
  • Mr. William White & Ms. Mary B. White
  • Ms. Margaret Whitehead
  • Mr. Wilfred L. Whitman & Mrs. Fredricka Whitman
  • Mr. Steve Whitman & Mrs. Jennifer Whitman
  • Mr. Derrick Wiecenski
  • Ms Sue Wiik
  • Ms. Donna Wilbur
  • Mr. Sean Wilder
  • Mr. Jack Wilkie
  • Mr. Ron Wilkos & Mrs. Gerri Wilkos
  • Ms. Celeste Willard
  • Dez Williams
  • Ms. Gloria Williams
  • Ms. Susan Williams
  • Kemsha Wilmot
  • Ms. Jean Wilson
  • Mr. Stephen Wilson & Mrs. Katherine Wilson
  • Ms. Manira Wilson-Bassett
  • Mr. Durwood Winchell
  • Ms. Silvia Winn
  • Ms. Cheryl Winter
  • Ms. Alison Wolf
  • Mrs. Nancy M. Woodward
  • Ms. Suzanne Woodward
  • Ms. Nancy Woodworth
  • Mr. Bryan Wright
  • Ms. Erica Wynter
  • Ms. Connie Yan
  • Mr. Samuel Yang
  • Ms. Brittany Yingling
  • Mr. Paul Yocum
  • Mr. Keith Yoreo & Mrs. Lisa Yoreo
  • Mr. Byron Yost
  • Ms. Mana Zarinejad
  • Ms. Maureen Zavatone
  • Mr. Christopher Zell
  • Ms. Amanda Zepp
  • Ms. Jennifer Zimberlin Eastman
  • Mrs. Linda Zultowski
  • Mr. Robert Zumwalt

In-kind Gifts

In-kind Gifts


  • Accenture
  • Adams & Knight Inc.
  • Alpha Xi Delta – The University of Hartford
  • Angel of Edgewood
  • Ares Management
  • Bank of America of East Hartford
  • Barnes & Noble of Glastonbury
  • Be the One Foundation
  • Beth El Temple
  • Black Hawk Sports Fishing
  • Blue Goose Hartford Pond
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Central Rock Gym
  • Charlie’s Fresh Catch
  • Cigna
  • Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals
  • Collision Automotive CarStar
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services
  • CoreNet Connecticut Westchester Chapter
  • Covenant To Care for Children
  • CT Public Broadcasting
  • CVS Health Foundation
  • Delta Dental of NJ
  • DeVars-Phillips Florist & Antiques
  • Dignity Grows
  • Elmo’s Dockside
  • Empower
  • Essex Steam Train & Riverboat
  • Estate of Kenneth Shover
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Glastonbury Centennial Lions Club
  • Global Atlantic Financial Company
  • Golfing Magazine
  • Goya Foods, Inc.
  • Happy Hope Factory
  • Hartford Yard Goats Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Hilton Garden Inn – Wallingford/Meriden
  • IRIS Photography
  • Jefferson Fry Co.
  • Johnny Appleseed’s Farm
  • Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts – UConn
  • Kahan Kerensky Capossela, LLP
  • Kloter Farms
  • Light Up Ledyard
  • Lion’s District 23-B
  • Mark Twain House & Museum
  • Massachusetts Bay Lines
  • Moore’s Automotive
  • Mystic Seaport Museum
  • New England Motorcycle Museum
  • Nia Arts, LLC
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Phillips Chocolates
  • Plimoth Patuxet & Museums
  • RockAuto, LLC
  • Saint Damien of Molokai Parish
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
  • Ski Mount Southington
  • Sonny’s Place
  • Squadron Line Elementary School
  • St. Thomas the Apostle School
  • Starr Realty Group at Keller Williams
  • Studio K’s Glass Castle
  • Suffield High School Field Hockey Team
  • Symetra
  • Symetra Investment Management
  • T & T Haul & Handy
  • The Charles
  • The Children’s Museum
  • The Greater Hartford Church of Christ
  • The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • The Hometown Foundation, Inc.
  • The Simsbury Auxiliary of The Village
  • The West Hartford Auxiliary of The Village
  • Theta Alpha Sigma Hartford Alumnae Chapter – Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
  • Thomas Hooker Brewing Company LLC
  • Tri-Towne Lube & Repair
  • UConn Indoor Air Quality Initiative
  • Valley Community Baptist Church
  • Willington Pizza House
  • Women’s Club of Madison
  • Women’s Club of Saint Junípero Serra Parish
  • Young Women’s Organization The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  • Ms. Catherine L. Adams
  • Mrs. JoAnn Adams
  • Mrs. Sarah Adanti & Mr. Mark Adanti
  • Mrs. Elaine Akley
  • Mr. Ryan Akley
  • Ms. Patty Arcari
  • Ms. Mary Armstrong
  • Mr. David Bailey
  • Mrs. Eleanor L. Benson
  • Ms. Yvonne Bergholtz
  • Mr. Anthony Berlenbach & Mrs. Alison Berlenbach
  • Mr. Joseph Berlenbach & Mrs. Elizabeth Berlenbach
  • Mr. Thomas Berlenbach & Mrs. Katy Berlenbach
  • Ms. Debbie Bowler
  • Mrs. Rachel Bradbury
  • Ms. Joanne Bresford
  • Mrs. Barbara Bush
  • Mr. Thomas B. Byrne, III & Mrs. Ellen Byrne
  • Mr. Sean Chapman
  • Monica H. Cipes D.M.D. – Cipes Pediatric Dentistry
  • Ms. Corann Coggins
  • Mrs. Norann Coggins
  • Ms. Judi Cohen
  • Ms. Yvonne Colquhoun
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Colvin
  • Mr. Colin Cooper & Mrs. Jeanmarie Cooper
  • Mr. Clayton Corto
  • Mr. Leonard Corto & Mrs. Debbie Corto
  • Ms. Melissa Corto & Mr. Joe Doucette
  • Ms. Tricia Corto & Mr. David Melchoir
  • Ms. Catherine Corto-Mergins & Mr. Craig Corto-Mergins
  • Mrs. Lori Ann Cottrell & Mr. Craig Cottrell
  • Ms. Kim Crone
  • Ms. Cherell Crooms
  • Ms. Catherine M. Daly
  • Mrs. Geraldine Dean
  • Ms. Joyce DeFrancesco
  • Ms. Judy DeVito
  • Ms. Lori D’Ostuni
  • Ms. Ethel Droskin
  • Ms. Joan Ducharme
  • Ms. Tamesha Duncan
  • Ms. Debbie Farrell
  • Mr. Joseph Faulkner
  • Ms. Rosemarie Flannery
  • Mr. Richard & Mrs. Gretchen Fountain
  • Mrs. Sandra Fredrickson
  • Ms. Alana Garza
  • Mr. Lawrence J. Gavrich & Mrs. Connie Gavrich
  • Ms. Joanne Gillen
  • Ms. Cheryl Glasgow
  • Ms. Shirley Gold
  • Ms. Leslie Grabeck
  • Mr. Gary Greene
  • Ms. Mary Gridley & Mr. David Gridley
  • Mr. Adam Guertin & Mrs. Emily Guertin
  • Ms. Tara Guertin
  • Ms. Jan Gyngell
  • Ms. Nancy Hagstrom
  • Ms. Deborah Hallas
  • Ms. Rebecca Hartnett
  • Ms. Sue Hayes
  • Mr. Peter Hitson
  • Ms. Stephanie Holmes
  • Ms. Sarah Horner
  • Ms. Lisa Hudkins
  • Ms. Linda James
  • Mrs. Heather Janssen & Mr. Rob Janssen
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Keister & Mr. William Keister
  • Mr. Sam Keyo
  • Mr. Pankaj Kharche
  • Mrs. Elissa Kiessling
  • Ms. Eileen Kindl
  • Mr. Russell Alan King
  • Ms. Gail G. Korten
  • Mr. Stephen M. Kotchko & Mrs. Nancy Kotchko
  • Ms. Sue Larsen
  • Ms. Kelsey Lawlor
  • Mr. Ian Ledger
  • Mr. Tom Leone & Mrs. Stacy Leone
  • Ms. Gloria Levin
  • Ms. Mary Liljedahl
  • Ms. DeLois Lindsey
  • Mrs. Dianne S. Lombardo
  • Ms. Kristen Loparco
  • The Lynch Family
  • Mr. Jim MacDowell & Mrs. Kristen MacDowell
  • Mrs. Deb Malinowski & Mr. Bob Malinowski
  • Ms. Priscilla Malloy
  • Ms. Connie Mandrozos
  • Ms. Jane F. Marcin
  • Ms. Carol B. Martin
  • Ms. Betty Jean Mcauley
  • Mr. Will McDermott
  • Ms. Liz Melvin
  • Mr. David Misorski & Mrs. Dana Misorski
  • Mrs. Sandra M. Nix
  • Ms. Candy Noonan
  • Ms. Eliana Nunez
  • Ms. Heather Nyberg
  • Ms. Diana W. O’Brien
  • Ms. Analia Ozano
  • Ms. Lisa Pesce
  • Ms. Sandy Phillips
  • Mrs. Janet K. Poet
  • Mrs. Susan K. Pomeroy & Mr. Robert Pomeroy
  • Ms. Julie Porter
  • Mrs. Janis L. Potts
  • Mrs. Margaret Quigley & Mr. Brian Quigley
  • Mrs. Judith J. Reichenbach
  • Mr. Brian P. Reilly & Mrs. Anne Reilly
  • Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rhine
  • Ms. Katie Riddle
  • Mrs. Ann Ritson & Mr. John Ritson
  • Dr. Douglas Rollins, DMD
  • Ms. Cynthia Romero
  • Miss Phoebe Rotelli
  • Ms. Doris L. Rothe
  • Ms. Joyce Rucci
  • Ms. Ann Schoeninger
  • Ms Debrah Schultz
  • Ms. Liz Shaker
  • Ms. Gail L. Sheehan
  • Ms. Keri Singh
  • Mr. Ben Smith & Mr. Thomas Smith
  • Ms. Lynn Snyder
  • Ms. Carlene Springer
  • Ms. Peggy Sterling Zopelis & Mr. James Zopelis
  • Ms. Marina Stucky
  • Ms. Claudine Tasano
  • Ms. Bonnie Therrien & Mr. Thomas Corto
  • Ms. Barbara M. Tierney
  • Ms. Susan Trovato
  • Ms. Madeleine Tucker
  • Mrs. Geraldine Turner
  • Mrs. Jeannette H. Urban
  • Ms. Marjorie VanDusen
  • Ms. Mavourneen Vigneault
  • Mrs. Nancy Wadhams & Mr. David Wadhams
  • Mr. & Mrs. Barry Warren
  • Mr. Robert Weibel and Mrs. Henie Weibel
  • Ms. Ann Weisel
  • Mrs. Beth Weisel
  • Ms. Cathie White
  • Ms. Megan Witcoskie
  • Mr. Corbin Woods
  • Mrs. Barbara Zakarian & Mr. Albert Zakarian
  • Mr. Rick Zantow
  • Ms. Julie Zehren
  • Ms. Amy Zeiner

The Village and the children and families we serve are fortunate to have the support of more than 400 volunteer Auxilians.

Among many other things, the Auxilians run our Second Chance Shops, thrift boutiques located in Glastonbury, Simsbury, Suffield and West Hartford that sell new and gently used clothing and household items. All proceeds from the Shops support The Village.

GLASTONBURY. Pictured (L-R): Hector Glynn, Village Chief Operating Officer; Jeannette Urban, Auxiliary Shop Treasurer; JoAnn Adams, Shop Manager; Cathy Daly, Auxiliary Chair
SUFFIELD. Pictured (L-R): Jayne Hastings, Auxiliary Co-President; Darlene Burrell, Auxiliary Treasurer; Ellen Peterson, Auxiliary Co-President; Derek Slap, Village Vice President, Advancement
SIMSBURY. Pictured (L-R): Julie Zehren; Gail Korten, Auxiliary Co-Chairs; Galo Rodriguez, Village President & CEO; Ellie Benson, Auxiliary Representative; Patty Crawford, Auxiliary Co-Chair
WEST HARTFORD. Pictured (L-R): Carol Waxman, Auxiliary Vice Chair; Galo Rodriguez, Village President & CEO; Jill Scully, Auxiliary Chair


Ambassadors are engaged members of the community who share a commitment to The Village’s mission and help spread the word about and garner support for The Village.

  • Ana Alfaro
  • Dr. Biree Andemariam
  • Mark Anson & Robyne Watkin-Anson
  • Peter Arakas
  • Doris Arrington
  • Samuel & Janet Bailey
  • Hyacinth Bailey, Esq.
  • Constance Bain
  • Andrea Barton Reeves, Esq.
  • Nicole Blades
  • Nannette Bosh-Finance
  • Kenneth Boudreau
  • Martha Brackeen-Harris
  • Chester (Chet) Brodnicki
  • Donald Brooks
  • John Bruno & Artemis Tsagaris
  • Caitlin Burchill
  • Carlene Bush
  • Thomas Byrne
  • Marcy Cain
  • Patricia Campanella Daniels
  • Edward Casares, Jr.
  • David Castellani
  • Lesa Cavallero-Laraia
  • Francine Christiansen
  • Monica Cipes
  • Ruth Clark
  • Judith Clarke
  • Stacy Hurley Cloud
  • Sara Connolly
  • Judyth Coughlin
  • Jean & Ed Cowles
  • Christopher Dadlez
  • Edward Danek, Jr.
  • Rick Daniels
  • Alden Davis
  • Dr. Eddie Davis
  • Dan & Nine Dechamps
  • John Henry Decker
  • Jaye Donaldson
  • Susan Dunn
  • Dr. Paul Dworkin
  • Dan Eudy
  • Rose Fortuna
  • Kathleen Kane-Francalangia
  • Susan Freedman
  • John Q. Gale
  • Marilda Gándara, Esq.
  • Loren Godfrey
  • Matthew Gordon, Esq.
  • Marc & Sheryl Green
  • Arthur Greenblatt
  • Kevin Grenham
  • Donald Griesdorn
  • Ruth Grobe
  • Nathan Grube
  • Carl Hardrick
  • Dr. Walter Harrison
  • David Hart
  • Michael Haylon
  • Jeffrey Hoffman
  • John Horak, Esq.
  • John Hurley
  • Janet Jackson
  • Leonard Jaskol
  • John Kennelly
  • Judy Kissane
  • Janice Klein
  • Alan Kreczko
  • Robert Laraia
  • Lewis Lassow
  • Diane Lipes
  • Dr. Thomas Lipscomb
  • Peter & Rosemary Lombardo
  • Dr. Darcy Lowell
  • Sheralyn Marsh
  • Rev. William
    McKissick, Jr.
  • Yvette Meléndez
  • EdJohnetta Miller
  • David & Dana Misorski
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Thea Montanez
  • Christopher Montross
  • Joelle Murchison
  • Denise Nappier
  • Peter Neville
  • Bobby Nims
  • Mark Nisbett
  • Irene O’Connor
  • Bonnie Parry
  • Teresa Pelham
  • Steve Phillips
  • Paul Pita
  • Janis Potts
  • JoAnn Price
  • Dr. Kyle Pruett
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes
  • Hon. Matt Ritter
  • Dr. John Rodis
  • Dr. Annette Rogers
  • Jason Rojas
  • Nelly Rojas Schwan
  • Gilda Roncari
  • Fernando Rosa
  • Dr. Juan Salazar
  • Dr. Carlos Salguero
  • Anita Ford Saunders
  • Philip Schulz
  • Jendayi Scott-Miller
  • Jennifer Shimanski
  • Robert Smith, Jr.
  • Jessica Starr
  • Albert Staten
  • Laura Stevens
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Edward Sullivan
  • John & Barbara Taussig
  • Morgan Tuck
  • Carol Waxman
  • Armistead Webster
  • Joseph Wendover
  • Louise Wilder
  • John & Linda Zembron

Endowment Gifts

A strong endowment is a critical component of an institution’s financial strength. Funds established in support of The Village’s endowment provide program support for the families we serve today and for future generations. They also generate steady and predictable income for daily operations. We are grateful to the donors who established these lasting gifts:

  • Ruth E. Clark Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Norbert Fried Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dian D. and Irving J. Friedman Family Fund
  • Friends of the Family Endowed Fund
  • Cynthia B. Godfrey Memorial Fund
  • Betty Goumas Memorial Fund
  • The Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Fund

Gifts made in memory or in honor of a loved one can be viewed on our website:

The Village’s Development staff is available to discuss your family’s planned giving options. Contact The Village at 860-297-0545 or [email protected].

The Village Legacy Society

The Village Legacy Society is a devoted group of donors who have named The Village as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Their generous bequests will enrich, sustain and preserve our services, establishing an enduring legacy of caring, protection and support for the children, families and adults we serve. We are honored to be the guardian of these meaningful contributions:

  • Estate of Flora W. Arnoldi
  • Mr. Brian & Mrs. Wendy Carberg
  • Mrs. Francine Christiansen
  • Mr. Colin & Mrs. Jeanmarie Cooper
  • Estate of Linda Carlson Hart
  • Estate of Mary Hannon
  • Mrs. Janice Klein
  • Mr. Barry Lastra
  • Mrs. Pamela P. Little
  • Estate of Sallie Norris
  • Ms. Susan Varnum Smith Rubin
  • Mr. Henry R. Schwartz
  • Mrs. Erika M. Smith
  • Ms. Jennifer R. Walkwitz
  • Mrs. Louise Wilder
  • Estate of Mella Yaneski
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal came to The Village to discuss the importance of keeping kids safe online and connections between social media and mental health during a news conference. Pictured (L-R): Senator Richard Blumenthal and Village COO Hector Glynn.
State and local leaders urge people to file their taxes through VITA. Pictured (L-R): Congressman John Larson; United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut President and CEO Eric Harrison; Village President and CEO Galo Rodriguez, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz; Governor Ned Lamont; Mayor Luke Bronin; HRA of New Britain Asst. Director of Operations Juan Berrios.

Affiliations & Partnerships

  • Alliance For Bloomfield Children
  • Blue Hills Civic Association
  • Capital Workforce Partners
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of
    Hartford, CT
  • Community Guidance Clinic for Central Connecticut
  • City of Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation
  • Community Health Services
  • Community Renewal Team
  • Connecticut Children’s
  • Connecticut Foodshare
  • Hartford Board of Education
  • Hartford Public Library
  • Hispanic Health Council
  • Institute of Living
  • Judge Baker Children’s Center
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Middlesex Hospital
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  • National Health Service Corps
  • National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First
  • Putnam Public Library
  • Read To Grow
  • Stafford Public Library
  • Town of Enfield
  • Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative
  • UCONN Health Center
  • Urban Alliance
  • Urban League of Greater Hartford
  • Yale Child Study Center

Licensure & Accreditation

  • Department of Children and Families Licenses
  • Child Care Facility to provide Group Home Services
  • Child Care Facility to provide Temporary Shelter Services
  • Child Placing Agency and Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Extended Day Treatment
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for Children
  • Residential Treatment

Department of Public Health Licenses

  • Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for Adults
  • Facility for the Care or Treatment of Substance Abusive or Dependent Persons

Office of Early Childhood

  • Child Day Care Center for Preschool Services

Accrediting Bodies

  • American Psychological Association
  • The Joint Commission
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Associations & Memberships

  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral
    and Internship Centers
  • Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Child Welfare League of America
  • Connecticut Alliance of Family Resource Centers
  • Connecticut Council on Adoption
  • Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies
  • CT Community Nonprofit Alliance
  • Family Support Network
  • Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut
  • Hartford/West Hartford System of Care/Community Collaborative
  • MetroHartford Alliance
  • National Council for Mental Wellbeing
  • New England Children’s Behavioral
    Health Network
  • North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Planned Giving Group of Connecticut
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
  • West End Civic Association
  • West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

About The Village

Board of Directors

Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH*
Village President & CEO

John Turgeon, CPA, HCS*
Board Chair
Partner, CohnReznick

Curt Cameron*
Board Vice Chair
President, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Cathy Iacovazzi*
Board Secretary
Community Volunteer

Ellie Benson
Village Auxiliary Representative


Andrew G. Baldassarre*
Principal & Chief Market Strategist, Rossmore Private Capital, LLC

Jeffrey A. Brine, Esq.
Member & Attorney at Law, Kurien Ouellette, LLC

Richard (Jerry) Bundy
Community Volunteer

Carrie M. Casciani
Partner, KPMG US

Jeanmarie H. Cooper*
Community Volunteer

Beth A. Costello*
Executive Vice President & CFO, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Thomas Daugherty
Partner, KPMG

Kim DiPietro
Community Volunteer

William D. Field
President, FieldActivate

Lawrence J. Gavrich
Founder & President,
Home on The Course, LLC

Stephen E. Goldman, Esq.
Partner, Robinson + Cole

Frederick E. Jenoure, Jr.
Owner, FEJ Consulting

Diana Sousa Jepsen, MBA
Community Volunteer

Richard M. Kaplan, Esq.
Community Volunteer

Patrick Kinney
Community Volunteer

Charles H. Klippel, Esq.
Professor of Practice, NYU School of Law

Nicole Lake, Esq.
Chief Impact Officer and LAZ Investments, Executive Vice President

Barry N. Lastra
Community Volunteer

Zachary Malet
Director, ESPN Business Development & Innovation

John Mallin, CPA, MBA
Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP

Patricia Marealle, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Immigrant Children’s Justice Project, Center for Children’s Advocacy

Mark Nisbett
President & CEO, People, Places & Spaces

JoAnn Price
Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Fairview Capital Partners

Brian P. Reilly*
Retired Chief Auditor and
Sr. Vice President, Travelers

Michael F. Zurcher
Field Vice President, Business Insurance/Northeast Region, Travelers

*member, executive committee

Executive Leadership (current)

President and Chief Executive Officer
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Vice President, Human Resources
Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning
Senior Vice President of Programs
Vice President, Advancement


1680 Campus
1680 Albany Ave., Hartford, CT 06105 860-236-4511

Church Street
450 Church St., Hartford, CT 06103

Spring Street
105 Spring St., Hartford, CT 06105

Village South
331 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06114

The QPC at Alison Gill Lodge
151 Hartford Rd., Manchester, CT 06040

An affiliate of The Village
19 Elm St., Vernon, CT 06066

Extended Day Treatment

1680 Albany Ave., Hartford, CT 06105

300 Parker St., Manchester, CT 06042

282 Main St. Ext., Middletown, CT 06457

Linking Youth to Natural
Communities (LYNC)

450 Church St., Hartford, CT 06103

145 S. Whiting St., New Britain, CT 06051

The Village provides services in these schools:


  • Alfred E. Burr Middle School
  • Bellizzi Middle School
  • Bulkeley High School
  • Burns Latino Studies Academy
  • Dr. Michael D. Fox Elementary School
  • Fred D. Wish Museum School
  • Hartford High School
  • Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
  • Naylor CCSU Leadership Academy
  • Noah Webster Microsociety
  • Opportunity High School
  • SAND Elementary School
  • Sarah Rawson Elementary School
  • Thirman Milner Middle School
  • West Middle School


  • Rockville High School

Second Chance Shops

Suffield Second Chance Shop
116 Mountain Rd., Suffield, CT 06078

Simsbury Second Chance Shop
12 Station St., Simsbury, CT 06070

Glastonbury Second Chance Shop
730 Hebron Ave., Glastonbury, CT 06033

West Hartford Second Chance Shop
175 Park Rd., West Hartford, CT 06119

Integrated Pediatric Care

A partnership with Connecticut Children’s

800 Connecticut Blvd., 1st Floor,
East Hartford, CT 06108

599 Farmington Ave., Suite 202
Farmington, CT 06032